Malediction releasing Chronology of Distortion discography re-issue


Previously under-appreciated UK death metal band Malediction, whose sole release was a live recording on Wild Rags Records entitled Chronicles of Dissention, has partnered with Dark Blasphemies Records to re-issue its discography as Chronology of Distortion, sixteen tracks spanning 72 minutes of death metal slated for release in December 2015.

Known for their laconic take on the Morbid Angel style of phrasal guitar riffs woven together into a narrative, Malediction specialized in using selective melody and introspective lead guitar to create a unique vision of the death metal style. Fans who could not get the songs on Chronicles of Dissention the first time around will appreciate these lost classics finally coming to light.

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14 thoughts on “Malediction releasing Chronology of Distortion discography re-issue”

  1. How are “unique vision of death metal” and “classic” allowed to describe something as mediocre as this?

    1. Daniel says:

      Rare Wild Rags release so the hipsters will jizz over it. This wasn’t released or reissued earlier for a reason.

      1. Anthony says:

        Motherfucker, this band was never on Wild Rags. Try harder next time.

        1. Daniel says:

          The the ANUS spoke wrong.

    2. Anthony says:

      Ha ha, get the fuck out, this shit is awesome. Go back to your Cruciamentum albums, dick.

    3. Daniel says:

      You can hear the Frank Blackfire and 80s death metal riffs oozing from this too.

      1. Anthony says:

        You know where else you can hear Frank Blackfire and ’80s death metal riffs? Therion’s Beyond Sanctorum! Is that album shitty too?

        Wait, you probably think it is because it’s “too ’80s” and doesn’t sound like an Onward to Golgotha clone. Inability to appreciate a good album like Chronicles of Dissention is indicative of shitty taste and hipsterdom.

        1. Daniel says:

          I never said this sucked; I said it wasn’t reissued earlier for a reason and the hipsters will jizz over it. The reason is it’s unexceptional. It’s not actually bad or offensive in any way, it’s just not even close to being the best Frank Blackfire-influenced death metal.

  2. Anthony says:

    I was lucky enough to find Chronicles of Dissention at a record store for eight bucks about eight years ago. I didn’t even know what it was at the time. I just thought the cover was cool, and I remembered seeing a Dark Legions Archive review of it. It became one of my favorites really quickly. They’ve got a unique take on death metal. I actually got way more into looking at how riffs fit together after listening to this album over and over and seeing how all the pieces interlocked.

    I think Prozak or whoever wrote this summed up this band quite nicely: “Riffs resembling Necrotism-era Carcass in their balance between boltlike slams and fast picking runs, augmented with the lead rhythm guitar melodic development known more in At the Gates, coalesce into songs which expand like English country houses: built around a boxlike central structure, they diverge into wings which define their own unique shapes and then converge inward, implying but not actualizing a connection.”

    I can’t find any more details about this compilation unfortunately. Is it just Chronicles of Dissention and the demos? I remember seeing at least two unreleased full-lengths from this band on Metal-Archives years ago, but those aren’t on there any more. One of them was called “The Millennium Cotillion,” and I think the other might have been a self-titled. The former was from like 2000, and the latter was from the mid ’90s, if I recall correctly. Were both of those just fakes?

    I’ve got a similar level of curiosity/doubt about that mythical second Maleficarum album. Maybe they’re all just fakes, but Mysticum actually did put out Planet Satan eventually, so anything is possible.

    1. Incucktation - Onward to Coontown says: some more info on them. Interesting go see Dead Can Dance as an influence.

      1. Anthony says:

        Holy shit, they’ve got songs from The Millennium Cotillion on that site, and they sound great! Hopefully someone will officially put out that full-length. Is there anywhere to download this stuff as mp3s?

        1. script kiddie says:

          type about:cache into ur address bar

          ctrl+f mp3

    2. Kock Master says:

      And that’s why we all love Prozak. It’s high quality albums like these that go unnoticed by everybody else but Prozak that made the Dark Legions Archive invaluable. Too bad Prozak quit metal and was replaced by Conservationist, Kontinual and ultimately Brett Stevens who pretty much is a Prozak rip-off!

  3. script kiddie says:

    type about:cache into ur address bar

    ctrl+f mp3

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