Artists and fans against censorship start anti-Baltimore group


In response to stories of political censorship by the Maryland Metalfest, attacks on Demonic Christ, and alleged SJW exclusion of political non-conformists, a loose-knit group of fans, musicians and writers has formed the Facebook group Make Baltimore – NO PLAY ZONE! to express disagreement with censorship.

The group organizers issued the following statement:

This group was founded to promote the idea that bands should stay out of Baltimore or risk millennial crybabies attempting to ruin band’s careers over the numerous things they find offensive. Every city has this problem, true. But, the children of Baltimore have made this particular city undesirable for having a good time and enjoying a show.

Once in the underground, #metalgate is heating up as people oppose the idea of censorship and political conformity in metal. Many remember what such herd-thinking did to hardcore in the 1980s and the attempts to censor metal from right and left during the same decade. Others simply believe that genres dedicated to extremity should keep all ideas on the table, especially when the standard of political conformity seems to agree with what most governments, media and large corporations endorse. Time will tell.

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14 thoughts on “Artists and fans against censorship start anti-Baltimore group”

  1. Jeff Bridges says:

    Hello my man Brett, thanks for this post but if I may suggest a band, that would be BLIZZARD HUNTER from Peru.
    They along with Swedish Enforcer may be the best heavy metal bands around. Blizzard Hunter play a cross between early speed metal ala Agent Steel and Abattoir. Check em out:

  2. Major Dick in Ass says:

    Hey Prozak ! You reviewed German grindcore band Depression a few years ago and they just released their new album this year:

  3. OliveFox says:

    The only reason to go to Baltimore is for Jimmy’s Famous crab-cakes. Otherwise, bad music, bad clubs, and an odd mixture of dangerous and uninteresting bars. Throw in a bunch of hipsters who grew up in the Ellicott City suburbs and there you have it, a shit city.

    Omar Coming!

    1. Chris says:

      Don’t forget about the awesome aquarium.

      1. muthafukcas! says:

        I’m unsure about the aquarium there. Seems fishy

    2. Mike says:

      Hey olive fox where do you get your information you cunt. Talking all this shit on my buddy Shawn. You got no fucking leg to stand on hoe. Who the fuck made you the fucking know all
      To Damascus and the scene around us? Fuck off and go to hell.

      1. OliveFox says:

        “You got no fucking leg to stand on hoe.”

        That is correct, my real identity is Joni Earckson Tada.

        “Hoe.” Yuck. What sort of drooling, junior high, [redacted]-mongoloid pejorative is that?

        Some advice: between your shifts blowing farmers behind the Tom & Rays, I would suggest reading Elements of Style to get a better grasp on the use of commas. You defame the art of the insult with your poor grammar and uninspired word choices.

        Watch your words boy…if you aren’t careful, I’ll start talking shit about Jimmie Cone too.

        1. Shawn Wright (Not Verified) says:

          Olive Fox you know nobody in the scene cares about what you have to say, my homies don’t care about the fake history you’re making up or the names you drop. Instead of starting shit on here maybe you should practice saying “do you want that super sized?” you’re just a fast food loser! When I’m flying in my private jet and driving a Ferrari we’ll see who the smart one is. Go outside and play, the adults are having a conversation.

      2. morbideathscream says:

        Hey Mike, when you attended school, did you take special ed courses?

    3. morbideathscream says:

      Mdf is worth attending, they’ve booked godly bands that rarely play the U.S. despite the promoters being sjw’s. It is a good atmosphere when you’re hanging out and talking to real metalheads that you rarely see and live states away or in other countries. I obviously don’t associate with crust punk scum or hipster sjw fags. But yeah, besides that and a good crab cake, fuck Baltimore!

      I think these hipsters need a brick or 2 thrown at their heads by negro rioters, then they might get a taste of reality. They’re rich kids who live in the suburbs and know nothing about the real world.

  4. Demonseed says:

    There goes another major US city lost to the witches brew of liberalism , political correctness, and hard drugs.

    1. Your Mother says:

      just the way they like it

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