Graveland’s 1050 Years of Pagan Cult Rerecordings Out Now

Graveland‘s 1050 Years of Pagan Cult rerecordings of Rob Darken’s greatest hits from the best of Graveland‘s black metal period is available now for download on Bandcamp. This release appears to be another rerecording for losers with iPhones who want to hear old songs with a modern, less necro production.

New release of GRAVELAND “1050 Years of Pagan Cult” – contains re-recorded old CULT tracks!

Released as noble DIGIBOOK format with 22 pages booklet.
Heritage Recordings 2016.

DIGIBOOK CD and WOODEN BOX (with engraved logo and title of material)
released December 9, 2016

“…We fulfilled this album with old, cult stuff from the days when Graveland played Black Metal being inspired by the dark arts that once came from the grim, freezing north.
Some of our fans claim that those first releases are the best ones among Graveland discography.
They truly belong to all those great Black Metal albums that built the history of the genre!
I have decided to re-record those tracks again with a new line-up, consisting of very talented
musicians, to show the true strength of Graveland’s melody and spirit!
Working on this album shared a time with an 1050 anniversary of the baptism of Poland that is so solemnly celebrated in my country.
It has inspired us to entitle the album „1050 Years of Pagan Cult”.
We are pagans and the beliefs of our ancestors are still strong and still cultivated by their descendants!”


  1. The Night of Fullmoon (6:51)
  2. At the Pagan Samhain Night (7:00)
  3. Born for War (4:51)
  4. The Gates of Kingdom of Darkness (5:56)
  5. Hordes of Empire (4:39)
  6. Thurisaz (8:22)
  7. For Pagan and Heretic’s Blood (2:51)
  8. Thousand Swords (7:56)
  9. Black Metal War! (2:05)

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21 thoughts on “Graveland’s 1050 Years of Pagan Cult Rerecordings Out Now”

  1. the George Zimmerman EP says:

    Daniel, you’re OTM about a lot of things, but I don’t think you’re being fair here. The intention of this release isn’t to replace the originals with shinier modern sounding versions, it was to capture the power of the songs with something close to a “live” sound. Which the old releases–for all their charm–don’t do.

    Thousand Swords isn’t flawed because its shoddy production is “necro,” it’s flawed because unlike early Burzum or Darkthrone, its shoddy production makes it sound very artificial and sterile. It’s tempting to equate “better produced” with plastic sound, but anyone who’s heard enough metal knows both sides of the production spectrum can make a band sound unnatural!

    For me hearing more upfront versions of these songs gives me more insight into their little nooks and crannies.

    1. What a surprise that someone with no capacity to reason is making an aesthetic argument for why a garbage non-release shouldn’t be ripped on. It sort of reminds me of the reasoning behind the pearl-clutching with regard to the white race.

      1. Matt Risnes says:

        If it wasn’t so depressing and frightening it would be downright hilarious how angry and obviously unhappy 95% of the writers and commenters of this site are.

        1. Horst Fuchs says:

          nah, just the two of you. one of you is butt-hurt because of a bad review and the other one because of article about nationalist group in UK being banned… :)

          1. Matt Risnes says:

            Nope. You are.

        2. S.C. says:

          The “funniest” party is that all commenters here are one of two things. They either grovel and worship at the feet of Daniel and Brett as pathetic yes men, or they get their feelings hurt when strong opinions are expressed. No wonder no actual substance conversations take place in these forums. It’s either everyone agreeing with each other or whining about each other…

          1. the George Zimmerman EP says:

            I mainly started my comment off with light praise because I saw a lot of daniel dissing lately and I wanted to have a little empathy for the new writer

            1. S.C. says:

              I’m not dissing Daniel, though I’m sure he’s a big boy who could handle it if I were. I’m dissing all the brown nosers and pussies.

        3. Rainer Weikusat says:

          how downright hilarious how angry and obviously unhappy 95% of the writers and commenters of this site are.

          That’s more something for »angry and unhappy teenagers« but,


        4. I’m just here talking about the love and happiness in my life and trying to cajole faux(news) elitist metaller no-hoper types into being better people in the only way they’ll understand i.e. emotionally intense abuse that harkens back (via the actively nihilistic vector of atavism) to when their long-suffering mother told them to shut the fuck up about Forest Poetry and just let her drive the goddamn minivan

      2. the George Zimmerman EP says:

        haha you got so butthurt about me roasting you you followed me to another article

        1. the George Zimmerman EP says:

          also, only autists think aesthetics don’t matter in music. would you listen to Bach in synthesized fart noises?

        2. everyone is laughing at you dude don’t come at me with that faggot shit because i have your number. you’re into hierarchies because you have a small dick. i’m not going to reply to your 5 minute carriage wit (you must be fun at parties you don’t get invited to) individually, but yeah, bach would still sound profound as fart noises and you’re a retard caveman metal apologist if you think otherwise. seriously, you’re more focused on aesthetics than the dude who blew me in the parking lot at MoMA.

          1. S.C. says:

            it’s amazing that you think you’re more intelligent or clever or your comments are somehow more substantiated, when all you’re talking about is fantasy… It’s like a fucking high school cafeteria up in here.

            1. why, because I think that ass-Bach sounds better than Graveland’s answer to From the Depths of Darkness? or because I call out maladaptive coping mechanisms on being maladaptive? try responding to my arguments instead of whining about your inept sense of humor. maybe try a more original metaphor to sully my analysis than simply referencing a place where you were bullied.

              but yes, i am self-evidently more intelligent than certain ineffectual ideologues whose self-esteem is so bad that they get rattled by people disagreeing with them online.

              1. S.C. says:

                Ha ha it’s not that you’re disagreeing with people, it’s that you’re taking about them as if you have a legitimate insight into their lives, as if you know them. But of course you don’t because this the internet… I don’t care what your opinions are, the only thing that irks me is your false sense of superiority. Everything in your comment that I specifically responded to contained nothing wortg addressing because it’s all speculation and fantasy. Do you actually know anything about said person’s dick or their social lives? Who’s to say he’s not hung and was the mossy popular person in his high school. I wouldn’t say one way or the other because I sure as hell have no clue and I couldn’t care less. When a conversation degenerates in to speculation on dick sizes, I can’t help but think of high school, so it seemed a tried and true metaphor was entirely applicable and any creative effort to come up with something new would be a waist of effort. It’s apparent that you’re very well read, highly articulate and very knowledgeable but knowledge and intelligence Are different and one does not equate the other. Memorization is a skill retarda can learn too. You’re as petty as anyone here. Face up to your own inadequacy. I never I claimed I was better than anyone, I just hope to reflect your own disgusting nature so you can either transcend it or kill yourself. But I’m sure you’ll Just continue the same with your delusions of grandeur.

  2. Weltmacht says:

    Tagging this as a “cash grab” is unduly harsh. I doubt the sales will even be enough to recoup the cost of producing it and I doubt Darken cares, he just genuinely seems interested in getting his music out there. It would be like calling the Celtic Winter a cash grab because it features re-recorded versions of songs from In the Glare of Burning Churches (three of which are re-recorded here as well). The Celtic Winter’s production is markedly improved from In the Glare, so obviously it had to have been done for the benefit of Polish hipster faggots in the early 90s.

    Clearly this doesn’t break any new ground and it won’t appeal to anyone who’s not already a fan of Graveland. However, having listened to it, it’s definitely better than similar efforts from Burzum, Absurd, etc. Obviously a bit of the mystique is lost due to the cleaner production and there are a few times where the added keyboard effects are out of place and unnecessary. Would it have been better to have an album full of brand new material? Of course. But after 25 years of releasing consistently (for the most part) high quality metal, fuck it, let the guy do what he wants. This doesn’t supersede the original material or replace it in any way.

  3. are you kidding? says:

    Hold on there, Daniel.
    These pussies are rowdy.

  4. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    Black metal is sort of like country music with all the fucking re-recordings going on. Check out this Polish band called TURBO, if anything listen to Turbo’s Ostatni Wojownik

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