Immolation 2017 European Tour Dates

Immolation announced most of the tour dates for their upcoming European tour in support of their not particularly great, rehashed latest album Atonement:

EUROPEAN ATONEMENT Tour Dates released!!!

7.09. GER Munich / Backstage
8.09. CH Huttikon / Meh Suff! Metal Festival
9.09. FR Paris / Fall Of Summer Festival
10.09. BEL Roeselare / De Verlichte Geest
11.09. GER Oberhausen / Helvete
13.09. tbc
14.09. tbc
15.09. ITA Brescia / Colony
16.09. ITA San Dona di Piave (VE) / Revolver
17.09. SER Belgrade / Dom Omladine
18.09. ROM Bucarest / Fabrica
19.09. ROM Cluj Napoca / Flying Circus
20.09. HUN Budapest / Durer Kert
21.09. SK Bratislava / Randal
22.09. CZ Prague / Nova Chmelnice
23.09. SK Kosice / Colloseum
24.09. CZ Ostrava / Barrack
26.09 POL Kraków / Zetpete
27.09. POL Wrocław / Pralnia
28.09. POL Gdynia / Ucho
29.09. POL Warszawa / Proxima
30.09. SWEDEN – Morkaste Smaland Fest

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11 thoughts on “Immolation 2017 European Tour Dates”

  1. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Considering that I was on an entirely “Hipster bands playing for a hipster audience” yesterday[*] for the first (and last) time in my life, I’d probably have gone there despite I don’t really like Immolation. But – alas- it seems the disintegrated kingdom is the new Connecticut.

    [*] Abhorrent Decimation (seriously cool name), Creeping Flesh, Eradiktor, Dorylus, Hydra in the Unicorn in Camden. The venue is actually a pub with an stage in an in a ‘large corner’ (presumably originally a separate room at the back, nice place on its own. First band was musically sort-of ok but the “I’m so gay! I’m SO gay! I’m so incredibly GAY!!” antics of the singer became intolerable within < 5 minutes — your [current] sexual preference my be the most important thing to you but they’re hardly of interest to anyone else (except Guardian writers). Much too my surprise, Dorylus (“melodic groove metal” aka “random style mix”) were actually quite good, at least live. Same for the third band who played some very heavy-metal infusion, Overkill-styled stuff. The Swedish band was entirely forgetabble Entombedcore. Headliner bills itself as death metal but it’s really more death metallized hardcore (is there a name of this?). But I knew this already and the gig itself had been ok for what it has hadn’t it been for the extremely unpleasant and violent audience who not only enacted the usual “tall, heavy built guys jumping up and down and onto other people and people grabbing each other with the intent to hurt someone mosh simulation” but would actually even attack bystanders by grabbing them from behind and trying to throw them into the center (I fought of a couple of these attempts with increasingly violent counteractions but I could perfectly have done without all of this — I’m not interested in demonstrating ‘masculinity’ for interested parties of various genders).

    1. Trashchunk says:

      Haha you’re a pussy and nerd at the same instance!

      1. You meant to reply to me, I think…

      2. Rainer Weikusat says:

        And you’re a complete idiot who’s even incapable of seeing what’s right in front of him: Usually if you’re at a metal gig (if you ever were at one) and if there’s pit (which wasn’t the case here, just random outbursts of brawling) that’s something people participiate in if they want to, not because some asshole grabs them from behind and throws them into it (although I have little doubt this kind of ‘heroic’ deeds are exactly your cup of tea). If said asshole ends up successless because his attempt was countered by sufficient force to thwart it, that’s not an indication that our attack-from-behind hero succeeded in a manly contest.

        1. you're gay says:

          where’s your twin brother when you need him?

        2. Trashchunk says:

          You really come off as someone who has never been outside before.

          1. Mattel Marauder says:

            Good ol’ Rascal, dreaming up cool-sounding stories (that tragically make him look like a clown rather than an autistic German Rambo) from the comfort of his padded bubble. Meanwhile, his poor mother weeps while emptying his colostomy.

          2. Rainer Weikusat says:

            These images your mind projects on the inside of your skull in random response to external stimuli contain information about you but nothing about anything else. Eg, “can’t believe it” equals “never seen anything like it”.

            Some propaganda:


            I’ve seen Live Burial last year and they’re IMHO worth going there alone even if this means running the risk of wandering another f***ing 5-and-something hours around Paddington station (with an “acute decaffeination” headache for More Fun™ — that’s more of a test than any crowd of wackenizers could ever be).

        3. Erektor says:

          Surprise sodomy!

  2. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Sweet do-rag.

    1. Yuzerneigm says:


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