Metal Comedy: UADA Cancel Show Due to Slightly Warm Temperatures

Hipster band and MGLA knock-off UADA were unable to play a show in Mexico because of a bit of sunlight in a country known for its year round high temperatures. Apparently playing droning songs with occasional Dissection like melodies in a vest is such a challenging feat that anything above room temperature is considered a battle against the elements. While UADA are in no way rockstars it seems that they have taken up such mannerisms and petty behavior. The fans who paid to see this band should consider themselves lucky after this. UADA may pretend to be some kind of profound art with an important message but in reality they are bunch of trendsters who falter at the slightest challenge. Hopefully the band die of heat exhaustion in the Sahara.

The band has written on its Facebook page:

To go out and tour the world is to constantly battle against the elements. But as we all know, Mother Nature always wins, as we are only capable of temporarily withstanding her forces.

To take the stage mid afternoon in 90+ o F/32+ o C, we knew would be a direct compromise to the presentation and philosophy behind our art. Unfortunately we were not aware of the festivities taking place outdoors until just 24 hours before showtime. Sadly, not only was the presentation compromised but also our performance and our health. This is something we do not take lightly and a position we will never let ourselves be put into again. Our greatest gratitude goes out to the fans who withstood the heat and watched us nearly escape it’s breath-seizing torture, as well as the @mexicometalfestoficial medics who were on site to provide us with oxygen, electrolytes & shade to combat multiple cases of heat stroke we endured on stage. We pay our dues, we make our sacrifices and next time, Mexico, we return with our own elements to give you the true UADA experience. Thank you again for all the overwhelming support, we hope to see you in 2020.

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18 thoughts on “Metal Comedy: UADA Cancel Show Due to Slightly Warm Temperatures”

  1. Prozak's Judenhut says:

    >book a show in Mexico
    >don’t play the show because it’s in Mexico

  2. canadaspaceman says:

    I hate the summer as it is usually hot and humid, but the last couple summers were not too bad where I live.
    (What happened to that global warming theory they warned us about?!)
    Though I prefer if it was around 0°C year round, as it is easier to breathe,
    I guess it needs to be warm for part of the year to grow natural foods, so, (12°C-18°C) 53°F-64°F is acceptable.
    One reason why some people like me no longer attend live performances (besides avoiding shit music and over priced beverages) is many clubs are not air-conditioned.

    1. Burritos and bowel movements says:

      Indeed 0°C is the perfect temperature, black ice weeds out all the retards on the roads. Air-conditioning is for pussies and weaklings.

      Uada probably canceled because of the shits from shitty mexican tour food, but are afraid to admit it.

  3. Image a tabby with a cock the size of a bratwurst says:

    Guys, UADA didn’t cancel the show, they were able to play it (though their shitty writing suggests otherwise.)
    They’re just complaining about the heat.
    Out of curiousity, I read their follow-up Facebook post where they attempt to justify the first complaint-post. They’re basically saying- Thanks to the fans who supported us even when we weren’t in ideal conditions.

    Still, it’s damage control. They should have never written anything about it, no one knew they were getting heat strokes and being cared for by Mexican Florence Nightengales. Now they just look like… well, y’all are thinking what I’m thinking.

    It reminds me of this recent Watain scandal— these niggas acting so indignant that US Customs denied them, for being maniacs. So unjust LOL

  4. RDS says:

    Their album is called “Cult of a Dying Sun” but the cult can’t survive in the sun that they worship?

    The sun is dying but it’s still too strong for them to play outside for a half hour?

    This corny shit is why black metal should never be played live. UADA will never recover. Burzum and Darkthrone were right!

  5. Burp Stevons says:

    I like poop

  6. doss cunt says:

    dear author, you absolute blatherskite, the band still played the show, they didn’t cancel. how the fook didja get to be an editor with reading comprehension at that level?

    1. the piece was so badly written that one could only assume they cancelled. Why did they complain then? This is getting more idiotic by the minute.

      1. Prozak's Judenhut says:

        The wimps in UADA have a history of cutting their sets short, storming off stage. It’s not out of place to conclude that they did not perform as expected to in Mexico from their communication about it.

      2. Moloch says:

        Nick you’re so fucking embarrassingly stupid it’s pathetic.

        Send money to Israel you weak gentile retard.

        1. come fight me and I will give you that money.

  7. bloodypulp says:

    what a bunch of nerds they probably get too hot just listening to cenotaph

  8. D-beat Domination says:

    Around here the summer nights are 35 C and bands set up a generator in the desert and play until the cops show up (and even afterward, sometimes). These are lefty crust bands too, making metal bands look wimpy. Inb4 Uada’re not even good metal or whatever… Doesn’t matter, it reflects on the entire collective, and everyone is culpable for allowing their participation. Again, even pussy crust bands are less tolerant of stuff like this polluting their scene. They will kick your ass if they don’t want you at the show. Metal bands and fans need to step up or shut up because the whole rest of the music world recognizes this elitist facade with no real action to ever back up the big mouths.

    1. The Metal Community As A Hole says:

      lol stfu dork

    2. donny says:

      Crusties are more used to being covered in sweat and body odor; their incredibly basic music is easy to play even when your fingers are coated in sweat anyway. Yeah, you’re pretty tough for sleeping in a dumpster, how about learning another beat or not playing every song in the same key?

      I’ve played a set of tech death in a basement full of standing water in 100 degree weather and I remember we had to rinse the sweat off our hands between every song to keep from dropping the picks and drumsticks. Horrible, but it’s just 30 minutes and the heat sucks whether you’re playing or not. Why is anyone even talking about this crap, is bad weather something new? Uada sucks, crust punk sucks, end of story.

      1. D-beat Domination says:

        Well I actually have a job and don’t play music. Let me know when your tech death band graduates from basement shows though, LOL. Imagine bragging about that! And did you realize you’re doing exactly what I baited you into in that first comment? Metalheads are too much fun.

  9. well, (scoff), ACTUALLY says:

    fun requires drugs, music or females

  10. Seattle NAZI says:

    The most astonishing part of Uada is the lack of self awareness. They’re a Mgla cover band, and they’re pretending like they’re the next Van Halen. Jake also stepped on my hand a few times when I was relaxing with a drink in the front, next the monitor. Douche.

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