16 thoughts on ““Entrance” Posted From Serpent Ascending’s Upcoming Ananku

  1. fenrir says:

    Well, New cover artwork warned us it would be this bad.

    1. Don’t move so quickly on the guacamole! The Enigma Unsettled had some boring parts, too. This is only one song, and unless all of the other songs are this song, I’ll reserve judgment until I hear the full album.

      1. fenrir says:

        I’ve got enough experience to discern that it is not possible to have such a piece of post morbid angel shit in a good album. When you learn to consider albums as holistic products, you realize no detail is accidental.

        The last announcement where the cover was shown did give a very bad premonition. And an album with a really bad track like this one cannot be good. The last album had “boring” songs, you say, which I presume you mean, did not have cool riffs you liked.but the point is that the songs floated around the same atmosphere and message, which was sort of consistent with the covert artwork. This cover artwork here told me the music would probably lean towards this modernish sound, and more.

        No. I do prejudge, because experience has taught me that nothing is an accident.

        1. ANUS Heinous says:

          Exactly right. Look at Vader’s career arc for a similar result – increasingly more CGI covers gave warning to more “groove”-era Morbid Angel and Fear Factory chugging with dumber yet more discernible vocals.

          1. BlackPhillip says:

            I disagree. I think you all should continue to listen to the song. I think you’ll get it, and you’ll find a contemplative, ponderous, complimentary, and rewarding piece of death metal.

        2. Billy Foss says:

          I agree that the cover art isn’t of the same quality as the previous release, it’s like some sort of symbolic collage. But what makes you dislike the track? I don’t really understand what makes the sound modern. The only Morbid Angel I listen to is Altars of Madness, so perhaps that is where I misunderstand you.

        3. Everybody I’ve shown The Enigma Unsettled to thought it was boring until midway into the second song where the good riffs were introduced. Thus I’ll reserve judgment until I hear the whole album. I’m happy for you that you have premonitions and tacos and shit, but you’re no spooky noumenon.

          1. The Enigma Unsettled has the typical boring black metal introductory track. Hopefully “Entrance” is just that but you can never know in advance with how artsy-fartsy pretentious I, Voidhanger is.

  2. thewaters says:

    This kind of reminds me of a gothic version of Domination era Morbid Angel at times. Anyone else get that impression? Also, the vocals at 1:48 seem kind of goofy. It’s easy to listen to, enjoyable, and they have a sense of melodic continuity and development, it just seems….generic….

  3. thewaters says:

    As a side note did anyone else notice the new Goatcraft was released on July 15th? Does dm.org still have the no Goatcraft rule in place….lol

    1. ANUS Heinous says:

      No, but thanks for the info.

    2. C.M. says:

      It’s the best Goatcraft yet. Pick it up if you liked any of the previous stuff, on my word you will not be disappointed.

    3. Vigilance says:

      Silence (on GC) is Desirable

  4. thewaters says:

    also, I was wonderin if we’ll see those Ungod and Dark Funeral reviews any time soon????

    1. The Ungod promos were finally sent out so you will get a review sometime in the future. Dark Funeral may be SMRed eventually.

  5. Parasite says:

    The album cover reminds me of some of the beliefs and “theories” of the Saturn Death Cult


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