Lucifer Launches North American Tour

Evil hard rock retro-fusion band Lucifer, featuring Nicke Andersson of Entombed fame, announced their third and final leg of their North American headline tour. The band will hit the road starting on January 15th in Memphis, TN and ending on January 26th in Tampa, FL.

The band has been touring in support of their recent full-length album Lucifer II. Having previously performed at KISS Cruise, Psycho Las Vegas, Desertfest, Hellfest, Muskelrock, Sweden Rock, and Freak Valley, Lucifer heads out on the North America Part II Tour 2019 in 2020.

Having just wrapped a tour with The Hellacopters for select European shows in May and their first two North American headline tours, the band is celebrating the success of Lucifer II, which charted at #40 on the German charts, #1 on the Swedish vinyl and hard rock charts, and #2 on the physical album charts.

January 15 – Memphis, TN – The Hi Tone
January 16 – Dallas, TX – Three Links
January 17 – Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live
January 18 – Houston, TX – Secret Group
January 19 – New Orleans, LA – Santos
January 21- Birmingham, AL – The Nick
January 22 – Atlanta, GA – 529
January 23 – Tampa, FL – Crowbar
January 24 – Jacksonville, FL – 1904 Music Hall
January 25 – Miami, FL – Churchill’s Pub
January 26 – Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub

Johanna Sadonis – vocals
Nicke Andersson – drums
Alexander Mayr – bass
Martin Nordin – guitar
Linus Björklund – guitar

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14 thoughts on “Lucifer Launches North American Tour”

  1. Inquiring minds want to know says:

    Is that what tours in one country are these days? 11 dates?
    I guess that is enough to pay for the cost of transporting band/roadies/equipment from Europe to the USA and for the vehicles, overnight lodgings, etc?
    I thought tours usually last 3 or 4 months for a minimum length of time.

    1. Robert says:

      Underground hard rock and metal doesn’t sell like it once did.

    2. Curious Botanist says:

      But then who waters the flowers and feeds the cats?

    3. Flying Kites says:

      Check the side panel on this page to see the backbreaking tour Profanatica is about to attempt hopping across Europe for twenty and four days, a show each night.

      1. Spinal says:

        As expected, they play everywhere but Scandinavia.

  2. mash the nuke button says:

    thx for the heads up, valued lucifer street team member, we’ll remember this shit next time you’re groaning about hipsters, funderground and rock music

    1. That’s it, I’m turning DMU into a Stryper fansite.

      1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

        REAL metal websites cover Petra, Deliverance, and Vengeance Rising!

  3. White Man Jew Man says:

    Jesus Christ I don’t like Blood Incantation but imagine hyping something as hipster as throwback Doom rock and then claiming you aren’t into trends. This website is pure hypocrisy– autistic shite. Can I be linked to the musical escapades of any of the Untermensch of this page? It better be better than Internal Bleeding, you fucking talentless, retarded gentiles. <3

    1. different writers, different opinions on different matters. No hypocrisy here, try harder next time.

      1. Kike honky says:

        Again, may I be linked to the artistic projects of the shitty, triggered crackers that run this page? OBVIOUSLY some over the hill, talentless pieces of shit from the “substance” this page provides. Blood incantation is mediocre mix of neurosis an cynic; it somehow shits all over the music of the people who run this entitled Cracker Jack website make? Kinda like how George Costanza won the culture war against Odin?

        1. many writers here have had various projects of differing quality. Does it affect the quality of the writing ?

      2. Ryan the kike honky says:

        I’m drunk as a skunk but it’s pretty obvious the people who run this page are simply envious of the success of “posers” xD. Hooty and The Blowfish > War Metal.

  4. Ryan Paul says:

    And you guys respond and defend this last bastion like the most triggered, retarded weaklings… you make Pete Helmkamp look like someone who could manage his own life. Metalloid scum to the slurry for fucking Zion. Try harder? Doesn’t look like I need to you retarded gentile cuck; your people lost the culture war to to a bunch of Hebrew hustlers. Fucking SEINFELD, Jesus H!!!!!!

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