#metalgate: why SJWs became hipsters


The hipster has one salient trait: ironism. Whatever everyone else is doing, he is not. He uses this trait in a passive-aggressive way to force acceptance through provocation. Where normal people gather, the hipster will show up looking as weird as possible, hoping that someone will say something because he knows that social pressure is on his side. If he is criticized, he can use the dominant paradigm of our age (individualism) as a weapon and claim the other party is bullying him, when in fact it is the hipster who is starting the argument by deliberately being unusual, different and “unique.”

This approach combines some of the ugliest aspects of human behavior. First is bullying, because the hipster is waiting for criticism so he can say, “Look boys, it’s just like in Napoleon Dynamite, the popular kids ganging up on all of us accepting and tolerant freaks! I’m just different, why am I the victim here?” and have an instant army of angry complainers to attack the critic. He has government on his side, which supports being freaky any way you want to so long as you pay taxes and don’t murder, and popular opinion. Second is egomania. The hipster is not concerned with truth, the future, the past or fact; he is concerned with social appearance, which serves as both his justification for existence and his weapon against others.

SJWs arose when people realized they could politicize this hipster approach. In addition to looking freaky, they took extremist positions within the dominant leftist+consumerism individualist ideology of the West. This attitude combines the liberal social attitudes of the left with the market-oriented attitudes of the right, and creates a nasty hybrid which supports freedom above all else, so long as profits (and taxes) are made. SJWs are not “different”; they are a different variety of the same. This allows them to style themselves as unique and deep thinkers without offending any of the current attitudes of society, but because they manifest these ideas in physically odd appearances and extreme versions of those accepted views, they provoke criticism and can then attack, increasing their own power in the process.

When SJWs decided to adopt metal, their first goal was to style the rest of us as aggressors. That way, the hipsters could passive-aggressively claim to be victimized and begin the group counter-attack. Their problem has been that metalheads use apathy as a weapon. We view this society as moribund and on its path to self-destruction, and so tend to consider SJWs irrelevant drama. On their second assault, SJWs refined their attack to “if you do not participate in our crusade, you are bad and must be destroyed.” This is why we now have articles on a regular basis talking about how metal is not accepting enough and must be reformed.

All of this comes as metal struggles with its own refinement, namely the smooth fusion of hardcore punk, progressive rock and heavy metal that was underground metal (death metal, black metal, grindcore and doom metal). The SJW hipsters do not like this fusion because it is too far from the warmed-over 1960s protest rock that they favor — let us face facts and admit that emo, and anything tinged with it, is basically Bob Dylan worship. Metal rode on a wave of energy caused by the need to make such a fusion, but once it was achieved, had no idea where to take it further. There were no further (coherent) extremes, nor new musical developments to occur. As a mature style, it is still waiting for fresh energy to revitalize its lexicon of techniques and conventions and put them into a new language, and while some bands have forged a path in this direction, most continue to either re-hash the past or re-hash other genres with metal flavoring. For this reason, SJWs infest it, because they sense a dying trend they can turn into something they control.

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14 thoughts on “#metalgate: why SJWs became hipsters”

  1. The only thing I know about that black girl in an alleged grind band is just that. Contrast this with the legend of Canada’s Blasphemy.

    In conclusion, fuck these people in the ass with extreme aggression. Sodomy.

  2. OliveFox says:

    I always thought being alarmists at hipsters and SJWs in metal was silly and melodramatic. That is until I went to a party in Richmond and was lectured by a girl wearing a Burzum t-shirt and an inverted cross necklace about why I CANNOT use the words “cunt” or “faggot.” Arguing was useless. The fact that I donned a hat bearing the battle flag of Lee’s Northern Virginia Army (I know, color my neck red) didn’t help my case.

    But thankfully, my wife (whom I called a Cunt) and my gay cousin (whom I called a faggot) came to my defense and forever puzzled the awful hipsters with a portrait of love and family NOT based in selfishness and irony but in respect, loyalty and tradition.

    1. Meek Metalhead says:

      I dont know why, but I found your story to be quite amusing. Going around calling people cunts and fags doesnt sound like the best idea to me, but maybe Im oldfashioned, or just oversensitive. I have seen loud and obnoxious SJWs and the rest of their ilk going around cussing people and thats socially acceptable. So where exactly is the line drawn?

      1. OliveFox says:

        I see AND agree with your point. On face value the story does seem like I am the one in the wrong…and in fact I was! But, if that same girl came up to me and said, “excuse me, but I think you are being impolite, do you mind watching your language?” I would have gladly agreed and said no more. Even if she asked me to take my hat off, I would have easily done so if it made people uncomfortable.

        BUT! She used my socially impolite behavior as a way to draw attention to her own shitty agenda. “That is a word and attitude based in a patriarchal system SET UP for white men to be able to blah blah blah…and another thing! That flag is based on a cunt-a cunt-a blabber blabber.”

        I make no bones about being a prick…I suppose it was more interesting that she had a Burzum shirt on, and that my wife and cousin, both having no interest in metal, came to my aid and called her out on her soapbox-shaming techniques. Oddly enough, making ME the “faggot cunt” who couldn’t get his thoughts together.

      2. morbideathscream says:

        The reason why SJW’s act up and it’s deemed socially acceptable is because mainstream society and media agree with them, not to mention our wonderful government, it helps further the government’s Marxist agenda and ultimately want our world to be like 1984. SJW’s and other assorted braindead liberals serve as useful idiots to our government. Before you know it, George Soros will be funding SJW’s.

        1. The reason why SJW’s act up and it’s deemed socially acceptable is because mainstream society and media agree with them, not to mention our wonderful governmen

          And none of them will admit it: they are the ultimate conformists. The truth is hiding in plain sight as usual, with maybe 2% of the population able to see it, and they get voted down by the rest.

    2. reduxasta says:

      “was lectured by a girl wearing a Burzum t-shirt and an inverted cross necklace”
      “The fact that I donned a hat bearing the battle flag of Lee’s Northern Virginia Army”
      “my gay cousin”

      wow, where does this exist? America is a crazy place indeed

      To me just going around saying what’s on your mind sounds like the highest form of insanity. It’s like you WANT to draw attention from the authorities!

      1. America is a crazy place indeed

        American culture is global culture.

        1. morbideathscream says:

          America is a melting pot cesspool.

          1. America is a case of many bad ideas going wrong at once. Consumerism is one, democracy another, pollution — the endless dumping of litter and toxic waste — a third. The one you rarely hear about is over-development because it implicates overpopulation. Time to throw Idiocracy on the DVD player again and see how much more true it has become in the past ten years.

      2. OliveFox says:

        Not sure what authorities you speak of. Really the IRS are the only government agency that fucks with me. Probably because I own land and my family owns land…and that pisses them off for whatever reason.

        But I’ve never had any issues with the cops (is that what you mean?) or court system. Gun owner, metal-head, drinker, smoker, opinionated family-man…I see no reason why authorities/hipsters/leftists/politicians have any say in these matters.

    3. morbideathscream says:

      She was wearing a Burzum shirt? Haha that makes about as much sense as a WP skinhead wearing a Dead Kennedy’s “Nazi punks fuck off” shirt. Then again, the article does talk about hipsters being ironic.

  3. b.b. Rodriguez says:

    hey baby, lets kill all hipsters

  4. Nem Diggas says:

    The hipster can be examined in this handy video:
    Meditations on Retards

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