#Metalgate: SJWs trying to block Demonic Christ appearances


If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that SJWs speak in code. “I’m just going to pass this along” is the dog whistle for “if you’re one of Us, you should ready for attack mode now.” Apparently, SJWs are disturbed by an early 1990s interview with Demonic Christ frontwoman Dana Duffey, and because they disagree with her, they’re forming a Two Minutes Hate to get her removed from upcoming festival appearances.

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24 thoughts on “#Metalgate: SJWs trying to block Demonic Christ appearances”

  1. vOddy says:

    The United States should really stop giving money to people with children, and instead spend the money to

    1 – Give food stamps
    2 – Pay for the child’s education

    There should not be any incentive for the parent to have a child. The parent should receive no money.

    Anyway, maybe she is a racist. I don’t know. In any case, she has a right to perform. Butthurt people can boycott her if they want to, but I hope that festivals don’t ban her.

    1. Depends on whether or not SJWs run the festivals.

      1. Samlerie says:

        Haven’t they already booted Disma for reasons attributed to SJW intervention?

    2. Necronomeconomist says:

      Buddy, nobody has a “right” to perform. At least not natural, inalienable, or moral.

      1. vOddy says:

        Freedom of expression is a right
        They shouldn’t take that away from her because she has expressed unpopular things

  2. ChoirOfWolves says:

    I see the zombie lexicon grows everyday. I see IT aspires to be the next Angela Dancev and have her 2 minutes of SJW fame.

    1. 2 minutes of fame, 40 years of being an entry-level desk jockey.

  3. puny humans says:

    Please don’t provide anymore outlets for these people.. you are making their voices matter by reporting on them. Stop the internet clown parade seriously.

    1. vOddy says:

      This sort of behaviour has gotten professors fired from Universities. Even scientists have been fired. I can provide sources if you don’t believe me.

      Social justice is a cult which demands superficial diversity, but genuine homogeneity.
      It is a virus that is growing. It is the most popular dogma, but it is still in its infancy, and perhaps it can still be snuffed out before it grows too large and turns the entire world in to a safe space, and with it all culture and artistic expression in to the same boring gray garbage.

      Without people reporting on social justice warriors, I would not know about it. I would be living ignorantly in a bubble. But now I know, and thus I can do my part in fighting against these disgusting and harmful ideas.

      Maybe you don’t care about ideology or society at large. But you are here on DeathMetal.Org, and that means you care about metal.
      There have already been musicians banned from festivals because of social justice drone pressure. They are hurting metal, and what they want is to turn metal in to a safe space.
      They want to boycott and otherwise censor “problematic” lyrics.
      They think that folk metal is racist – because celebrating European mythology “creates a concept of white normalcy and marginalizes women and P.O.C”.

      They are the enemy of art, and that makes them the enemy of metal.
      I am not saying that violence is the solution, but make no mistake: This is a war – of ideas.
      Violent threats should be dealt with violently, but intellectual threats should be dealt with intellectually. So do your part and crush their ideas.
      For freedom. For individual rights. For metal.

    2. vOddy says:

      A scientist is fired for wearing a shirt depicting scantily clad women:

      One of humanity’s greatest minds, working to bring knowledge to all of us was bullied in to resigning by the cult of social justice.

      Another scientist getting bullied in to resignation for a sexist remark:


      A professor of a university resigns after he maintained neutrality during student protests about racist atmosphere on campus:


      Don’t ignore this shit. I know that they are pathetic weaklings, and the natural instinct is to ignore such people. But they are a mob, and they are bullying people in to submission.

  4. Jodash Phoenix says:

    It’s interesting to note that these ersatz progressives usually stir the pot where they know they will not be significantly challenged, and that people will lay down for them to step on. With these “metalgate” shenanigans, they’re not stirring a pot, but a hornet nest. There’s more critical thinking per capita among devotees of underground metal than in the general population. Compound that with the fact that said devotees do not worry about losing face by engaging with these virulent hatemongers. I don’t think this particular war has really warmed up yet, but when it does (if it does) it will be a proverbial bloodbath.

  5. Anthony says:

    How can they dare to oppress this WOMAN with TWO X CHROMOSOMES? What a bunch of misogynists…

  6. Disremember says:

    Just for arguments sake…
    I hope some one could bring up that the Koran and the bibles have a lot of sexists, racist, fascist ets
    That more than half of the world are following this and it’s a much bigger issue
    Than extreme metal where I think not even 1% of the population really follow it…

    1. morbideathscream says:

      But somehow sjw’s defend muslims and call anyone who criticizes their savage ways as racist and islamophobic. So yes they can get away with gay bashing and treating their women worse than dogs. Makes perfect sense.

  7. viranesir says:

    people who try to wash the blood off from their hands. I have said it and I will say it again, these fucking people try to wash the blood off of their hands. they say that they are “good” while others are “evil”. we are all fucking pieces of shit who cause suffering. the only difference is that some accept the fact while others deny it by trying to push all the weight of life onto the shoulders of people like us. must suck being Albert Camus, he told us this would happen with L’Etranger. We are all strangers…

  8. Demonseed says:

    Its time to just label all this new PC shit as ” PC Core” .
    Carry little pink stickers around and when you see their release at the store put that little pink sticker on there
    to warn others NOTTO BUY IT .
    They can have the college campuses and the towns full of homos. Who needs those anyways? We will take the rest of the world!!!!

  9. Demonseed says:

    Totally awesome comment and great point about Camus and The Stranger bro.

    1. Viranesir says:

      Thanks! The book was made into a really amazing Turkish film BTW you might want to check it out: http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0287803/

  10. Joe says:

    She has a right to her opinion. ..no matter how you label her.

  11. Joshy says:

    Brett you are a fucking loser, drama queen. No one likes you, no one cares for you and your minions.

    1. Slayer of Betas says:

      You care enough to whine, so I’d say he’s fairly effective.

  12. The Chubber Bandit says:

    Maybe the SJWs should start bands singing songs about how big the dicks of all the girls in the band have.

  13. The Chubber Bandit says:

    Please don’t go to shows where anyone within a 10-mile vicinity has ever said the N-word. Also, when to PC punks stop using dog shit as cologne and start liking metal?

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