#MetalGate: Fornicator Prevented From Opening for Profanatica in Seattle After SJW Nagging

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Brutal deathgrind band Fornicator was prevented from opening for Profanatica and Demoncy in Seattle last Sunday by the venue due to social justice warriors nagging. The Highline Bar received complaints from crusty SJWs who felt that their “safe space” inside the bar was being violated due to Fornicator’s incomprehensible lyrics.


Fornicator pulled
Lyrical content
fornicator crust sjw response
fornicator sjw response

The narcissism of the SJW movement proved true once again; they cared nothing about what Christians may have thought about Profanatica’s blasphemous lyrics and nun costumes, only about how much their own feelings were hurt that a band they never heard of and whom they would never listen to had incomprehensible lyrics that they felt were sexist. The United States guarantees freedom of speech and religion. Metal lyrics were also ruled not to be “Indecent and Obscene” in the United Kingdom when Dismember were famously put on trial for “Skin Her Alive” and the back cover of Like an Ever Flowing Stream.

like an ever flowing stream back

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26 thoughts on “#MetalGate: Fornicator Prevented From Opening for Profanatica in Seattle After SJW Nagging”

  1. Ultra Veiny Dicks says:

    I’m not sure how to look at this problem (if there is any) anymore. I mean, if SJWs want to have their safe spaces or if a community decides to rule out metal bands for being offensive, it is their right to do so, however gay, just as if a community decides to rule out a few metal bands of a gig for being generic, mediocre or hipsterish. That’s fair too.

    I mean, I`ve been around the ANUS since de late 90s and (correct me if I`m wrong Brett), but even Prozak refrained from reviewing Cannibal Corpse because and if memory does not fail me, “they had lyrics offensive to women”, besides his other reasons to rail against that band.

    On the other hand, I`m guessing SJWs do not really belong to any neighborhood or community, they might just be a faceless mob that groups together to bully people around that don`t bow in obedience to their ideological worldview. In that case they are all potential tyrants and insane, and thus it should be allowed to murder them on sight.

    Cocks, veiny cocks.

    1. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:

      It is their legal right to do it, but this behavior is still a sign of something that’s wrong with our cultures.

    2. OliveFox says:

      Your logic is certainly correct, if a community is uninterested or offended by something they have the power to bar it from consumption, mostly by not supporting the venue. But, they hired the band to perform, or at least agreed to have them on the bill. Absurdly unprofessional on the venues part. If they were intuned to their community or customers they would have known not to book the show in the first place, fair enough. The white flag of surrender because of some facebook complaints is really sickening. The odds of damaging their business because of one opening act is slight to nihl. Most of those SJW creeps would have been back the second another band they approved of played.

      Metal bands need to grow a pair and respond to these shit venues that book a show and then turn around and cancel. Its hard enough to organize a tour or a show without having to deal with bad venue ettique. Not sure what action they could take, but at very least sticking up for other bands and boycotting crap venues and promotion companies that pull these kind of stunts.

  2. Hell Raven says:

    Moribund Records has the perfect response to those whiny SJWs from Seattle.


  3. Ggallin1776 says:

    Why is it that people keep bowing to a small group of whiney faggots?
    If you go to a show & see a sjw/antifa niggle,knock em the fuck out.

  4. LifeaffirmingExistentialist says:

    The SJW’s and ANTIFA should stick it in their eye! Fornicator put on a great opening act for Profanatica in Oregon!

  5. Interracial Porn and Arghoslent says:

    Would have been nice if Profanatica and Demoncy had told the club to fuck off and opted not to perform with Fornicator being pulled.

  6. OliveFox says:

    Those SJW kooks say “fuck” like twelve year olds. They need a tutorial on how to properly harness the power of swearing for optimal effect.

    Or at least mix it up and throw a “cunt” or two in there.

    1. Kermit the Fucking Fuckface Frog says:

      They’re not allowed to say ‘cunt’ because it’s offensive to women! All women! Even the ones who aren’t offended! YOU’RE PROBABLY WHITE AND MALE IF YOU THINK SAYING A WORD LIKE THAT IS EVEN REMOTELY ACCEPTABLE

      1. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:


  7. Rob says:

    The town that brought us Il Duce and the Mentors has degenerated into a bunch of safe space crawling ninnies.

  8. Parasite says:

    This would make sense why nobody spoke about Fornicator when i was there that night. This might also explain the very small crowd as well.

    Ledney dedicated the performance to Fornicator, though i figured there was some other reason that they weren’t playing, not because of SJW craze.

  9. Parasite says:

    This actually pisses me off now! i don’t like being kept in the fucking dark!! I would have blasted SJWs if i knew who they were….goddamn sheep in wolves clothing.

  10. Parasite says:

    Interesting point above…

    Prozak did slam bands for being misogynistic. It is a very low form of “art” and speaking on behalf of everyone with decent taste in metal,we would never actually support this band because they are fucking terrible.

    Also, will non-SJW’s now run to the defense of terrible bands now in the name of free speech??

    Are we supporting “Free speech for the dumb”?

    As for the anti-christian lyrics of the other two bands… Christianity is a fairy tale joke pieced together from clippings of other more ancient and reputable texts. Nobody gives a fuck about Christianity. All this means is that some homosexuals dig Demoncy and Profanatica but dont like Fornicator because Fornicator hates them.

    To sum this up, shame on The Highline for inviting a guest, only to turn them around at the door. Shame on those who couldnt just boycott the venue by staying home. Shame on Demoncy and Profanatica for not expressing more hatred for said people at the show and calling them out.Shame on the SJWs for hiding in the dark behind screens. Shame on the gays and women who think that metal is,has been, or ever was a safespace.

    1. C.M. says:

      Metalgate is all about free speech for the dumb. The censorship argument is a fairly black and white issue.

  11. Rainer Weikusat says:

    This behind-the-scenes arm-twisting in order to prevent artistic expressions someone considers disagreeable is – well – disagreeable. A much better idea would be to boycott/ stonewall the band while it is playing. Also, referring to this as hate speech is just silly, for the simple reason that nobody spoke (in the sense of trying to influence people’s opinion in a certain way by argueing in favour or against something). Below are the lyrics of I’m a Goddamn Rapist:

    Well now I’ve done it, I think I just fucked up
    And now I can’t go back, because I will get caught
    Now I gotta lay low, move to another state
    Where my rampage will begin again, cause I’m a goddamn rapist
    My needs are never satisfied, I hang out at parks and schools
    And that’s right little girl, I’m staring right at you

    I fail to see the Hate in there. That’s surely not worse than any random slasher movie and just a poem.

    That said, while few people nowadays object to grossly anti-christian content, people do usually consider their so-called sex life a defining part of themselves and confronting them with sexual fantasies they disapprove of, eg, She Died On My Dick is bound to get them as annoyed as if they had been Christans and asked to “lay down their souls to the god rock’n’roll” and whoever doesn’t have something more interesting to say ought to expect flak in return.

    1. C.M. says:

      This new strain of extreme political correctness (SJWism) affects it’s adherents much like fundamentalist Christianity with its evangelists. Both groups preach unquestioning tolerance right up to the point where one of their core tenets are violated, then tolerance goes out the window.

      Another feature relating the two movements is the push for legislation backing their ideological lines in the sand. There is no difference between left and right politics anymore when it comes to freedom of expression and speech. Both sides are fighting to out-authoritarian the other.

  12. Keep your bitch on a leash says:

    Beating women is like beating your dog, thats the only way they learn.

    1. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:

      If you’ve tried training a dog and failed to do it without beating it, then you’re shit at training dogs

  13. cis scum says:

    I wonder when this “hate speech” meme will die. Hopefully these Marxist faggots will kill themselves after Trump becomes president.

  14. 666 YOLO SWAG 666 says:

    I didn’t read the whole thing, just wanted to leave this here:

    – The Highline is a bar located in the widely known “Gay Neighborhood” of Capital Hill in Seattle, WA.
    – Gay Pride weekend was taking place during this show.
    – Owning a bar (or any business) in this kind of a neighborhood is different.
    – Sure there’s the whole “I GERT MAH FREEDOM ERV SPEECH”, but come on, with everything going on lately and the environment this neighborhood was trying to provide for this weekend, it only makes perfect sense for the management to make such a decision.

    1. OliveFox says:

      Valid point. Look at all those sixes in the user name.

    2. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:

      What? This isn’t even about gays. They’re mad because there are lyrics about raping WOMEN.
      Gays have nothing to do with this.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        The band also has a song Faggot Massacre/ My Confession. There are no lyrics available for this (at least I didn’t find any) but reportedly, it’s a recording (or based on a recording) of Jeffrey Dahmer repeatedly uttering ‘faggot massacre’. The tite presumably ticked off some other people who “didn’t read the while thing”. “Jehova!”.

    3. Rainer Weikusat says:

      I’m sorry but I don’t follow you. In particular, I have no idea what with everything going on lately and the environment this neighborhood was trying to provide for this weekend is supposed to mean in this context. This very vaguely suggests that some real danger to something had to be avoided but I don’t understand what this might be. This was not about some Neo-Nazi organisation announcing a street parade or people distributing flyers stating that homosexuality would be a curable disease or any other kind of explicitly political statement, just a goregrind band using song titles one could expect from one together with lyrics about fictional horrors and violent sexual fantasies.

      I wouldn’t spend money on this because – in my opinion – obsessing about sex (and violence) is exactly what constitutes the mainstream personality and causes its uttering to be of no interest to me. But this is about art and not about politics and a work of art has no inherent meaning, it just presents something an audience may then interpret if it so desires. Such interpretations are necessarily always subjective.

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