Graveland Live CD & DVD

A Graveland live CD is coming out later this year.

NEWS We preparing DVD from Graveland’s concert in Ecuador it was part of the tour – Pagan Cult Never Dies. Here small sample from Lima in Peru 🔥 . CD vill be realised on December and DVD will go out between January/February 2018. Stay tuned

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26 thoughts on “Graveland Live CD & DVD”

  1. Egledhron says:

    Hail Satan

  2. Negron says:

    bitches aint shit

  3. Psychic Psych Toad says:

    Blood Of Bigfoots On My Sword, a new breed of cryptozoological documentary starring Rob Darken will premiere on Christmas day.

  4. national geographic nipples says:

    Graveland is literally useless besides the funny photos. First they’re a dumb Bathory clone then they play shitty acoustic pagan metal with tired frog burp vocals. Gayest band

    1. The Eternal Bagel says:

      Graveland single-handedly put Boland on the map.

    2. Anthony says:

      “Every band that isn’t the second song on the first Ildjarn demo is shit” – Fags, 2017

    3. S.C. says:

      Probably a lot less gay than whatever music makes you the happiest to listen to.

  5. Thewaters says:

    Great analysis.

  6. Dispirited says:

    another moronic band obsessed with how ‘dark’ it is in Scandinavia, heroic fantasy they confuse for medieval history, and the woods.
    Can’t do a credible shriek? then don’t record yourself when constipated and shitting bricks.

    1. I Am The Black Men says:

      Poland isn’t Scandinavia, dummy.

      1. Dispirited says:

        Who gives a shit? They’re also obsessed with Vikings (Scandinavian heritage). Got anything better to defend this retarded band?

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Where did you get the “obsessed with Vikings” from? Poland already existing in the middle ages.

        2. Enda Miller says:

          I would like to hear what you don’t like about Graveland in terms of the music. Not liking the themes and vocals does not constitute much of a criticism. Do you dislike the melodies? Song construction? Which era in particular do you find so distasteful? I know the early, middle and later periods are all quite different musically.

          1. Dispirited says:

            @Rainer Weikusat; read their lyrics.

            @Enda Miller:
            “Not liking the themes and vocals does not constitute much of a criticism.”

            Of course it does. It’s just not the kind of criticism you like. Childish obsession with Vikings, confusing fantasy for real history, retarded unscientific ideas about race, all these things are criticisable, not because they’re just images or ‘themes,’ they’re in the lyrics.

            I don’t mind people liking a particular historical period of their own country or of others, but if you do, you shouldn’t cheapen it with mediocre work. I just want Metal bands to grow up a little and quit making their teenage fantasies into lyrics. That’s one of the problems I have with some Black Metal bands but also with a lot of so called Folk Metal bands, but there are always some exceptions.

            As for the music itself, it’s generic crap. The vocals sound like the suffering of a constipated old man. There is no attempt at anything original in the arrangement. Recycled riffs from other bands. The later “Viking” oriented albums sound like blackened Amon Amarth. I say this about Graveland but it also applies to so many bands.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              You made a positive claim. Hence, it’s up to you to come up with supporting evidence. According to Wackelpudia, there are 34 Graveland records you could be referring to, and nobody can be expected to read through all these lyrcis in order to try to discover something whose location you should already know.

              “Hic rhodos, hic salta”.

              I think you’re confusing Darken’s fascination with (early) medieval warriors with “Vikings”. Considering that he’s an outspoken, Polish nationalist and seems very much interested in Polish pagan culture, I’d be very much surprised if had chosen people from across the Baltic sea which – at best – occasionally invaded Poland as central topic.

              1. Dispirited says:

                Okay, you probably know better, and I may have been wrong in using the word “Viking.” I’m talking about later albums which have songs about Norse characters and mythology. He also wears a Hammer of you know who. If you think it would be weird for him to glorify Vikings, then why would it not be just as weird to adopt part of their culture?

                And this also changes nothing to what I said in regards to Metal musicians needing to grow up when it comes to songwriting about those themes and leave behind the teenager fantasies.

                1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                  Judging from the publically accessible album titles, it’s rather German than Norse mythology (eg Wotan is the German equivalent of Odin). Horses/ riders are also frequently mentioned. This should rather be ships if it was about Vikings. The ‘hammer of the thundergod’ is also common accross Germanic (eg, old English, old German and Norse mythology and Slavic mythology, too. as it goes back to a shared indo-european concept. This particular kind of “Thor’s hammer” was patterned after Scandinavic examples but that’s probably just because they’re the most widely known.

                  ‘Norse mythology’ is also the most comprehensive, written account of Germanic mythology. Eg, I have a collection of “German heroes’ tales” here (from 1898) using Norse texts as one of the prime sources because better one’s don’t exist, not the least because the church disapproved of them.

                  Darken/ Fudali is three years older than me (48). Referring to something he’s interested in now as “teenage phantasies” seems a bit odd.

  7. Kyle says:

    Dressing up like a Renaissance Faggot isn’t hesh. Where’s the blood? Why do you have a shirt on?

    1. All Diggers must Nie says:

      Corpse paint (early 1990s Norwegian scene counts too) is faggy as well.

  8. Trashchunk says:

    He is welcoming you to a dinner of goat intestine stew and wine that is full of dirt and hair.

    1. Enda Miller says:

      The new Summoning album leaked

  9. Negroron says:

    At least it’s not another millionth Varg cucksock thread – too bad that other faggot euronymous didn’t pack a gun when he wanted to anally fist that skinny faggot that inspired and that autistic cuck spergzak

    1. national geographic nipples says:

      Varg may be a crypto-liberal insane faggot with moonbat theories on neanderthal DNA, but at least he released some musically credible albums. Unlike Darken

  10. Pe4ce 'lovin guy says:

    I want to make Maraat cum from his ass, help me.

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