Malevolent Creation The Ten Commandments Re-Issued

Peer into the intense fury of three decades ago when Malevolent Creation unleashed their powerful fusion of speed metal and percussive death metal, The Ten Commandments (1991). Full of nice meaty riffs cleated to pounding double-bass drumming, this album explored the side of death metal that stayed closer to conventional metal.

Hammerheart Records announced the release of this album and on vinyl and a 2-CD edition which features the remastered album on the first disc, and demos and a live recording on the second.

Disc One

  1. Memorial Arrangements
  2. Premature Burial
  3. Remnants Of Withered Decay
  4. Multiple Stab Wounds
  5. Impaled Existence
  6. Thou Shall Kill!
  7. Sacrificial Annihilation
  8. Decadence Within
  9. Injected Sufferage
  10. Malevolent Creation

Disc Two

    Demo 1987

  1. Sacrificial Annihilation
  2. The Traitor Must Pay
  3. Confirmed Kill
  4. Demo 1989

  5. Injected Sufferage
  6. Epileptic Seizure
  7. Violent Offspring
  8. Demo 1990

  9. Remnants of Withered Decay
  10. Decadence Within
  11. Impaled Existence
  12. Official Live Tape 1989

  13. Malevolent Creation
  14. Remnants of Withered Decay
  15. Darkness Within (The Human Corporation)
  16. Epileptic Seizure
  17. Sacrificial Annihilation
  18. Scout Woman
  19. Violent Offspring

You can score your copy from Hammerheart Malevolent Creation page.

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35 thoughts on “Malevolent Creation The Ten Commandments Re-Issued”

  1. Thewaters says:

    Great record! Glad to see it getting reissued!

    1. I will rape Kevin while re-mastered classics gently play in the background says:

      A classic sitting back……….. REMASTERED!

    2. Good to see the vital works staying in print, and it’s great that people can get the second disc full of rarities.

  2. turbonigga says:

    they fucked up the Grotesque reissue, loud as shit, if u have no access to the master tapes just don’t do it.

    1. Too many labels confuse “remaster” with “compression to make the lower end louder.”

      1. Birkenhain says:

        What are some of the worst fuckups though? The abysmal Asgardsrei „remaster“, Under the Sign of Hell (a bad album made worse with the 2011 version), …

        1. The Absurd “remaster” has to take the lead. What a travesty.

          1. Birkenhain says:

            What is your opinion about the dynamic range reissues? Any significant improvement over the original sound?

            1. turbonigga says:

              they’re worth it when it comes to ’90 releases, loudness war fucked up things around that era.

            2. Thewaters says:

              Most are great. The Carnage one not so much though. The Blessed are the Sick FDR in particular standsout.

              1. Carnage needs no remaster, really. They should just keep the original edition in print.

          2. Richard Roma says:

            Blow Draum is the worst remaster hands down

            1. I found the Molested remasters to be a bit noisy and peaky. Anyone else?

              1. Birkenhain says:

                If I recall correctly, the Cartilage/Altar split reissued by Xtreem Music, had the same issues. And the Infester reissue a couple of years ago

                1. frozen christ says:

                  they didnt do shit to infester except make all the tracks the same volume and erase the swaztika

                  1. The volume thing strikes me as a massive distraction. No one really cares if some tracks are softer; in fact, it makes sense that quieter tracks have less of a presence. It gives the album a dynamic. Turning it into identical cube-products is no good.

                    1. frOZZYn KKKrist says:

                      i mean yeah i’d take the original any day, i like that swazi too but at least they didnt really screw anything up for people who want a cd but dont have 100 bucks for it

                  2. Thewaters says:

                    At least they included the demo on a second disc

                2. Sometimes, I kick myself for missing certain remasters, but then again, I may not be missing out at all.

              2. Cynical says:

                I’m a real fan of the Blod Draum remix/remaster (it was a full remix, not just a remaster; Oystein went back to the original tapes when he did it). The guitars are much clearer in the new version than the original.

                1. bloodypulp says:


        2. Thewaters says:

          Wasn’t “Under the Sign of Hell” a complete re-recoding (C plus record imo btw)

          1. Birkenhain says:

            You‘re right, it was

        3. Pretty much any remaster done between 1999 – 2015 is going to be terrible. The Septic Flesh remasters from 2013 are particularly repellent to me. Their first three albums are very pensive, nuanced, and relatively quiet for metal albums. But now they have the standard headache-inducing modern metal compression to make it sound good coming from your Scion’s stock speakers.

          Fortunately it seems the loudness war is winding down. Earache’s FDR reissues were great (even if some didn’t even need it like Altars). Still, before buying a remaster (or even a “reissue” since they often fuck with the original recording without advertising it) it’s a good idea to check the loudness war database. (Google it, Stevens-san is not like links)

          1. Cynical says:

            One great thing that Youtube has done for music is put an end to the loudness war. Youtube’s algorithms automatically turn down the volume of any video that has an average (note, average, not peak!) volume over a certain level, so if you’ve brickwalled a song and uploaded it to Youtube (which is how most people listen to and find music nowadays), it’s going to sound like absolute dogshit instead of sounding louder.

          2. Ambivalent Abomination says:

            In a perfect world anyone fucking with the masters (or swazzztikas for that matter) will be put to death by anal penetration.

      2. turbonigga says:

        Well they didn’t remaster the thing, just reissued the worst possible shit-press by Century Media with new flamboyant art. Hard to believe this is the same label Sammath works with.

  3. objektivity says:

    this album only has 3 good songs; premature burial, multiple stabwounds, and sacrificial annihilation.

  4. abbs says:

    Been a while now since last time I put this one in the CD-player, but as far as I remember I think it was quite good material all over. Better than their second effort and much better than their third (only have the 3 first CDs)

    1. The second works in more interesting technical stuff but approaches randomness; I liked their 2000s albums because they were tightly composed, full death metal, and often had some highly idiosyncratic riffs leading to unpredictable but logical songs. Sadly, it seems this is another band who matured into full composition ability after they lost the fire and raggedness that makes for charismatic albums. Like actors, musicians are best when a mess, except at the highest level where absolute mental stillness and control is necessary.

      1. Gorillion says:

        Haven’t followed them since Stillborn, what later works do you recommend?

        1. Thewaters says:

          Envenomed is solid!

  5. Vomit says:

    Touching on some things earlier, first off, that Molested album is essential but the original recording and remaster both sound like shit. Another good album that also sounds like shit is that Kvist album, you can tell they’re great but they just SOUND LIKE SHIT. Past that, total support for keeping the classics in circulation.

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