#metalgate was right: SJW journalist Kim Kelly caught faking stories


We know they coordinate stories to present the same trends/fads, and that they are fast and loose with details, but now #metalgate-involved journalist Kim Kelly has been caught faking a story. Or rather, from a couple years ago, as Metal Illuminati observed:

Do they really expect us to believe that two Seeds of Iblis members immigrated to post-war Iraq to start the band? Especially since Anahita has stated on record that they’re actively trying to score a record deal. (I doubt many A&R’s hang out in Baghdad — where Anahita claims Iblis have played concerts)

Ms. Kelly, how did you not notice that???

At the end of the day, there’s little reason to doubt that Anahita, Janaza, or Seeds of Iblis are anti-Islamic metal musicians. However, their Acrassicauda 2.0 backstory of currently living in Iraq and covertly dodging “religious authorities” as Kim Kelly’s (supposed) reporting describes just doesn’t add up. And since that was their main claim to blogosphere fame, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to promptly give them the Milli Vanilli treatment.

When we see the media darlings being introduced as “important” with nothing of note in their histories, and all of the chattering classes of supposed “metal journalism” gathering in a cult-like clique to support them, our warning signal should go off: this isn’t journalism, it’s advertising, both for the fake journalist SJW herd and their pet ideologies. While the stories being fake is not surprising, it’s good to see such solid evidence gathered against them.

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25 thoughts on “#metalgate was right: SJW journalist Kim Kelly caught faking stories”

  1. Daniel says:

    This is the same unemployable hypocrite who called out Dragonforce for being racist, sexist drunken assholes despite constantly advocating war metal bands. Sure Pete Helmkamp is not actually a Nazi but the sincere lyrics of an existential social Darwinist are about as far from socialist, SJW-sprouted bullshit as you can get. Advocating all the actually racist, drunken, no talent punks that followed is incredibly hypocritical.

    1. Phil says:

      I just read that article and my God I almost fainted. Never mind that the tasteless lyrics were a product of some bored teenagers. When did evil become inoffensive? Isn’t a sledgehammer to one’s sensibilities the fucking point of metal? Aren’t some of these bands works, whether they are honest expressions of the individuals behind them (Burzum) or showpieces of a mythical spirit (Immortal), meant to encapsulate something disdainful and ugly? She champions “evil” lyrics, except when they’re offensive against certain minorities and lifestyle choices. Then she wants to tear you apart and dangle your shredded dignity in the flames of political correctness. There can be no dialogue, no progress, no exploration with that kind of fascist shite.

  2. Anthony says:

    This just in! Left-wing extremists pathological liars. Details at 11:00! In other news, the sky is blue and grass is green.

    1. Robert says:

      Man, Caller of the Storms is an OG!

  3. Anthony says:

    And is that a Blasphemy shirt I spy in the photograph? Caller of the Storms called Luc Lemay a faggot for bringing a violin on tour in the ’90s, you know. She really shouldn’t be wearing that unless she is a homophobe.

    1. Flying Kites says:

      I confirm that shirt is Blasphemy.

  4. I TOLD you your sister was just in the bathroom!

    – SBFJ

    1. Genderless Cunt says:

      What really gets to me is how ugly some bitc,, I mean, females that crave for fame really are!

      Seriously, why do all social justice whiners have to be so unattractive? It’s like they are dying
      for attention and validation they need to scorn on everyone else that righfully deserve it.

  5. Comebacker says:

    Allow me to plug this local band, Wederganger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etDbWnUzy2U

  6. thomasw_ says:

    Thanks for the chuckle — the fake photos of anti-islamic metalheads with inverted crosses on their foreheads made my week! Seems like just another case of one who zealous forcing facts into a pre-conceived series of notions. Grim Kim Shims (the facts). To be fair, this can happen with anyone who has zeal for some set of ideas, although it seems to occur more with those who are SJW with a PC taint.

  7. militant says:

    anyone with gaping turdcutter lobes is begging for them to be mutilated further with hessian dong

    1. Daniel says:

      How about just bicycle-locked to something outdoors in winter?

      1. Flying Kites says:

        Turd cutting, bicycle-locking? What are you guys meaning?

  8. Anthony says:

    Everyone knows that modern day black metal weekend hobbyists are way too pussy to go after Islam or some other brown people ideology anyway.

    1. Daniel says:

      Carnage went after Islam in 1990. Read the lyrics to Deathevocation.

      1. Anthony says:

        Good job, one song! And now their home country is well on its way to becoming the newest state of the caliphate.

        1. Cynical says:

          Weapon went after Islam about a million times. The most obvious example is probably “Remnants of a Burnt Mosque.”

          Capriconrus also did on “Three Weeds From the Same Root”.

  9. Phil says:

    She looks dead on the inside.

  10. transracial lobes says:

    See this?! This is what happens when a stranger fucks you in the ass!

  11. neville says:

    I hear people make fun of her for having a crab-claw hand. She normally hides it in photos. She did have a picture of her doing the “invisible orange” BM hand-claw-pose with her crab-claw hand up online at some point.

    1. I hear people make fun of her for having a crab-claw hand. She normally hides it in photos.

      Interesting. Her left hand seems to be hidden in all the photos I could find.

      1. Update:

        As much as I understand the hurt and outrage other people in the ectro community felt at the sight of those garish claws, Jimmy Darling is the first television character I’ve ever seen who looks like me. For me, that alone almost makes up for those damn prosthetics. Seeing him for the first time was such a visceral experience that I teared up. Alongside everyone else in the approximately 1 out of 90,000 birth odds who hit this particular genetic lottery, I was born with ectrodactyly (adactylia, to be precise). If I’d been born back when the circus was still doing a roaring trade in freakery, I probably could’ve raked it in as a blonde, blue-eyed Lobster Girl. As it stands, I make my living as a writer—not bad for a gal with eight fingers, huh? Growing up, my family never discussed my condition, and the kids in the tiny town where I was raised got tired of calling me “E.T.” somewhere around the middle of first grade. It stopped being a big deal, and was just a part of me; I like to read, I have a little sister, my left hand is a claw. Whatever. I never thought about it all that much, save for when I copped the occasional burning stare, or that time I had to explain to one of my high school teachers why, no, actually, I can’t take that mandatory typing class. The emotional scars from childhood taunts gradually faded, even as the physical scars from childhood surgeries stick with me. At the end of the day, I have a visible deformity that’s practically invisible if I stuck my hands in my pockets—my version of Jimmy’s gloves.

        In terms of disability, I’ve always wondered where I fit in. Am I? Am I not? I’m not so hot at opening jars and doing pull-ups, but can do my own nails and can probably type faster than most people, so it evens out, in a way. Those of us born with fairly minor but noticeable birth defects occupy a strange sort of limbo between the two worlds. People who live with invisible disabilities undoubtedly hear the hated “But you don’t look sick!” line more times than they can stomach; I’m told “But you’re not really disabled!” The difference there is that I’m not sure if they’re right or wrong. I am able to pass on a conditional basis, so where does that leave me? Those are answers I’ll need to suss out on my own, but I’d hazard a guess that I’m not the only one treading water in the am-I-or-aren’t-I zone, and that I’m not the only one who felt just a little bit less alone when Jimmy Darling sauntered into view. And if, like Jimmy, I was given a choice between acquiring “normal” hands and keeping the ones I was born with, I’d stick with what my Mama gave me.


        Some useful information on the condition here:


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