Immolation Pueto Rico Show

IMMOLATION coming to Puerto Rico this December!!!

New York death metal legends Immolation are playing a one off Puerto Rican gig this semester! Yes Puerto Rico is totally without power now due to the hurricane but at least in December, Puerto Ricans can escape from crushing governmental bankruptcy and enjoy Immolation live! Here’s the Bringing Down the World live DVD:

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17 thoughts on “Immolation Pueto Rico Show”

  1. HH says:

    they can donate camo shirts to the people who lost all their belongings in the flooding

  2. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

    lmao not the best time for that announcement

  3. Fecal sickness says:

    Father, ur no father :'(

  4. Rico says:

    Doubt it, the country is basically a mud pit and will be for some time.

  5. Barf Blower McGurniky says:

    They’re going to be extremely nice and these fucking assholes are going to be trying to steal their toilet paper.

  6. Morbideathscream says:

    Surely, they would power to play the gig. Amps, mics and PA’s require a functioning plug outlet. Perhaps, the venue will have a generator.

  7. Vig Bobna says:

    If memory serves me correct, Puerto Rico is that place with that scene that can make a guy cry for mommy. That kind of scene that sodomizes and man’s soul, then feeds him to the hyenas

  8. Barf Blower McGurniky says:

    Can you guys look at this, I think this is a healthy direction:

    1. Maybe if you’re a metalcore poseur who wants to pretend to like black metal.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Ukrainian black metal is arguably usually an overproduced electro-folk horror but some of the essays on the site are worth a read, specifically Aristocracy of the Spirit and Great European Reconquista.

        Parts of this are questionable/ naive, eg, the unreflected Juenger references, considering that most of the WWI infantrists were conscripts, who – often barely fed – were faced with the choices of running forward and getting shot by the so-called enemy or running backward and getting shot for that, or manifestations of strategical genius like Falkenhayn’s »Blutpumpe«[*] (and similar Entente innovations) and also, that descriptions from the other side know nothing of this phenomenon, but it sets out a positive vision instead of the usual array of fear-driven “this I hate as well” motivations for inciting mob violence.

        NB: I found this some time last year.

        [*] The ‘strategic conception’ behind the battle of Verdun was essentially that of an unprecedented infantry massacre based on the assumption that there were more German than French conscripts to spare, so, after the last French soldier was killed, there’d still be some Germans left, hence, it would end in German victory.

  9. Imposition says:

    Daniel, why did you keep censoring my Cho’sGhost/Dark Dynasty stories and shamelessly keep generating revenue-raising non-news? Even the tabloid metal sites do better than this

    1. S.C says:

      Daniel, why don’t you ever answer anyone’s critical questions of you and only respond to drivel with drivel?

  10. Disposition says:

    Where’s that fucking Rainer cunt to raise the revenue on this word-count?

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      It should be possible to use human stupidity to drive power generation. It’s the only unlimited resource on this planet.

      1. Gorgowocoa says:

        fuck yeah brother WE ARE THE POWER GENERATION lets keep interacting!

  11. This shows gonna be so awesome

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