#Metalgate: Metal-Archives Exiles Trump Voters


Metal-Archives founder and avowed social justice warrior Morrigan Stark has started banning users whose posts she views as political incorrect. Trump supporters and general skeptics of modern liberalism’s identity politics are a threat to her imagined metallic fantasy world’s safe space / socialist worker’s paradise. Internet anti-censorship advocate and anime fangame proponent “Clownpiece x Trump” compiled these screenshots on his Libertarian2 Twitter feed:




Yes, Morrigan views the anti-censorship and journalistic ethics advocacy of GamerGate and Metalgate as white supremacy. Why are National Socialist black metal bands allowed on Metal-Archives then? Will she remove Bathory and Burzum for romanticized ethno-nationalism? Bitterman’s elitism and critical thought threatened her metal safe space in the past and was banished. Most of the original administrators left and the forums dried up so it’s no wonder that Metal-Archives is losing traffic to Discogs for the cataloging of various reissues, masterings, liner notes, and track lists. Compulsive, autistic cataloging of crap

“Heavy metal is the white man’s soul music: we came, we conquered, we enslaved.” – Irvine Welsh, Filth

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50 thoughts on “#Metalgate: Metal-Archives Exiles Trump Voters”

  1. Quidmore says:

    >Why are National Socialist black metal bands allowed on Metal-Archives then? Will she remove Bathory and Burzum for romanticized ethno-nationalism?

    Pursuing the idea of getting bands with “deplorable” viewpoints removed is actually a really good idea. It forces them to decide directly what’s more important: the mission of the site, or their wraped ethics. I’d say people should call them out on this publically.

    If they refuse to remove the bands, they look like hypocrites, and have to double down even further in their contradictions, even if they say it’s “for historical reasons”. If they do remove the bands, then it’ll make the site that much more useless to any thinking metalhead, and there’s no shortage of less cucked resources for Burzum or Bathory to which they could turn. They might even start reading deathmetal.org…


  2. ANUSaanite says:

    Compulsive, autistic cataloging of crap… just like Pokemon. About the “antisemitism”: I believe all of Donald Trump’s children are married to jews. Also, because it’s often talked about in that forum, Dark Souls is kind of shitty – extremely linear and nowhere near as great or complicated as made out to be. I take a painful but satisfying shit on that site. Turds for all!

    1. Once you become skilled enough at every game in the Souls series, you can just run through it. The Kings Quest games were better. Gamers are just pussies now and would never beat Castlevania 1, Megaman 1, or old CRPGs.

      1. ANUSaanite says:

        How to win at “deep and complicated” Dark Souls: stand close to enemy and mash the attack button. Maybe roll around in plate mail somehow occasionally. Doom is more challenging and promotes listening to Slayer.

        1. Billy Foss says:

          I’ve never played any of the Dark Souls games, but I was looking forward to it one day as the marriage of presupposed “difficulty” and a dark fantasy/myth setting seems pretty metal to me. Castlevania for NES is one of the greats though for sure.

        2. Svmmoned says:

          Doom – a preferred choice for those who want to promote some of the most incorrect ideas. Since 1993. It’s $current_year 2016, so we’ve provide you with… The Trump Doom!


          “DOOM shall never die, only the players.”

    2. Turd Burglar says:

      What do you think of collecting turds?

      1. ANUSaanite says:

        I owned Divine Intervention and God Hates Us All. Collecting turds is a sad way of life.

  3. GGALLIN1776 says:

    When did video games become relevant to anything, it’s mind numbing crap for kids that substitutes as a parent when the real thing is too busy on facebook or tinder.

    The upside is that if these sjw idiots do try to “rise up”,they’re so anti-gun that they’ll just be mowed down holding their stupid toys & comic books. Bunch of crying babies with dirty diapers.

  4. DonaldtheImpaler says:

    Folks….we need to drain the swamp of the Metal scene. The victory of Emperor Donald may have given us hope, but we must not relax. We must understand that the slithering snakes of the globalist agenda and their useful idiots, opportunists and agent provocateurs are going to try even harder now to reach their goals.

    Though I’m not sure if there is anything left to save. Metal, I believe was hijacked and transformed into a tool of subversion for a reason. The anti-Christian message of most Metal makes it a useful weapon in their arsenal. I suppose it was all legit back in the 1980s, when the Evangelic right launched a jihad on it. But now it’s been used as a tool to destroy traditional values and usher in something far worse.

    David Icke, although a lunatic told a group of “Christian Patriots”:

    “I don’t know which I dislike more, the world controlled by the Brotherhood, or the one you want to replace it with.” (meaning a white national world)

    I say to to my Metal head friends who swallowed the poison of Globalism and who support globalist front organizations like the “Satanic Temple” the same things in regards to their wanting to replace a Christian world with more patriot and traditional values in favor of the anti-white Marxist wasteland they view as a “better world”

    But I know each and everyone one of them would run out of their “perfect world” in a second back to good ol’ “Merica”.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Nice to meet you again, Mrs Gore. You modernized haircut doesn’t look any better.

    2. blue werewolf says:

      If you want to be christian and racist, become a jew. Christianity is globalism. The more racist or patriot sides of christianity bolstered the jews, not the white or others races and ethnicity. Because jesus was a jew and spoke for the jews.

      Metal as a whole by the way has never been totally pro traditional values or against them, it’s much more complex than that. It’s run deeper than that. You gotta be ignorant if you think metal came from a far right perspective even if it has some traditional element in it. Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Venom are not far right or ultra patriot or ultra christians. They came first. The more racist side of metal like Burzum, Graveland have always been on the fringe side of metal, not at the center.

      1. 8==D says:

        I think you’re somewhat missing what conversation about. It’s not about the personal political opinions of metal’s pioneers, which are boring because they reflect the dominant paradigm as the political opinions of most artists do; it’s the values in the art they make, which are completely at odds with the dominant paradigm.

        Metal has always been rejected and mocked by critics because there’s nothing postmodern about it–its symbology and value system is stuck in an era before Debussy and Picasso. When a metal band writes a song about war, it finds glory in transcendence in it. (You can point to Master of Puppets as a counterexample, but then I’ll just point to any song from Kill ‘Em All as a counter-counter-example.) It’s not about deconstruction, it’s not about giving peace and love a chance. It’s about Romantic masculinity (right down to Lemmy’s life-on-the-road ladykiller schtick), tribalism, etc.

        What makes something right-wing is that it orbits those ideas.

        1. blue werewolf says:

          ”But now it’s (metal) been used as a tool to destroy traditional values and usher in something far worse.”

          If metal can in any form destroy traditional values, so be it. If they are so weak to be destroyed my a type of music, they are not worth preserving. The majority of people with traditional values either don’t listen to metal or don’t think that melal can have a real significance about either it can inhance or hinder its values. I don’t think Trumps cares much about metal anyway.

          Also, what’s the deal about alt right metalhead cheering about Trump having laws to deport illegals and walls to protect themselves. This is not really ”manly” nor ”metal” to hide behind walls and to wait for daddy Trump to say it’s okay to deport them. If you are so manly, let them come in masses, fight them on your ground and drove them out yourself. You maybe mock the leftists for rioting. They maybe stupid in a lot of case but the reality is so much complicated, but the real point is what would you have do if Clinton was elected? Sit on the internet, yelling how it’s unjust and wait like a sheep until the next election with a hope that your favorite canditate will win. Why waiting elections, why complaining about democraty but being a slave of it?

          I dare you to come in front of Trump, smash him if he doesn’t respect his promises, take is place and put yourself in charge.

          about war and peace. If their is no peace, the war cannot last long because, you got to have a peaceful background to raise infant, crop the field, build shack, or house, weapons for war. With no food or with no children, how can you make a war that last long. Go to Syria, there is war here. Is it really good like you say? You seems to say that war is great but when the war comes in your own countries, now you want to drive them out (the immigrants) because, suddently, now you want peace and you don’t want to be hurt. You want stability. So long about warlike spirit.

          The real war or djihad is spiritual first and it comes from within. Sure the outside world is interconnected with the inside, but you can’t wait that someone from the outside will fix the inside for you or even the outside for that matter, be it Trump or any other leaders. And if he could, this would’nt be very manly of you, don’t you think?

          When a noble have contempt for the one who are weaker in anyways, he cease to be a noble man. Than again, who are really noble anyways? We are just human, too human. I don’t know you there’s great chance that your not that different fundamentally from the one you dispise, be it a skinhead, or a hobo, an muslim (oh no! God forbid that!) etc.

          1. blue werewolf says:

            I hope you won’t delete the comment above, not because it’s mine but if you do that, you will do the same thing you acuse the moderator of encyclopedia metallum of doing. A man (what ever that mean fundamentally) as you say most have a thick hide. Like a woman can’t have ”manly” values. I’m not against all stereotype, but I think being courageous and perseverant is not only a biological man value. Try to prove me wrong on that.

            1. I'm trying to read my cybernovel says:

              take a deep breath and put down the kool aid

    3. Rob says:

      I could not agree more!!!

  5. Hail Pain says:

    Touhou mentioned on DMU? Today is a good day.

    As for this topic, well, the cracks in the veneer are evident. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of these types casting aside any pretense of being “for metal” as they go on the full offensive with their agendas in the coming weeks and months.

  6. 8==D says:

    If you try to ban an idea, you give credence to it. All these 15 year olds on M-A are just going to see: “this user was banned for being an alt-right fucktard.” after a benign, thoughtful post, and they’re gonna wonder what’s up with that. Then they go down the rabbithole and the conditioning starts to break.

    SJWs learned nothing from their predecessors, the Christian soccermoms. Pushy cultural puritans get resisted and trampled by the next generation.

    1. Gabbo is Coming says:

      > alt-right fucktard
      > benign, thoughtful post
      Pick one.

      1. -_- says:

        It’s a comparison of perspective and actuality. For example; you suck at reading – that’s my perspective, but the actuality is… ah, I messed up.

        1. hot buttered pumpkin says:


  7. S/he called Gamergate a white supremacist movement.
    This person is unworthy to bear the name of the goddess Morrigan.

  8. JustSayin' says:

    Well, maybe you’re barking up the wrong tree here: She banned users that happened to be Trump supporters BUT they were probably banned for distributing lies (e.g. “fake sexual assault victims”), hateful remarks and ridiculous conspiracy BS in the official forums. Even the screens show her notice that users got banned for “alt-right” views – not exclusively for supporting Trump (tho that may come in a package, as we know).

    As for the “why not ban NS bands then” portion above: For reasons unknown to me, there are people that distinguish between a) artistic freedom and b) harsh a**clownery in social situations (such as a forum). While one may be tolerated for the sake of art, the other may be unacceptable – e.g. because you’re female/gay/coloured and don’t want to deal with intellectually underperforming teenagers playing it hard on the internet.

    Just my 2 cents.

    1. I'm trying to read my cybernovel says:

      found one

    2. 8==D says:

      2 cents is a little too much for your thoughts

    3. LostInTheANUS says:

      Wanna know how I know that you’re not from ’round ‘ere?

    4. Morbideathscream says:

      You can take those 2 cents and shove ’em up your ass.

      1. I'm trying to read my cybernovel says:

        youve all handled my ass pennies!

    5. Morpheus says:

      What if I told you that I’m neither gay nor colored nor female and I still don’t want to deal with intellectually underperforming teenagers acting hard on the Internet? Would you leave then?

    6. Rob says:

      An SJW has been spotted in the building!!

  9. ANUSaanite says:

    Metal-Archives is shitty site that can’t even follow its own rules!

  10. Jocko says:

    A site devoted to metal, with 1000 bands that have ultraviolent and satanic lyrics, bans some guy because he voted for Trump. Fucking laughable. I’ve written reviews there but from now on, fuck that site. Will never visit again.

  11. God-Emperor Supporter #666 says:

    Morrigan is a raving nutcase. She posts on NeoGAF too and runs M-A in the same fashion. If you take a cursory look at the forums, they are plagued by nu-males/betas orbiting their SocJus overlords. I blame Canada.

  12. Pro Eugenics says:

    Interesting that you should say that discogs is stealing web traffic to metal archives, due to metal archives becoming a sterile sjw metal haven, because discogs is notorious for filtering what may or may not be sold on their website based on racial and political views. Though I find it immensely strange that Finnish martial industrial/PE musician Xenophobic Ejaculation has none of his releases banned from sale on discogs, as he is one of the most blatantly vicious and volatile racists in the current extreme music scene.

    1. Pro Eugenics says:

      I eat my words… Xenophobic Ejaculation has finally been banned from sale on discogs, save for a select few releases, two of which the only copies for sale are test presses going for 1,000 USD from some Chinese seller… But they did go some time completely uncensored on discogs.

  13. Picture a normal-ass tabby with a cock the size of a half-bratwurst says:

    “Meh” — I’ve found her website quite handy and informative over the years, so — as with the Kim Kelley hatefest — I’m quite unconcerned with this random young woman.

    1. C.M. says:

      Only picking on stupid female Internet pseudocelebs is real!

    2. Morbideathscream says:

      It’s good for looking up bands and researching, but that is fucking it. It’s 90% leftist fags on the forums. The main problem here is that she banned users for having non PC opinions and for showing support for Trump and even called them alt right douches. We know damn well that she would not do that to folks with liberal views because that’s what they want, a bunch of sterile sjw pussies. How the fuck are you going to be into metal, a genre with lyrical subjects such as death, war, destruction, Satan, nihilism, hatred, etc, and be politically correct worrying if some transgender crybaby is offended. Makes as much sense as being a Christian fundamentalist and being into metal.

      1. I’d be interested in a scientific study exploring a possible connection between appreciating false metal and being a SJW.

        1. Morbideathscream says:

          I can’t provide an actual scientific study perhaps Brett can do that. If you think about it, a scientific study isn’t needed, it’s fucking common sense. How can you be into a musical genre where the majority of the bands have lyrical concepts surrounding horror, death, nihilism, destruction, Satan and misanthropy and be an over sensitive sjw crybaby. This is assuming they like actual good metal, but then again those types are prone to liking some pseudo metal bands as well.

          1. It does seem like common sense, but it would be nice to prove it with evidence.
            And if the evidence showed us that it isn’t the case, we’d learn something about human nature and metal.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              Hmm … movies composed of »horror, death, nihilism, destruction, Satan and misanthropy« (‘fun humancide’, a common plot element, is as misantroph[ic?] as it can get) are really popular …

              1. No one mentioned popularity.

                1. Rainer Weikusat says:


                  These topics are uncommon in popular music but they are common elsewhere, namely in movies (and in books, too): A lot of people, »sjw crybabies« (for want of a better term) included, like this kind of stuff in fiction. And metal lyrics can certainly be counted as fiction, so, this shouldn’t be a barrier in itself.

                  When looking at the MentalDucks mud fresco, another theory suggests itself: These people are evidently unwilling to take anything seriously except their groups-against-groups powerplaying. That’s the essence of their being and all of the world, especially all of art, is subordinate to that: It’s good it it’s compatible with or useful for the political goals they claim to have and otherwise, it’s bad.

                  I don’t really know what you mean by false metal. Eg, Deafheaven (I had the idea to listen to a Deafheaven track while writing this but had to repent after about a minute as it made me seasick) is obviously not a black metal band despite they’ve borrowed some stylistic elements from it, but I assume that’s generally something dressing itself in a metal costume for the looks and the fun of it but without taking this seriously as art. And this should go well with the “Only politics are real” mindset which begat the abovementioned text.

                  1. Again: No one mentioned popularity. Popularity is not relevant to what we were talking about.

                    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                      Neither is what you believe about »popularity« relevant to what I was writing about.

                      Ultra-condensed version: Typical movie: “Monster Argh! Fuck! Shit! Kill! Killkillkill! Kill! Fuck shit! Kill! Fuckfuck kill! Boom! Boomboomboom! Crash bang boom! Fuck! Kill some more!” SJWs like that. Like all other people enjoying movies. Not much different from $metalsonglyrics, why would they mind these, then?

          2. Picture a normal-ass tabby with a cock the size of a half-bratwurst says:

            How can these niggas claim to like Necromantia, Kreator, Mortician, Nastrond, and Angelcorpse?!

          3. Ugh says:

            It might seem like common sense, but it doesn’t work that way. Plenty of people listen to the great metal bands for the sonic experience only, or whatever other reason, without being fully appreciative of the values that may go into it. Verifying what Rainer said, I have met enough extremely poseur-ish and/or SJW fucks who claim to love these bands without displaying any attributes in their behavior which tie in – and they love horror films too. It’s all fun, you see, it’s just another form of entertainment to them. Which is why, mixed in with the great metal bands, they will also listen to the stalest of modern crap and call it great without blinking an eye – it’s all distorted guitar, heavy music, no more. Fuck ’em.

  14. God says:

    War and Hate keeps the man alive, fuck these crybabies,wimps,pussies,globalists. They should be nowhere neir the Metal scene. FUCK EM ALL!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q_UXe87AkE

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