11 thoughts on “Free Incantation Show in Cleveland June 8th”

  1. Marc Defranco says:

    If Embalmer play their demo songs this show is gonna be fuckin cool

  2. Eurobuvez says:

    Do people these days even give a shot Enpaulmer? Seems like they’re on the bill for every Cleveland show and ride the little success they’ve had in early 90s to be some kind of mass appeal madness. Incantation is one thing but the usual Cleveland “metal” staples are full force on this, I’m actually surprised it’s free and not an Agora/Chris Z/Dan Paul pay to play show. With opening acts like the always underwhelming and boring FaithXtractor and Shed the Skin sitting through 3 sets of shitty for one possibly good one and the hipster student/NYDM/ODM crowd wandering around for a B-movie would just make this embarrassing and a time waster unless you show up exactly when Incantation plays and Paul pretends to be the one and true Embalmer vocalist rehashing stories and songs he was in diapers for.

    1. It's just brown and water says:

      so you’re excited

      1. Eurobuvez says:

        Nice try Paul!

        1. Johnny cab says:

          Being from Cleveland myself, this is painfully true. We can’t even book decent tours, and if we do, we have to water it down with 3-7 boring as shit local bands who dick fence over status and could ultimately give a shit about the actual music. Way too many Bernie Sanders supporters. Lakewood needs nuked off the map.

          1. Eurobuvez says:

            If we do get a decent show it’s rarely at the foundry anymore which has now evolved into nothing more than a dance club and hosting idiotic shit like emo night, or the new wave of Emma White fawning grindcore noise hipsters at NTC. The Agora is the biggest pay to play venue in the state, I find myself hitting Columbus more now. It’s funny because no matter the show I keep bets on if it’s going to feature Empaulmer or Limbshitter on the bill, failing that the dreadful Burial Oath yet another in a line of SKs new attempts to adored by replaying Freezing Moon 10 times with different lyrics. We used to have great shows when Konya And Chuck were booking and now we get.. Surf rock kabuki bands and the homosexual celebration of deviancy “In Training”.

          2. 3-7 boring as shit local bands who dick fence over status and could ultimately give a shit about the actual music

            This is why local scenes are pathologically self-consumptive: the wannabes attack whoever is best, instead of whoever is worst. They do not understand the principle of SODOMIZE THE WEAK, and have focused on the opposite, which is to pull down the strong while wailing anthems of guilt like an Italian grandmother.

            1. Eurobuvez says:

              Scene bandwagoning from one genre to another or just blantantly stealing riffs from well known bands in the death and black metal genres, subpar musicians with unwarranted self importance that join “big” scene bands only to removed yet live as they’re kings of the scene for being in a band for less than 6 months; the rising trend of terrible musicial talent leading to scene aces who would otherwise be rediculed jumping on the label of “noise” or “cybergrind”, and the general attitude that so long as you lie enough about yourself to the local scenes and jump on every pay to play show is what kills Cleveland bands. This is one of the worst scenes in the world for all the good bands produced like Nunslaughter, Manticore, and Crucified Mortals, we have the most power hungry bands with unwarranted self importance, and some of the worst promoters on earth. Not a day will go by in Cleveland without at least three subpar one riff bands with tired ideas and no belief in what they’re preaching using the age old “it’s just for theatrics” bullshit trying to sell you tickets just to get a better spot on a stage that most most coffee house open mics would laugh at, through PA systems that border on wedding DJ teir.

  3. SickoftheBullshit says:

    Just going to leave this here…


    As a part of the Cleveland scene…fuck the Cleveland “scene.”

    1. VVolf says:

      The only act worth seeing is Embalmer the new guitarist is the best in Cleveland! Everything else is terrible!
      Home wrecker grindbullshit
      From the Hellmouth hard rock pretending to be NY death
      The rest are just archenemy clones and Gothenburg worship

      Like I said though the best guitarist in Cleveland and one of the best bands even with Tre making Hawaiian burgers is worth the 10$ alone.

  4. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Why Ohio? There’s nothing there but inbreds with cleft palates & corn. Oh wait… Maybe that’s the slant of the movie. “Fill the hairlip with corn Jethro”.

    Something in Ct would be nice, I know of some shooting locations with both animal & human corpses in the abandoned buildings. Nothing beats realism!

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