LG Petrov Insists He Still Has Rights to Entombed Name

Original Entombed vocalist Lars-Göran Petrov insists he still has a right to use the Entombed name as an original member of the band despite losing a trademark despite in Swedish court  to lead guitarist Alex Hellid and the other original members according to a Swedish press release translated by Blabbermouth. Petrov insists that the court said the rights to the name and trademark due not just reside with Hellid (the only original member to never leave Entombed) or himself (the only original member still regularly touring as Entombed A.D.) but belong to all of the original members of Entombed in common.

L.G. Petrov does not think that the legal squabbling over the Entombed name and trademark has damaged the Entombed brand in anyway:

Asked if he thinks the ENTOMBED name has been damaged as a result of the drama surrounding the split with Hellid and the decision to continue as ENTOMBED A.D., Petrov said: “Nah, not really. A thousand people have a thousand different opinions — good and bad. But we do what we felt was right. And we’re out here touring, and that’s the most important [thing], I think. And leave the childishness aside and play metal, basically.”

L.G. Petrov is right as Entombed’s career is already a joke and Entombed have only themselves to blame for it. The band have not released any exceptional material since their 1990 debut, Left Hand Path. The Entombed brand was killed off with the rock ‘n’ rolling Clandestine and then had the corpse dug up from the Swedish snow and turned into dog food with the abominable Wolverine Blues. To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth and Same Difference featured the band eating the pellets of their own corpse, excreting them as pellet like bowel movements, and eating them with chopsticks. Entombed A.D. is a self-cannibalizing coprophagic shit-sandwich that’s been processed and digested so many times by so many digestive tracks that the music comes out of the hired guns as a foul-smelling mixture of Tang drink and that reddish mud that elephants use as a natural sunscreen.

Here’s Crawl with Orvar from Nirvana 2002 on the mic:

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16 thoughts on “LG Petrov Insists He Still Has Rights to Entombed Name”

  1. Clandestine > Like an ever flowing stream. Bitches!!

    1. Diabolical Fullmoon AIDS Injection says:

      Bullshit, fail troll is fail.

      1. There’s really no Death ‘n’ Roll in Clandestine, the riffs are fucking quality and the music sounds like the things that they talk about. I’d rather get some Motorhead-like bounciness than pseudo-neoclassical noodling for death metal fans with a vagina. 1st Necrophobic is LAEFS done right.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          I’m not in the mood for digging out Wolverine Blues to determine which of the two I like least but this (if it’s anyhow like the first track) sucks cockroaches.

        2. Clandestine is more a punkier, dumber version of Metallica with death metal melodic fills and emphasis on technicality than Motorhead. Motorhead and Metallica were both aggressive than Clandestine. Left Hand Path is closer to Motorhead in terms of the actual music and chord progressions.

        3. Diabolical Fullmoon AIDS Injection says:

          You’re half right, half full of shit. LAEFS is awesome. Pseudo-neoclassical noodling? What the fuck are you smoking son? Clandestine is also good, though.

          1. Clandestine is the best AC/DC album ever. “Through The Colonnades” is the new “Ride On.”

    2. I Am Eternal says:

      Possibly for the insane, unsane, and mentally deranged you little spunk slut!

      Just forget the drama and go listen to Murder Squad instead:



  2. Carlos says:

    Its time to truly entomb Entombed for good.

  3. aol instant messenger says:

    Greasy Old Man Who did Something Neat 20 Years Ago has Opinion

    1. It's just brown and water says:

      Next up:

      Woman poops! Who knew?

  4. Sperg destroyer says:

    Clandestine > dutch black metal

    1. It's just brown and water says:


  5. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Don’t use beard oil in your hair LG, wash it.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      That dude is broke, he can’t afford shampoo, and a comb. That digs into the beer budget.

  6. canadaspaceman says:

    He can never win public opinion as long as his name is Lars.

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