Into Oblivion Start Recording Paragon

Canadian experimental death/black metal band Into Oblivion announced on their Funbook page that they are beginning the recording process for their next record, Paragon, tonight after more than five years of writing and refining their material. Hopefully Into Oblivion will have used their time wisely to improve upon Creation of a Monolith.

Tonight, finally after 5 or more years of playing and working on our current material, we begin the recording process. We were held up a bit by the Cromlech IRON GUARD EP (, but now having completed it and having been invigorated by the process we are ready to forge PARAGON. It’s surreal even for us to have made it to this point; the title track itself was finished before our first split came out. Needless to say, it was all necessary and the road to actualizing the work begins…

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10 thoughts on “Into Oblivion Start Recording Paragon

  1. Thewaters says:

    Lookong forward to this.

  2. I Am the Black Mages says:

    I am always ready for more I.O. Quality metal. Esoteric.

  3. Necronomeconomist says:

    Demilich and Immolation t-shirts… that’s a pretty good pedigree.

    Still, I’m seeing a countertrend trend of so many bands, now, who are drawing on Demilich, Immolation, Incantation, and Morbid Angel (be it MA’s first 3 or 4th+5th LOL). Fuckin’ ALL the good current bands have a strong Immolation influence. Like…

    Like everyone is realising, “To be halfway Good, we’re gonna have to sound like Demilich, Immolation, Incantation, Timeghoul, Morbid Angel, and At the Gates. Plus some of the Immortal album that sounds like Morbid Angel. ”

    I’ll be interested how the shit plays out.

    1. ODB says:

      You really should check IO out. Creation of a Monolith is one of the most relevant albums of the last fifteen years. Certainly nothing like Demilich or Immo. These are true, no-BS fans of metal

      1. Necronomeconomist says:

        Oh yes, I didn’t mean to disparage Into Oblivion. (I remember DMU jocking them back then, when “Building a Monolith” came out — if memory serves, they were Best of 2012 or ’13?) More to ponder: “What happens when tons of people finally have good taste?” i.e., “What happens when many musicians are drawing inspiration from good bands?”

      2. Lance Viggiwhatever says:

        Nah it’s not. It’s like they focused only on structure and didn’t bother writing a good riff.

  4. Thewaters says:

    Lmao, i laugh at your stupidity.

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    I have heard of these guys for years and maybe even have recordings but am pretty lazy.
    I no longer attend live settings as I have zero patience for waiting between sets, or for paying ripoff prices for booze, or having to look at other people in real life, cuz it ALL sucks.
    good to hear that this band is anti-PC.

  6. trystero says:

    It’s depressing to see people praise this garbage band. Creation of a Monolith is a joke.

    1. Thewaters says:

      Care to elaborate? I am a fan, so I would like hear an opposing viewpoint.

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