Hunter Hunt-Hendrix: “I Am A Woman”

by Nabeel Ben Ayoub

Frontman Hunter-hunt Hendrix of Indie Pop band Liturgy has finally come to terms with its perverted homosexuality and admits to being a transsexual. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who listened to the multiple haram works of Al Sheitan. This constitutes a violation of the huddud and is punishable by death. Liturgy have encouraged deviant sexuality with their emasculating homosexual music. Now we know his screams come from him getting fucked in the ass by members of Metalsucks, Metalinjection, Deafheaven… May Allah punish this revolting Kuffar!!!

I am a woman. I’ve always been one. The love I have to give is a woman’s love, if only because it is mine. To varying degrees many already understand this, but I’d like to make a clear statement about my actual gender. I could have done this before Liturgy started, but I didn’t, out of fear. I knew I was female and not male, emotionally and in my experience of my body. But I was afraid – of social rejection, romantic rejection, career rejection, rejection by my family, failure. The vagueness and incongruity of my solution has afflicted me. I wish it had been different, though maybe that wasn’t possible. The feminine imbues everything I am, beyond ‘gender identity’. As a woman, I am a musician, theologian and poet and aim to model my life on the saints, to be an authentic channel for God’s love. The music and ideas I compose come from a female heart, whatever that means, and I don’t want to partially distort the transmission through an ‘effemin’ male’ mask any longer. I don’t fully understand what I mean, or why it is true, but I experience it with lived certainty, and say it with sincerity. I have no wish to efface that I am a natal male (I’m happy to be considered ‘third gender’), and I have great respect for masculinity, but I’ve never known how to participate in it, because it isn’t me. This statement is essentially making itself. I have no choice, there is no way for me to stop it from coming out, I am simply surrendering to it. I say this as an artist in a way, but ultimately it’s about my own relationship to my emotions and my body. Through a long-developing process I’ve finally broken free from some kind of compromise I felt I needed to accept, without being fully conscious of what I was doing or able to seriously imagine an alternative for myself. It has been very emotional, and it’s over now, so I am punctuating it.

Apparently all that is needed to be popular in this world is to follow trends no matter how ludicrous, insane, and idiotic they are. When reached for comment a former DMU editor said only, “FAG.”

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: If you find anyone doing as Lot’s people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done (38:4447).

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30 thoughts on “Hunter Hunt-Hendrix: “I Am A Woman””

  1. Birkenhain says: Metal has to break its self imposed boundaries, duuuuude!

    So, the author of „Transcendental Black Metal – A Vision of Apocalyptic Humanism“, is officially mentally ill

  2. Robert says:

    Not really suprised by this. Liturgy music caters to shemales, homosexuals and other weaklings. He probably was born with a vagina.

  3. Satania says:

    How long until he pulls a 41%?

    1. RDS says:

      Hello, based department?

  4. Anal Rape on the Altar says:

    TRANScendental black metal, amirite?

    1. Misanthropy says:

      Ha! Good one ol’ chap! Pansies looking to be buggered and all that!

  5. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    It was revealed in the prophecy long ago that the shadow of hyperborean hermaphroditism would sweep the lands and only the Gods Of War will rise to overcome the shemale with rape storms force! Sodomize the transsexual ass! Rape the ladyboy anus! No shemale shall be spared.

  6. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    I have prepared my viagra and my alcohol. With lube in hand I will venture into the depths. I will attend every stop of the Liturgy tour and rape all the shemales in attendance with rape storms force! These faggots with their shemale music will get sodomized! My brothers, the hour is at hand! Rise and sodomize the transsexual ass! Death to the shemale! Spare no tranny.

    1. I endorse the poster above me

    2. Misanthropy says:

      SODOMIZE THE WEAK!!!!!!!

  7. LostInTheANUS says:

    Looks like he finally transcended

  8. No Ma'am says:

    Isn’t this that loser that got into a fight with the Birth A.D. guys?

  9. Socialists Are Gay says:

    Who the fuck names their kid “Hunter Hunt-Hendrix?”

  10. Zé Pilintra says:

    This retard became a Greta Thunberg clone. HEUEYHEUEHEHQYEYAHE

  11. doodoo says:

    This and the band Shit fucker revealed their LP which has the band engaging in acts of faggotry made that the gayest day in metal.

  12. Shlomo Ezekiel Goldblumstein says:

    I haven’t been this turned on since Pantera’s debut album.

  13. seaman says:

    No problem with some mentally ill tranny. Live and let live and all that but these nowadays trannies are always politically obnoxious too and should be stoned and ridiculed in public.

  14. stoned in public says:

    why does it matter if the guy concludes his inner world is more feminine than masculine, why does anything beyond the music having shitty riffs, obnoxious aesthetics, weak songwriting or low energy matter. i have not listened to liturgy or read this guys manifesto or whatever but i’ll take a hard pass on some critics’ biblical or koranical interpretations of the activity of artists (for starters), particularly when said artist asserts their personality with humility.

    1. Disease says:

      It doesn’t.

      Opinions amount to shit, or in the case of internet, number of clicks. For the modern man, the only tangible thing in life seems to be how you navigate your personal double standards in the various circle jerks on any given medium. Take this article for example, one cunt calling another just because. It’s elementary-tier bullshit for the sake of it.

      Alas, eventually all things come to the state of degeneration.

    2. Normal, Sane, Sensible and Sensitive Person says:

      Obnoxious people do obnoxious things on the public forum shitstream to garner attention in the most humble braggart way. Guess whats going to happen.

      1. Doug says:

        Are the edgy and tolerant types not bored with metal yet? It’s been 20+ years!

        1. Normal, Sane, Sensible and Sensitive Person says:

          Even here in the backwoods of the Baltic we have a trans metal/rock guitarist, so its really nothing new or newsworthy.

          Here she is as a mustached kid with the red guitar.

          In her final form.

      2. cloned in pubic says:

        that description sounds like this DMU article.

        whether or not using social media to come out of the closet is in good taste is another thing entirely.

  15. Anonymoose says:

    >Good for her.
    >Please note that I am monitoring this thread and transphobic comments of any sort will not be tolerated.


    1. ignominious says:

      Probably long overdue, but I won’t be using that site for anything but informational purposes from now on. It’s utterly obvious that it has been compromised.

      1. Satania says:

        Morrigan is a moderator for Resetera and thinks GamerGate was a “white supremacist” movement. Of course the site is compromised.

        1. Anonymoose says:

          That site hasn’t been usable in a decade, although now, it’s distinctly terrible:

          Even when right-wingers were “allowed” to post when the moderators pretending to care about free speech, fair debates were practically impossible when the resident leftists, which include all the staff, act hostile towards anyone more right-wing than Penn Jillette from the very start, dogpile them, dismiss any right-wing sources simply for not having gone through their preferred network of gatekeepers, argue in bad faith (all while accusing right-wingers of arguing in bad faith) and then treat said right-wingers as aggressors when they finally snap. That’s always the way Morrigan and her ilk behave, although that little bitch clique perhaps is nothing new.

          Apparently, metal subculture was no stranger to narrative-shaping, censor-happy egotists. This was long before my time, but I’ve heard stories about Metal Maniacs and Metal Edge. I imagine several of you are old enough to confirm/refute such claims.

          For those unaware, Metal Maniacs and its sister publication Metal Edge were two metal-themed magazines that ran from the late ’80s until 2009. The magazines were run by Mike “G” Greenblatt and Katherine Ludwig, two professional PC lefty snarkers publishing the printed version of clickbait. Kat wanted Metal Maniacs to “treat kids (who were metal fans) like human beings that might possibly have something to say.” Furthermore, the magazine featured a letters section in which supposedly serious discussions about the metal scene and politics could take place. Ludwig stated, “I also liked to get in something about vegetarianism, hemp, feminism, and freedom of speech when I could.” As you could’ve surmised from modern examples like Gawker Media or any discussion space like NeoGAF / ResetERA, Kat shaped the magazine to mirror her views and published into articles that had nothing to do with politics all while platforming far-left artists to shift the overton window in their favor. Moreover, it has been stated she succeeded in getting various bands’ shows shut down, spread rumors about Deicide that led to them being targeted with bomb threats by Antifa-related groups, doxed Robert Deathrage (the singer from Meat Shits), gave favorable coverage to absolute nobodies and so much more.

          Those two magazines were the only nationally distributed metal publications available at the time, and smaller and more honest underground/regional mags (such as Pit Magazine and No Glam Fags) didn’t have the reach and the distribution to compete, even though they were just as professionally produced. While experienced and knowledgeable fans didn’t bother with Ludwig’s shit, the younger entry-level fans got misled. It was basically a printed version of Gamergate. She eventually was shitcanned but had staffed the magazine with enough fellow travelers to keep her agenda going a few more years before they went out of business.

          Apparently, life didn’t end so well for her. Ludwig died destitute and withering away from cancer a few years back.

          1. Doug says:

            They figured out that they’ll never get close enough to douse that mean ol’ flame of life so the only hope is to tunnel in and snatch it from underneath.

  16. Fresh Prince of Belial says:

    So, Huntress Hunt-Hendrix?

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