Metal Music Coin launches first heavy metal virtual currency


Starting with BitCoin, virtual currencies or crypto-currencies have changed the face of economics as well as the purchasing ability of the ordinary citizen. Unlike normal currency, which is backed by perceived value of assets, crypto-currencies make themselves rare by requiring cryptographic computation to generate the currency.

Much as gold or a national economy is a limited amount held under control of a responsible party, virtual currencies constrain themselves by the difficulty in generating cryptographic keys, or “bit mining” the coins. This guarantees their value will not be obliterated by the equivalent of reckless printing of money, which spams the market and reduces their value. However, their value fluctuates with what people are willing to exchange for them.

Crypto-currencies have one sizable disadvantage: unlike conventional currencies which are backed by governments and (in theory) overseen through transparency and financial markets enforcing their value, virtual currencies are held in the hands of their creators and have no guarantee. If the source goes down or is confiscated, they can lose all value; further, as Bitcoin fans found out when the Mt. Gox exchange was compromised, there are no guarantees. Virtual currencies are entirely determined by demand for them in the market at the moment. However, this anonymity is also what makes them appealing; using darknet exchanges like Silk Road, patrons can use crypto-currencies to anonymously purchase objects and information that would otherwise be illegal with impunity.

Last year a shadowy figure known as Core Adrian launched a new virtual currency for heavy metal fans to use and possibly, to form the basis for a new metal market in anonymous trading that would rival what currently eBay, Amazon and Google control. He took the time to give us a few words on Metal Music Coin and its future.

What is virtual currency?

A virtual currency is “a type of unregulated, digital money, which is issued and usually controlled by its developers, and used and accepted among the members of a specific virtual community” (European Central Bank definition, 2012). This started with Bitcoin which remains the most widely used and well-known crypto-currency. Many of the current crypto-currencies are based on Bitcoin.

Like traditional money these virtual currencies may be used to buy physical goods and services.

This virtual currency are free to mine by using your computer’s video card and some other mining hardware that you can buy anywhere. and to mine it, it require basic software on each specific algorithim like bfgminer and guiminer to name the few.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re from and how you got started in the underground?

I’m a die hard metal fanatics, and working as a web and graphic designer in New Zealand. I started in the underground around 1997 during my college era, studying while doing underground-related stuff like going to gigs/concert buying their CDs and merchandise.

When did you start Metal Music Coin and why?

I started Metal Music Coin just recently last October 4th, 2014 and the main goal of this coin is to support underground metal scene by helping bands promote their album releases and other bands merchandise and this coin will be use as an alternative payment method for it or as a crypto currency only for metal.

What are the advantages, anonymity and otherwise, of cryptocurrencies?

Advantages of crypto currencies is that they are free to mine, and once you have those coin you are free to buy any stuff in any online shop that are supported by those crypto currencies. And this crypto currencies has their own value in exchange to fiat money.

What do you hope will happen with Metal Music Coin?

I’m hoping that soon Metal Music Coin will be recognized as a crypto-currency only for metal and supporting underground metal bands. So if you are into Underground Metal and know everything about crypto-currency, Please do support my project and mine Metal Music Coin, let’s not make this coin die, like metal music which never dies. METAL RULES FOREVER…..

Can you tell us a little about your zine, Cult Mongers Zine? How long has it been around, and what does it cover?

Cult Mongers Zine is an underground Publication a print and webzine which cover signed and unsigned bands from Black, death, to thrash metal bands, We started this fanzine maybe around 1999 and we are still continuing working on this publication and now this zine is supported by Metal Music Coin.

If someone wanted to start acquiring Metal Music Coin and using them to purchase stuff from Cult Mongers Distro, how would they do this?

They can can email me at or

I’m working on an online shop now where bands can sell their materials online and Metal Music Coin is the payment method and once they sold something will trade Metal Music Coin to Bitcoin and exchange it to money then i will send it directly to the band who sold the materials.

There’s one exchange started to list my coin; it’s called Cryptex ( You can buy Metal Music Coin using Bitcoin or trade Metal Music Coin to Bitcoin. They have free coins there which is really great.

Do you think a new underground can be formed using darknets and crypto-currencies? Like Silk Road for evil underground metal?

Yes this is one of my main goals as well and will continue to push through this to make it happen. So Metal Music Coin needs your full support.

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14 thoughts on “Metal Music Coin launches first heavy metal virtual currency”

  1. trystero says:

    Anyone can shit out a themed cryptocoin, this deserves your derision, not your support. Take poor code, slap on theme. There are thousands of these junkcoins.

    1. trystero says:

      To clarify, most of these coins are pump and dump scams meant specifically to enrich the person who created the coin. More importantly, even the non-scam cryptocurrencies are useless as they rely on mass adoption; and why should one favour this one when established alternatives which are provably robust exist?

  2. Coreadrian says:

    Hey no dude we are very serious to this coin, to make it usable in the underground scene. We just launch an online shop where bands can sell their materials for free, checkout the site

    1. trystero says:

      Well, I cant really say anything about your integrity but my friend it doesnt make a difference. I have seen your threads on bitcointalk etc. I just dont see what you have to offer except for a themed junkcoin. The exploitative nature of linking it to the metal community also makes me incredibly wary, but I suppose I could be wrong about that.

    2. trystero says:

      LOL the premine is 20,000 blocks? I bet you are going to say that is all suppoed to be giveaways and stuff? Paper thin scam.

      1. Coreadrian says:

        I think you are not into metal dude you are just one of a scambag like others trying to make some money in cryptoworld. And annoying coin owner in the forum… We’ll prove you fucking wrong mate

        1. Richard Head says:

          Isn’t the goal (of everyone) to make money with cryptocurrency? I’m not taking sides between yourself and trystero but you can hardly fault the guy for being extra-cautious when people like yourself appear all the time with the intent of ripping off the unwary/stupid. Caution in this case is hardly reason enough to question someone’s dedication to an art form, especially when it is common for people (outsiders, if you will) to try to make a quick buck by trying to identify with some “in crowd”.

          Frankly I’m in the same boat as trystero and would like to be proven wrong, so show what you can do. Any plans beyond allowing metal fans to buy/purchase/trade metal-music related merchandise?

  3. coreadrian says:

    Hey guys just some update our online shop is up now. you will see it in our main website in merchandise section. HORNS UP. all bands can sell their materials there for free, just hit me up a message in my email.

  4. trystero says:

    Prozak please get rid of this absolutely pathetic scam. The only novel idea this clown had was to use the metal community. Other than that its your run of the mill altcoin scam. Announce coin, premine or instamine a large amount initially (20k blocks in this case), create `economy` around coin by convincing people to buy into it. The usual request is `please hold on to the coins the value will go up soon!` but in this case its compounded by this whole metal merchandise or w/e crap. Dont fall for it, its bullshit. The only goal usually is to get enough people to hold the coin (to create value) so that it can be dumped as soon as it is listed on an exchange. Its like taking candy from a baby.

    This scam has been done many, many, many times and continues to be perpetrated in the totally clueless crypto-nerd community. All the warning signs are present. Scrypt coin with cheap branding and (important) NO coin specific tech features (which means it was shit out by a Scrypt coin generator, by some dude hired for the purpose, or a scammer with some minor programming skills and crypto knowledge).

    I must admit that this is a bit better thought out as far as scams are concerned. This dude may really want to create a viable economy around his crypto-coin. The intentions however, especially with a 20,000 block premine, are the same. It makes his protestations double hilarious, he has already given himself away with the premine and everyone with a bit of sense knows it.

    1. Shit 666 says:

      I agree with you on everything said here.

    2. coreadrian says:

      Hope you won’t kill yourself one day, because of crypto-coin.

  5. MTLMC rep says:

    Look,everyone has a rite to their own opinion but some people are just obvious haters.
    That being said I will not get into name calling or trying to change any ones opinion.
    Instead I will assure everyone that Metal Music Coin is for real and will prove all the haters and doubters wrong as the faithful and true Metal headz will prosper.

  6. trystero says:

    Looked a bit more into it and apparently there were secret mining farm shenanigans as well. But all you need to judge this coin is:

    I am sure that looking into the blocks will bring up shady shit but that isnt even important. Look at the total number of coins in existence, like 5 million. There is already a 2 million pre-mine. The owner of the coin is holding 40% of all coins currently in circulation. Does that really seem like a sound investment to anyone? Like a currency meant for wide use as opposed to a tool to enrich the creator and a small circle of co-conspirators?

  7. coreadrian says:

    just some update we added more item in our metal online shop check it out, we are distributing sevared records cd’s

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