Graveland Releasing New EP and Ukraine Tribute Album

Graveland has signed a contract with No Colours records for recording of an EP The Temple of Infernal Fire which is dedicated to the Polish black metal underground and will contain covers of Veles, Legion, Infernum, and Thunderbolt.

In addition, No Colors will be releasing a new full-length album from Graveland whose name has not yet been released. This follows the printing earlier this year of Polska Scena Braciom z Ukrainy:

Heritage Recordings – EastSide – Werewolf Promotion are proud to present the compilation “Polska Scena Braciom z Ukrainy” (“Polish scene for the Brothers from Ukraine”).

Fifteen Polish bands recorded exclusive songs, especially for this release, so now each of You can show the support for musicians from the Ukrainian Scene.

Not only then, when they share their music efforts with us for years, but right now, when they really need this support like never before!

For now, we invite you to download the compilation digitally (LINK BELOW), all incomes will go directly to the guys from the Ukrainian Pagan/BM scene.

You can listen and buy here, or go to the Graveland store or the Graveland website.

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87 thoughts on “Graveland Releasing New EP and Ukraine Tribute Album”

  1. This post might (not) be satire says:

    When will slavo-niggas stop killing each other and realize that the enemy is judeo-anglo-american global internationalists?

    1. Real enemies:

      * Overpopulation
      * Ecocide
      * Diversity
      * Socialism
      * Equality
      * Democracy
      * Low average IQ
      * BRICS

      Fake enemies:

      * The Jews
      * The Whites
      * The Rich
      * Technology
      * Capitalism
      * Satan

      1. Indie 500 says:

        Oh! Oh! Let me do the meme template thing:

        Brett: “The Jews are not the enemy, don’t be silly.”
        Also Brett: “The Irish! Italians! Reeeeee!!1!”

        1. Brett: diversity is bad.
          Hwites: great let’s come flood your WE land.
          Brett: you’re race-mixed, go back.

          The Irish are a different question. Everything Henry Ford wrote in the The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Ziyon was in fact a mirror of and deflection from the sinister plans and manipulations of the Hibernians. Never trust a tato!

        2. Also, it makes no sense to be a race realist about other races and not our own race, its ethnicities, and social classes. Poor people are stupid. Italians are mixed with Arab. Irish are mixed with Semits. Slavs are Eurasians. Women are 5 IQ points behind men. Disabled and permanently injured people are often hateful. Career criminals have high mutation load and mental health problems. Retarded kids are useless. Homosexuality is a lonely path. Most “transgenders” are just Redditors looking for attention. Organized religion is an attempt to use symbols to regulate death. Taxation is theft. Jobs are jails. Competence is the rarest element on Earth. There, have some accurate blasphemies, the best kind.

          1. Indie 500 says:

            Saying that the Irish are so different that they should be sent to Africa sounds really exaggerated. Like wanting a simple, deterministic answer to the failures of some white ethnicities. Keeping the Irish Irish and the English English and the Dutch Dutch etc. is probably a good thing, and the Irish may have effed up in the US, but they really don’t come off as mixed with Semites, just very (too?) Western European.

            1. Genetically, they are mixed with Semites. This can also be observed in their facial features and the frequent atavistic olive skin. The big point is that they are not European; they are hybrids, so we send them to hybrid land. “the Irish may have effed up in the US” is an understatement but basically true. “Keeping the Irish Irish and the English English and the Dutch Dutch etc. is probably a good thing” makes good sense but we also have to keep mixed people out of Europe to avoid polluting the few genetic resources we have left, therefore the Irish have to go to North Africa.

              1. Indie 500 says:

                If we’re talking the actual, red-headed Irish rather than the minority group of Black Irish, the Irish are a mix of Breton and Viking ancestry. I don’t count that as a go-back-to-Africa hybrid. In similar fashion, there’s a distinct group of Norwegians with very dark features and olive skin (probably descendants of Portuguese merchants), but I don’t think that means we should send fair-haired Olav to Morocco.

                1. This is a historical forgery. The Irish contain a large amount of North African that came in through Spain and ended up in Ireland by aggregation. This is the Semitic portion. There are no “Black Irish”; those are the atavistic traits (reversion to a distant ancestor) observed because of the mixing. Not all Norwegians have this minority Portuguese strain, but we can deport those; however, all tatos have the Semitic ancestry so do not belong in Europe. Repatriation to North Africa is the only solution. Also they are undermen.

                  1. Indie 500 says:

                    I see, I did not know that. How certain are we (the scientific community, I guess) about this? Dark hair and eyes popping up among all the redheads being an atavism sounds a bit “out there.”

                2. Ginger Pubes O'Hara says:

                  I view The Irish Question as a reflection rather than a deflection. It affirms that there are more mixed groups other than Jews. What I do find amusing is that the Irish are pretty much dissimilar to the majority of (lower class) Anglos.

                  1. I cannot disagree here. The point is that admixture makes groups crazy. No point finger-pointing at one, especially when it leads to mentally fucked-up murder, instead of looking at the problem itself: the presumption/assumption of “muh equality.”

                    1. Anglos belong in Angola! says:

                      Quite right

                    2. (sips tea contentedly)

          2. Cynical says:

            “Women are 5 IQ points behind men.” — This is only accurate on the right side of the curve. Most research indicates that, as with most mental traits, the bell curve for women is narrower than for men — nature takes more risks with men, but keeps women closer to the norm.

      2. Satan is a cool guy says:

        You forgot Nazis and Commies from the list of boogeymen.

        1. I view those more as errors. Communism is just regular liberalism but in a hurry.

          1. Pol Pot was a cool guy says:

            Commies had some good ideas, like executing neurotics (academics and intellectuals) and getting some other shit done. Like always the basis for that has always been stupid, like with every other ideology.

            1. The problem is that they are egalitarians, therefore assume all academics are the same. Some are good; many are bad (especially now). You want to get the bad back onto the farms.

              1. Gnarly says:

                Academics nowadays write opinion pieces rather than do actual research. And the people with the opinion pieces, the journalists, are the new politicians etc. Funny how them tables be turning.

                1. They drove out anyone sensible, and now the idiots take over, leading to collapses like the Silicon Valley Bank.

        2. Also: every time you kill a Communist, an angel gets its wings. #satcong

          1. Gnarly says:

            It’s a Wonderful Life is a wonderful little film. #metal

            1. I think it featured angels, yes, and fisting.

              1. Gnarly says:

                It also has that quote.

                But more importantly, in-between all the cheese, there’s an optimistic story about community, fighting for it in spite of some real personal darkness. Maybe it’s too simple, but I think it’s a good one. Especially if you need to get out of the mental hellhole of more pessimistic greats, like Pulse (2001).

                1. Now I have to watch it again. The pessimism and optimism are flip sides: “we could all do this sane thing, but we refuse to for pretense of equality, so we march to our doom like robots.”

        3. Yeah has anyone seen any real Nazis lately? There are the usual larpers on the internet but they are basically incels who hate moolies, not actual Nazis. On the other hand everybody on my tv seems to be some kind of communist with blue hair, weird sexual dysfunction, and thirty five prescriptions for screwy mental problems that they need Obamacare to pay for or they will have to make OnlyFans their day gig.

          1. Go on over to Gab. Endless pretend Nazis waiting for the Great Race War and in the meantime, they want you to buy their stuff or watch their boring podcasts.

          2. Stepan Bandera was a cool guy says:

            Supposedly they are all in Ukraine… according to Putin.

        4. Would you like to see the Pope, on the end of a rope
          Do you think he’s a fool?
          Well I have seen the truth. Yes I have seen the light
          And I’ve changed my ways
          And I’ll be prepared when you’re lonely
          And scared at the end of Our days

    2. Slaves are not all the same. East Slavs are different from West Slavs. Russians are pretty much at the back of the bus. The hohols just want independence from Russia since getting absorbed by Russia means poverty, starvation, and all your women get sold to whoremasters in New York and Tel Aviv. NATO is using the hohols as a barrier to the expansion of Russia which has lots of morons but no money so it’s going to make war on anyone it can that is nearby in the hopes of stealing shit. The defining photograph of this Pukraine war is the Russians stealing air conditioners and washing machines from Kyviv because back home they have nothing but plastic buckets to wash, eat from, and shit in.

      1. Russia is flat-out fucked unless they develop an industry other than oil and gas. Economies with one industry alone are boom-bust.

      2. Serious reply says:

        In essence Ukraine and Russia aren’t that dissimilar in how they function. The political elite and their oligarch friends reap all the profits and everyone else starves. Ukraine was below Russia in some corruption index before the war really started going, however that is calculated.

  2. MP says:

    Ukraine will soon turn their weapons on their NATO puppet masters and make peace with their Russian brethren.

    What was it about the scamdemic that turned artists into mental infants? Musicians, writers, comedians, actors–all disproportionately affected. BLM worshipping, double-masked and socially distanced, quintuple vaxxed, gender dubious, disarmed, censorship-embracing, Ukraine flag waving woke thinkers. Who knows what adventure in retardation they’ll embark on next?

    Meanwhile, “mundane” Christ-oriented families stood like mountains of stoicism and strength and prospered. When the drama started, who was really weak?

    1. step aside citizen says:

      so what dude that doesnt mean there arent a ton of normal ass people getting their shit all fucked off and i guess rob thinks that sucks man so weird and like inferior and stuff well at least we have christians

      1. Organic nationalists see the independence of Ukraine as a worthy goal. The Ukes are striving to break away and improve themselves instead of falling into the usual Slavic rut like most of Eastern Europe and especially Russia. What nationalist would not support this as fast as you can say “Holodomor”? It is the same reason that many of us support Israel: every race (ethnic group) needs a place. America is for the WASPs.

        1. MP says:

          If an independent Ukraine is the goal, where was the tribute album when Ukraine was overthrown by NATO goons during Maidan? Where is the tribute album for the Ukrainians who are/were trafficked or experimented on by Western-operated biolabs?

          Maybe a more sensible album theme would be about overthrowing Zelensky and putting an extradition request on the likes of Samantha Power and Victoria Nuland?

          For a group that professes to embrace reality and tough facts there’s a lot of silliness going on here. Even with the enormous clandestine NATO buildup that has been going on there for decades, Ukraine is a drastically inferior military power that was caught off guard. (They expected to be paired up with a West-led offensive into Russia under false pretenses.) Their men (and women) are now being wastefully puppeteered to their deaths for the financial benefit of oligarchs abroad.

          1. Russia: stages revolution.
            West: stages counter-revolution.
            Dupes: Why would the West take over like this?

            …we should ask: what is the sense of running to the enemy, if they are simply an option to the occupiers of our system, but not different in actual intent?

            The West is going to shrug off the bureaucrat-parasites like the UN, WHO, unions, humanitarians, and so on. All of their stuff is failing and what you are seeing through a paranoid conspiratorial eye as a deliberate system is in fact a marketplace where people war for power, enabled by the chaotic dysfunctional self-rule of the herd which chases Hail Mary lottery wins instead of focusing on consistent performance.

            Ukraine, by the way, remembers the Holodomor. They have outperformed expectations in my view, since most of their fighting and dying does not involve NATO weapons but good old fashioned guts. The Red Army — sorry, Russian Army — on the other hand just revealed that like most Asiatic armies, it has one strategy which is the surprise human wave attack including feint retreats, and that when pinned down, it starts to underperform.

            I like Putin and think he should remain in charge of Russia, but he has made an error here and in Georgia.

          2. You want nationalism? Here's a burger. says:

            I doubt anyone expects Ukraine to put on an offensive. They just got caught between a Mukra v. Vatnik proxy war long in the making, with the rest of NATO being in the sidelines and Pooh having the most to win after enacting his own land grab on Taiwan.

            1. Xi wants NATO to get bogged down in WW1 2.0 so that he can seize Taiwan and anything else close at hand. This has been the Chinese hope since the Korean War.

            2. Trump won this round. He wanted Europe to rearm and now Germany is restarting the Wehrmacht. Everyone is getting ready for world war three because we realize now that the guy with the funny moustache was right about foreigners and gypsies being our downfall.

    2. Artists are entertainers. Entertainers get rich by being famous. They get famous by doing outrageous shit that is actually not very controversial. To do that they hop on every bandwagon and go along with whatever their moronic audience thinks is cool and edgy this week. That is why every whore starlet and soft manlet on your television has a Ukraine flag next to the transgender flag and a Black Lives Splatter flag on their Facebook profiles. It is a super-easy way to be controversial to those White Supremacist fucknig conservatives but also really say nothing other than that we should send 5% of our budget to the poor stupid hohols getting blown to bits by Iskander missiles in their shitty little foxholes while Putin sends an army of rapists and criminals to overrun them. Democracy is like blowing a donkey, sure you seem to be in control but you are still sucking a donkey dick.

      1. I really do not care how many bugmen, luvvies, bluehairs, and robots have Ukraine flags on their profiles. I support Ukraine because I think it should be independent and free to pursue its own culture, and as grievous as this war is, I think it is forcing a sense of national unity on Ukraine that is helping lessen the endemic corruption in the region. Poland is waking up too. Hungary, which has a heavy Jewish influence on its genetics, has also seen the light of nationalism. Funnily enough, Israel has as well. Either you fight for your own people, or you cease to exist. Globalism, immigration, diversity, internationalism, and human rights are a forgery; nationalism is natural and sensible.

        1. Serious reply says:

          As of right now all the war is doing is displacing the Ukranians, but that might be the goal, to flood the EU with more refugees and take over the now empty lands. When and where has war actually lessened corruption?

          1. Wartime tends to filter out ineffectual people. Something like a quarter of Ukraine is occupied or frontline, so those are the only legitimately displaced people. The goal, in my view, is that for Russians it is better to be poor and dangerous than poor and irrelevant. Therefore, recapturing the Soviet Union becomes a popular goal since it allows Russians to be relevant again. It also — on the back end — gives Putin an excuse to seize power from oligarchs and use the captured territories to prop up the perpetually underperforming Russian economy. Many parts of Russia are still dealing with the fallout from Communism, which tends to wreck a people and make them retarded for a couple generations at least.

            1. Jacob Schiff says:

              Easy for Murkans to say, they can fuck shit up in most parts of the world and bail out whenever things start going wrong.

              1. Being from an island has its advantages. However, in defense of America: 90% of humanity 90% of the time is fucking its own shit up. Colonialism did not make Africa, Asia, and the Americas poor; they already were poor, and colonialism simply revealed that this was true, and that the cause was their own horribly inept power structures.

                1. I was alluding to more recent incursions to the Middle East, mostly.

                  1. Iraq and Iran have sponsored Islamic terrorism in the region for decades. When a terrorist attack goes big, the response is to go mess up these countries so much that they are too internally divided to support terrorism again. That more than 0bama’s drone warfare wrecked al-Qaeda (PBUT).

                    1. Chinese weather balloons says:

                      That only happens after a Pearl Harbor event gets orchestrated, otherwise no one would care what happens there and continue their day consuming high fructose goyslop and watching sportsball. The only thing you have been able to divide in recent history is yourselves.

                    2. Unaddressed conflicts tend to eventually create Pearl Harbor events, which whether provoked or not, are not orchestrated fully but more a case of taking advantage of existing enmities. It was clear Islamic terrorists/guerillas were going to strike at the USA at some point, especially since they had already tried once to blow up the WTC but sadly failed.

                  2. The middle east has always been a wasteland. They have always hated us. Remember the Barbary Pirates? Absolutely no one cares when the muzzies get wrecked because Islam is known only for terrorism and goat rape at this point.

          2. Displaced Ukrainian refugees means that it is easier to sex traffic comely hohol prostitutes to New York and Tel Aviv. Epstein’s Island will be back in business with cute 14 yr old Ukrainian girls who can suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

            1. When ladyboys aren't enough says:

              So that’s what Hunter Biden was doing in Ukraine.

    3. The ones who place their faith in Christ will always be steadfast. Reject the lie of heathen culture, race, and NAZIism. Only Jesus lights the path!

      1. You will never shake my faith in the Magister and his anti-Utopian order on Earth. The sick must die!

      2. I VOMIT says:


        1. Rip the sacred flesh
          Sodomize the holy asshole
          Drink the red blood of the mother of earth
          Masturbation on the dead body of christ
          The king of Jews is dead
          and so are the lies
          Vomit on the host of Heaven
          Masturbate on the throne of God
          Break the seals of angels
          Drink the sweet blood of Christ
          Taste the flesh of the priest
          Sodomize holy nuns
          The king of Jews is a liar
          The Heavens will burn
          Dethrone the son of God
          God is dead
          Holyness is gone
          Purity is gone
          Prayers are burned
          Covered in black shit
          Rape the holy ghost
          Unclean birth of Jesus Christ
          Heaven will fall
          Fuck the church
          Fuck Christ
          Fuck the Virgin
          Fuck the gods of Heaven
          Fuck the name of Jesus

      3. rejected by christ says:

        i tried, but christ called me a faggot and told me to take a hike

        1. T Malm says:

          Naw dude he said “grape a kike”.

          I think it was a special invitation from Mr Most Holey.

          1. People are fascinated by Jews, but not enough talk about the real pernicious conspiracy controlling America, the Hibernians.

    4. More cherry-picking. Most of those families are also conservative. In the long view, religion is not a good replacement for culture, but with organized religion always tries to do that, especially the Abrahamic religions and Buddhism. It makes the most sense for religion to be an offshoot of culture: German culture, German genetics, German gods, German food, German calendar, German languages, and German aesthetics for Germany. Death to the nation-state!

    5. hrafn says:

      We get it, the lizard people from the moon are shooting mind control rays from their hollow earth base again.

      1. Most of the rubes do not know that Earth is both flat and hollow.

  3. Sorry, i am drunk says:

    There is nothing more cringy than these fag Slav ethnicities who start whining “NOO THE RUSSIANS SPREAD COMMUNISM TO US REEEEEEEEE”, when in the reality the Soviet Union was anti-Russian and taking from the Russians to give to these faggots and the Reds would never had won the Russian civil war without their help.

    Is similar how hwhites read some bullshit moldbug/gottfried and start claiming “it was all the WASPs fault maaaaaaaaaaaaan”

    1. Good book find. It is interesting how Soviet policies went from affirming diversity to seeing it as a risk.

      1. But who funded all that? says:

        Bolsheviks/soviets have done everything USA has been doing since the 60s and EU now.

        1. Utopianism always goes the same way because it is designed around the human, not the world. At some point you reach the quest for equality — sadly our moron GOP Republicans have adopted this cosmosexual shit as well — and then you can say no to no one, and you get the worst of everyone as an obligation. The EU/US have gone down the path of libertarianism to Leftism and will take that to its logical conclusion without admitting that it is essentially Marxism-Leninism.

  4. DMU4lyfe says:

    I just noticed the Reviews section is back to normal. Much easier to navigate now, thanks.

    1. T Malm says:

      Very nice.

      I just noticed that our boy Prozak says Gorguts is “Highly influential though also highly hated by the mainstream crowd” in the Considered Dead review.

      Ha ha ha.

      1. In the old school days, it was mostly hated by those who liked Cannibal Corpse style bands. Then the emo albums came out after From Wisdom to Hate and all the Reddit soy metrosexuals jumped on it and foamed.

        1. T Malm says:

          All the tek def dorks were into Obscura well before that happened. That album was the only reason any of those pinnacles of masculinity cared about their “comeback” album in the first place. It was so detached that it didn’t say anything controversial enough to scare the normies away.

          1. Most of these albums are puzzles like Late Stage Jazz. You set up a few arbitrary harmonic rules, play around with them, add in enough catchy stuff for the betas and girlfriends, then go back to what most musicians do, which is recycling known licks in interesting forms. It is a form of tiling similar to how a basic curve, if overlaid on itself according to itself, will produce a complex leaf shape. There is an underlying order to everything, peeking out through Fibonacci sequences, Standard Distributions, power laws, geometries, and sodomy that shows us the world beneath the bas relief that is appearance and aesthetics. This is what Plato was talking about in his cave: the mind of Reality is shown through logic and other intangibles, and the tangible keeps us floating in a fetus-state of perpetual self-fascination. Almost no one can think in terms of destiny.

  5. Excellent! says:

    Brett, have you watched Bill and Ted Face the Music yet? Is it as good as the first one?

    1. Can we think of any sequels that do not shit the bed? There must be a few. Final Destination 2 was great, perhaps the best in the series. Anything past the first Star Wars movie was garbage, and of course every Star Trek movie was barf on quinoa toast. This is the best elaborate genial way I can say that I have zero plans to touch that thing unless someone I respect comes home and says it blew his or her mind.

      1. Kurt Cobain says:

        It blew my mind.

        1. He didn’t knotice that the lights had changed.

      2. High Speed Reality Denial says:

        Of course Bill and Ted 3 isn’t as good as the original, far from it, but worth a passive watch for a few reasons. Alex Winter is absolutely having the time of his life, and the look of pre-911 American whimsy plastered on his face for the entire run time is fun to watch. Dude missed his chance and had his co-star become one of the biggest celebrities in the country, so getting one more shot to be seen is cool. Keanu seems tired but that makes sense for the plot, and he clearly isn’t filling the scenes with a sense of superiority. As for what happens in the movie, that’s where they shit the bed.
        Given that dudes can’t ever accomplish anything, it turns out Bill and Ted didn’t write the song that saved the planet at all- it was their fucking daughters that did. That’s right, they retconned the whole lore of the property so they could hamfistedly girlboss up the ending, which sent them on a meaningless quest during the whole movie while the girls write the song in the garage. Bill and Ted contribute by using the phone booth to give instruments to everyone around the world so they could all play the song at the same time, showing that only ladies and cultural diversity can keep the world on track.
        I’m not making this up.
        Post credit scene in the old folks home is worth it though.

        1. …we are going to look back on this era as one of pathological HSRD in order to pretend that everything is going to be alright. I try to skip the propaganda movies. It’s only fair, since I skip the Right-wing propaganda too. These miss out on the art that is even present in entertainment: telling good stories. Good stories, like good music, expand life. Propaganda diminishes and limits it.

      3. paste human says:

        “Can we think of any sequels that do not shit the bed? There must be a few.”

        Terminator 2 comes to mind *dodges tomatoes*

        1. That is a good one. Radically different than the first movie, but a masterpiece of suspense. Aliens might be another. Others have mentioned Evil Dead II, Dawn of the Dead, and Silence of the Lambs. As mentioned before, Final Destination 2 is the crown of that series.

          Then there are counterpoints. The critics loved the second two Bourne movies, but in my view only the first one is watchable. The critics loved the second Star Wars film, but I thought it was a stupid loss of what made the original enjoyable. The critics also will tell you that Paddington 2 and The Dark Knight were somehow masterpieces, but I think they are simply propaganda for tools.

          Then again, some of my favorite films are remakes of the past, like the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

  6. pate human part II says:

    I haven’t watched either of the first two Terminator movies in a few years, but off the top of my head – and at the expense of getting boring with logistical stuff – the second one worked in part due to a couple circumstances that kind of cancelled one another out.

    There’s a compelling story with a bit more left to be told overseen by an ambitious writer/director who has some cool new FX tech that is visually stunning and is damn near vital to the plot, but is also still expensive and untested enough to be used tastefully. The result is a good mix of old school action scenes and exciting new visuals. It kind of mimics part of the plot in that sense, but thankfully they never got too on the nose with things on that front.

    Along those same lines I think they kind of had to rein in the action side of things with some mass appeal plot elements (cheesy as they are at times) to get as many butts in the seats as possible to recover costs for an otherwise high budget violent R rated movie in early 90s USA.

    Thankfully the buddy picture and mother/son/broken family tropes never get to be much more than a slight detour from what everyone who wasn’t dragged to the film came to enjoy.

    And I’m happy to report that I still have exciting nightmares from time to time that involve being chased by a terminator. They really did do an excellent job of portraying the grim reaper in those first two films. But I do sometimes also wake up feeling deeply ashamed and confused upon recalling that in some of those dreams I’m as young as I am unclothed, and the terminator is actually my uncle who resembles a slightly less masculine Janet Reno. Either way it’s terrifying.

    Anyway, the numerous attempts at rebooting that series is also pretty amazing, but for all the wrong reasons.

    1. I can see the appeal. It brought the otherworldly — nanotech — into popular existence with new technology and therefore captured that unearthly feel that the first one also had with the concept of a killer who could (basically) not be killed. It also allowed Ahnoldt to be the kind of hero that the 1990s felt it needed, since the world no longer made much sense.

  7. Linda says:

    Agreed. It’s hard not to bring things in this direction since it’s a music site, but it also works: Morbid Angel’s progression up to the debut and then leading up to the second release kind of follow those first couple Terminator films. At least in terms of the inventiveness. Pay close attention to the lighting (metallic blue) and sound cues (Wagner motifs) and it becomes mind blowing. Trey was coming up with stuff that didn’t exist yet, and then he delivered it masterfully. Cameron did roughly the same the same thing.

    Well worth re-watching on a rainy day. And as suggested here: it’s a fun movie,

    1. Over the weekend, I revisited the corpus of a band who came back from the utter abyss (mostly through resolving personnel conflicts). It can be done. Morbid Angel almost got there, but wanted to be Pantera too much.

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