Graveland Introduces Covers Album and New Album

Ancient necrotic evil warband Graveland plans to release two new works, a compilation with covers and a full album, following its issue of a wooden box edition of Thousand Swords which seems to have found an audience for the classic era of Graveland yet again.

The compilation album, entitled The Temple of Infernal Fire, will feature both past rarities from Graveland and covers of bands such as Infernum, Veles, and Thunderbolt, many of whom were Graveland-adjacent and had involvement from Graveland creator Rob Darken.

The new Graveland album, to be released on No Colours Records, has neither tracklist nor name announced but will likely follow the path of recent Graveland works trying to integrate black metal with the pagan soundtrack Lord Wind material of the past decade.

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22 thoughts on “Graveland Introduces Covers Album and New Album”

  1. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

    i heard dua lipa will play black metal war with what’s left of her sphincter in 2024 to commemorate the centenary of madonna being irrelevant and gorgoroth stealing burzum riffs in atlanta don’t know of it’s true but you can buy presale tickets on seatgeek using the coupon “thurisazisgay” thx

    1. I miss the tour names from the 1990s. Who can forget the “Fuck Christ Tour” or the “Sphinctour”?

    2. Fckk Godl says:

      Are you really Warkvlt ? Burzumination ?

  2. Patrick Pearse says:

    Hey Brett,

    Are we going to get a best of 2023 list? If I see another best of metal list that includes Metallica, and Cattle Decapitation I will vomit. Much love from your favorite Irish reader.


    1. Cynical says:

      What would be the point of having a list with one entry, “Grebbeberg” by Sammath?

    2. Good idea, and good point, but time demands have not allowed me to listen to much of the stuff out there. Then again: what I have heard is typically pretty terrible, because despite being instrumentally competent and of quality production, it has no purpose and therefore is just imitation and recombination from the outside looking in. The why has been forgotten as usual.

  3. tiny midget says:

    Hey Brett

    What is your opinion of the growing right-wing adjacent “red pill” community that is allegedly teaching men to reject modern women, marriage and relationships altogether?

    Much love from your favorite tiny reader.

    1. nigga u small says:

      eat both pills at the same time and you get da purple pill fool

    2. Best of midgets,

      I am not entirely disconnected from the early parts of this movement. I wrote for The Spearhead back in the day, had an article on Return of Kings, and enjoy reading Chateau Heartiste, Davis Aurini, and Matt Forney. The basics of red pill is that modernity is a construction, a false hallucination, and you can find that in Nietzsche, Burroughs, Pynchon, Gibson, Austen, and a thousand others; the overlap of red pill and PUA (pick up artist/”game”) is that when you start viewing social interaction as manipulation because the symbols used in it like altruism and compassion are narcissist manipulations, you realize that this can be applied to women, therefore is applied to women (call this the “economic postulate,” or the idea that all biological interactions can be understood as an economy of tradeoffs and competition), which means that to reach baseline/minimum, it must be used to interact with women.

      It is all a bit clever but I prefer treating women as people and making it clear (a) what I want (b) that there is a transactional nature to this and (c) that a transcendental affection must guide all of it or this will become abusive from one side or the other (passive-aggression, which is like swimming in a sweater).

      As far as the Right-wing adjacent “red pill” community that is allegedly teaching men to reject modern women, marriage, and relationships altogether, my analysis that most people on the internet are dumbshits just trying to justify their failures as successes, so this sounds like “sour grapes” to me; however, they have a point that relationships and marriage are trashed, but like all conservatives, refuse to point to the actual causes because they are afraid of big change:

      1. Casual sex and dating (slow casual sex): if you give something away, it is not valued; after it is given away enough, no one trusts it; when no one trusts it, but it is required, you have let the serpent in the door of your relationships and marriages. Courting and chastity work better, even if you are the most flaming atheist who ever atheisted.
      2. Divorce laws: we could just about eliminate femicide — the killing of women — in the first world by having no divorce courts and divorce law that said when the partnership breaks up, you take out whatever you brought and put in to the relationship and nothing else. Feminists know this but because they are brain-damaged shitlibs will never say it, only wail about the men who kill women rather than lose 50% of the businesses they have built up from scratch.

      How to fix this? Not easy but both not-hard and inevitable: remove civil rights and divorce law to address the latter, and to fix the former, start downranking women for their body count. Our problem is male simps who slaver and gibber over some chick just because she is “hot,” which usually does not denote genetic beauty, moreso an aura of sexual availability, and then are amazed — shocked, just shocked! — that she is a gold-digger who takes them for all they are worth.

      We also have to talk about inequality; a man having sex with another woman is not a genetic risk, but if your woman has sex with another man, your kids are possibly not at all your own, are certainly partially not your own through microchimerism, and your trust in her will be broken forever. Dad nailing the single secretary is not good but not as big a deal as Mom getting nailed by the milkman. Also, your society falls apart if men have to watch their women all the time… this country and Europe were built on men putting in the hours of diligent, thoughtful labor to make stuff work and figure out how nature works, and if they are unable to have stable home lives, that’s a fail.

      Feminism is not good, but that is mostly because it is egalitarianism, which denies the topography of life and tries to standardize it just as surely as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola do.

      However, it has disproportionately wrecked things by pitting the sexes against each other, and men are withdrawing as a result. They will show up for the booty call but are going to disappear when pregnancy occurs. Hint to the wise: this is normal in third world countries, especially Africa, which have “macho” men who fight off other men (sexual competitors i.e. rapists) but are otherwise matriarchal. Every third world country is run by its women; Anglo-Saxon societies were run in parallel by women and men, with separate roles and silos so that there was not constant bickering, infighting, and neurosis.

      Ask a simple question and… yes, get a boring essay. Sorry about that.

      1. Irregular retardation says:

        Its ok, I’m sure all the regulars know about the graphomania already.

        1. DISK MUNCHER ][ says:

          You come to this site if you could have graduated from a good college in the 1980s, even if you didn’t go. You go to other metal sites to hear superlatives and praise for the mediocre. We also have satan, tobacco, whiski, and uh satan here.

          1. Kinda sorta anti-intellectual says:

            I don’t know, I never trusted the academia, man! Damn people! Damn snobs!

    3. Cyanide Pill says:

      They realized that nothing can beat a good trad transwoman.


    Marry samurai pussy

    Japan is super smart unlike icp wigga spicy garbage

    Hey Brett what do you call a white jap?


    Any mixed chicks you like huh?

    Hey do you hate white celebrity pussy that is mixed brettie where do they go then?
    Got any Eurasian jokes anyone?

    1. I like Japan, but trying to get with their women merely hurts Japan or my own tribe. Ethno-nationalism works; it is a prerequisite for a functional society, to which other stuff like culture, free markets, aristocrats, eugenics, and some kind of transcendental ideal need to be added. The National Socialists got it partially right, but substituting Christianity for culture is a big oops, not openly endorsing paganism/heathenism another, and of course the socialism part was just as much a fail there as it is in current systems. I get tired of moron conservatives comparing the Left to Nazis, however; the Left are Communists and always have been.

  5. Durin the deathless says:

    Brett, what is your opinion on midgets? Should they segregate?

    1. …I never think about midgets.

    2. Lilliput says:

      You giants should just fuck off.

      1. We just hit 61k comments on this site. Think of all the peerless trolling that has gone on here.

        1. Peer reviewed shitposter says:

          Yeah, but who’s keeping count?

          1. Remember this factoid for trivia night.

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