#Metalgate: Waldteufel barred from performing with Psychic TV in Portland, OR


A reader writes:

Waldteufel just got pulled from the Psychic TV gig here, tonight, for “connections” bullshit. Markus Wolff is an incredible artist. His albums are an honest exploration of Germanic folklore and religion. Is that artistically illegal? People excited to see this very RARE performance have been robbed! I don’t get to shut down artists I see as corroding the environment. Vapid, stale, message-less vomit gets to be played any night of the week. That garbage actually decays the spirit of the entire environment, yet those performances can continue to go on and on. My guess is thought police people put club’s nuts in vice. The promoter did a great job even getting Waldteufel here to do a surprise set but had to unfortunately bend to the tears. The irony of SJWs complaining about this is beyond me. Waldteufel is playing a show with GENESIS P-ORRIDGE of all people!


Waldteufel issued the statement below.

The misguided guilt by association witch-hunt that has ensued over Waldteufel’s billing with Psychic TV is sad and deplorable. Just because I have worked with some bands that are deemed controversial does not mean I share all or any of their views. And people evolve and change over the years, and I have done so as well. I am certainly far from perfect.

This much should be clear to all who know me – that I disdain all totalitarian forms of government including Fascism. I support indigenous cultures the world over. I have sided and been fascinated with American Native peoples since I was a child. Colonization has been a horrible mistake, and native peoples need more of a voice in what happens to their lands. I have always loved being outdoors in nature, so it’s a no-brainer I support environmental causes and justice and saving what we can of nature and wilderness, as well as finding ways to live sustainably with nature. I hope we can find a way out of capitalism and materialism. My spirituality is based on all of that, and I certainly do not buy into the notion of one’s culture or ethnicity’s superiority over another. I try to focus on the positive and life-affirming aspects, not division and emnity.

The underground scenes I have been lucky to be a part of include people of many diverse backgrounds, sexual orientations and viewpoints, and I feel privileged to call so many of them friends. I would not go through the trouble to make and maintain these connections if I was motivated by anything but love and support among artists and musicians.

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings some of you might have.

Apparently, it’s not enough to have some of the right thoughts; if you have any thoughts which do not conform to those right thoughts, or the appearance thereof, you must be censored. One might ask what the censors fear: that someone might spontaneously agree because the music is compelling?

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5 thoughts on “#Metalgate: Waldteufel barred from performing with Psychic TV in Portland, OR”

  1. Necronomeconomist says:

    So Markus Wolff is, like, a Nazi, but opening for a tranzman at a gay club. Okay, makes perfect sense…

  2. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    Have you noticed how this weak shit only happens up north? The south has a fucking great metal scene just no publicity, or backing, maybe the next civil war can start with this.

    1. Necronomeconomist says:

      I like where you’re going with this: the South rises up to defend a guy’s right to open for a tranzman at a gay club in Portland. Everything is topsy turvy, conventional associations and allegiances flipping all over the place.

        1. hypocrite says:

          In the US, Arizona isn’t really considered part of ‘the South’, even though it sits at parallel latitudes to many of the Southern states. Everything Southern but West of Texas is ‘the Southwest’. I don’t know if this is what the original poster meant, but I thought I’d clarify since you don’t live in the states.

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