#metalgate SJWs fight back


As you, our readers, know we tackle many difficult topics on this blog. Some involve pointing out what metal is trivial and what is not; others tackle “big people issues” like politics, society and moral questions. One of those has been Cory van der Pol’s recent series of articles on #metalgate, a conflict between “Social Justice Warrior” (SJW) journalists and those who feel that politics should not invade metal.

Death Metal Underground has for over two decades committed itself to truth, meaning those ideas which correspond to reality and imagination at the same time. We have broached many difficult issues and disappointed people from all sides of the political, social, sexual and ethnic spectrum, as well as delighting many others of similar orientation. If you like truth and metal, you will like this blog even if it has a somewhat acerbic style.

It is disappointing to see grown men and women behaving in such a way that there is only one word for them: bullies. Like witch hunters, bullies rely on a perception of social support in order to shame, humiliate and ostracize others. It is one of the lowest attributes of humanity to use bullying instead of the original form of getting anything done, which is honest discussion and debate. In fact, bullying is meant to prevent exactly that.

People such as the SJW above do not want a discussion; they want to ensure one does not take place. It is for this reason that we at Death Metal Underground proudly resist them and continue to run controversial articles by controversial writers. Anything else is preaching to the choir and I see no reason why we should waste your time with such a mundane endeavor.

Cory van der Pol may have another article coming on the #metalgate issue, or he may not. Regardless, Death Metal Underground will continue its mission of providing quality metal information no matter who gets offended and decides we are Satan. We will save you the trouble: we are the Satan to your pharisaic interpretation of God that excludes truth in the name of obedience, and we will always oppose you.


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15 thoughts on “#metalgate SJWs fight back”

  1. trystero says:

    Congratulations! Metalgate looks like its brewed into a fine fight! The dream of conflict with the liberals has finally come to pass. This will be the vanguard; finally, DMU can make real change in the world. All those naysayers trying to hold it back (like the people in those facebook posts for example), those couch-warriors and internet autists, they can suck the big one!

    1. Wolfgang says:

      “Congratulations! Metalgate looks like its brewed into a fine fight! The dream of conflict with the liberals has finally come to pass. This will be the vanguard; finally, DMU can make real change in the world.”

      It seems like, but what’s the expected outcome? I would consider it a positive result if DMU were able to reach out to some misguided hessian that had no way of finding good metal because all of his/her cool friends were into the innocuous metal-(sucks|injection) approved bands. (Seriously: is there any Hessian that would introduce someone else to heavy metal through anime songs sung by 3 cute Japanese kids as opposed to the monumental eponymous “Black Sabbath”?)

      Most of us learned that it’s pointless to argue with some leftish types. To them, it’s all about entitlement: they really think their ideas are enlightened and that “dumb” metal fans must be educated about what they’re listening to and how “offensive” it might be. Years of education and media brainwashing gave them the knowledge and the right to point the finger to what’s “good” and what’s “evil”. See also religious fanaticism.

      What one author on this site failed to note, is that this time there’s no PMRC-like organisation with a more or less open agenda. In times when anyone can register a domain and pander to an audience, and without an entity that can be singled out as the one pulling the strings of some self-titled metal connoisseurs, fighting this battle will be harder than it was fighting the PMRC.

  2. thewaters says:

    Love it! Just sent a friend request to Laina on facebook, and I am hoping to flood her page with DM.org articles, and to engage her in philosophical debate about metal and “social justice”.

  3. khazad dum says:

    Read a few of the articles authored by the two upset journalist ladies. It is easy to see that they are eager victims of any sort injustice, lots of signalling going on.

  4. Jairus says:

    It’s about ethics in heavy metal journalism.

    1. thewaters says:

      Altars of Madness is also about ethics, right?

    2. Let’s talk about quality in heavy metal journalism and academia. Both industries are floundering.

  5. Jim Nelson says:

    Natalie Zina Walshots – who are you and what have you done for metal?

      1. Jim Nelson says:

        Natalie: Brett Stevens has been articulating the metal worldview before you were but a glimmer in your daddy’s eye. He’s a keeper of the underground and a metal oracle. He’s your elder and your better, so show some respect. Listen more and speak less and you might learn something. Are you a scholar or a shit stirrer?

      2. Ex-claim says:

        “The Danish musician (who is suspected to be Amalie Bruun of indie pop duo Ex Cops) has unsettled the black metal community with her self-titled debut, at best earning ham-fisted attempts to categorize her sound as “feminine black metal” and at worst inspiring online threats of violence. ”

        Hi, Relapse was quite specific in how they marketed this act. The majority of the review is dedicated to gender, I am not sure what that does for metal.

      3. Smoke On The Water Deep Purple says:

        So, basically, nothing.

  6. dddddd says:

    Haha, all these pampered women’s studies majors look the same. Stupid thick rimmed glasses, dyke hair, some blog with “promiscuous” or “genderqueer” in the title

    1. Jim Nelson says:

      they look like anthropomorphic slime

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