#metalgate calls us to action

Image by Gunnar von Cowtown.

Image by Gunnar von Cowtown.

By now, the rage over #metalgate has subsided as #shirtgate, #gamergate and #metalgate converge on a single movement that spans many genres: opposition to the censor police who, using political correctness as an excuse, have invaded multiple genres with mediocre options while declaring them enlightened. They have used this indirect invasion to take over media and public discussion, crowding out the better music and games for more propaganda.

The point made in these pages is that the invasion of terrible hybrid-metal bands — simply boring, pointless, pretentious and of no relevance to a normal life — into metal has come about as a result of the SJW journalist invasion that #metalgate spoke of. SJWs, hipsters and scenesters are basically the same thing. They find a new genre, exclaim how unenlightened it is, and then bring into it the same stuff they do everywhere else, making that genre as boring as their origins. These people are lost, without purpose, and desperate for any attempt to draw attention to themselves. When they take over, they all promote each other and talk about each others’ bands, websites and labels until they cloud the skies of that genre and most information about it involves the hipster agenda.

What I suggest today is <slight> action. That means that we do the simplest and least amount of work for the greatest effect. We know who the SJWs are and where they are writing articles. It’s time we exclude these people from the metal scene. That does not mean attack them, but to simply use other news sources, listen to other bands, and avoid their self-promoting circular masturbatory motion. Here’s a short list of sites that have supported SJWs:

These are the invaders who are trying to destroy metal music and turn it into indie/hardcore so it can be “safe.” If you support these with your band, your own reading, or your advertising, you are helping to turn metal into the latest version of hipster indie rock with the “safe” opinions that metal has always rebelled against.

How we shut them out is the same method used to keep Christians and neo-Nazis out of metal: say “that’s a political site/band/label” and imply that you won’t deal with them because of the resulting shady and manipulative associations. Pretend you found out that the Vatican, North Korea, Scientology, Monsanto, al-Qaeda, the Ku Klux Klan or Jesse Jackson were running a website and how you would react to that, and then apply it here.

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15 thoughts on “#metalgate calls us to action”


    These sites should at least be excluded for promoting a false metal agenda, in addition to aforementioned crimes against humanity. Merry Christmas infidels.

  2. Jim Nelson says:

    notice all of them are .coms and not .orgs

  3. ogunsiron says:

    Are they equally bad ? In gamergate, one of the main sites, The Escapist, very quickly redeemed itself in the eyes of the gamers, after goofing up at the beginning.
    Invisible Oranges has always seemed to me much less SJW focused than, say, metalsucks or metalinjection.

  4. fenrir says:

    Even without the whole metalgate thing, any serious metalhead should be able to realize what a joke those sites are. Not to sound cliche, but they are very unmetal sites trying to come off as metal. They are completely in favor of the commercial, the sell out and the ironic, while claiming that those who aren’t are simply not intellectual enough. Sure, that can be seen as merely a diametric opposite to what we say, but what should be examined here are the reasons for such a position.
    We argue in favor of an objective measuring of quality in music, insofar that is possible. In order to promote the advent of the greatest music as seen in the European classical (Arguably the highest point), we promote classical and Romantic values, although the latter was the step before modernism hit and then total nonsense with complete power subjected to the lowly individual in his every base need, which is what we have now in these post-modernist, subjective assholes who only want to be their “individuality” and opinions — no matter what they are, to be validated.

  5. Nester says:

    For those wondering, the middle pic is led zeppelin.


    1. Gunnar von Cowtown says:

      Give that man a cigar!

  6. Anthony says:

    Metalsucks is a pretty glaring omission from that list. Otherwise, I’m all for it.

  7. TheWaters says:

    Sounds good to me!

  8. TheWaters says:

    Deathmetal.org should start a music label, and distribute music. Is this possible?

  9. WhyYewMad? says:

    Although it might feel nice to blacklist things that make you disgusted because you claim to know more about it or whatever your stance is.. its more logical to be happy that people listen to the music. I don’t like what MetalInjection does because they have to appease new trends and whatever Vneck band is popular to get views but you have the option to ignore it. If you don’t like it it’s simple. At least they are trying to support other musicians which is no different from ordering from a century media catalog in the 90’s.
    I wanted to mention that ‘FENRIR’ has a point that if you know good music your fascism wouldn’t blind you as much.

    1. Alexander Neville says:

      “Vneck band”! Haha – I will use that term now.

  10. danielp says:

    this is one the f@ggiest articles i’ve read in recent memory. metalgate isn’t calling you all to action. it’s calling you all to slide your prissy little @sses down onto some bright pink dildos greased with saliva of MTV veejays.
    do us real metalheads a favor and keep your nu-core inbreeding to yourselves. we aren’t interested in your f@ggity whining and and your f@ggity conspiracy theories.

  11. Dred Furst says:

    Interesting, I used to visit invisible oranges from time to time.

  12. Kingdom_Gone says:

    Good text. Enough is said about the #metalgate.

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