MetalSucks: Black Metal Musicians & Fans Future Spree Killers


Nu-metal blog MetalSucks compared extreme metal musicians to the Columbine shooters and repressed homosexual Islamic terrorists recently. The social justice warriors pondered a future black metal spree killing:

So here’s that weird thought, it’s probably way off, please help me make sense of it: Is it impossible that a future musician of his type would ever perpetrate something large-scale? Can you fathom the idea that one of them could cross the line from talking about a massive loss of life to facilitating it? They profess no interest in uplifting; many are Bundy-esque in their desire for everyone to experience their levels of psychic pain. (Well, at least that’s what they say all the time, maybe it’s said for a different reason.) Angry, repressed turds have turned clubs and concert halls into mass graves, would a musician ever be in league with one of them? Extreme metal guys have committed random murder. What’s the ramped-up 2016 version of that?

Yes, MetalSucks just stated that since black metal musicians do not sing about happy things like kittens and are apathetic to the “social sins” decried by leftists, they will shoot up an alternative rock concert or a Batman movie as they are all basement-dwelling versions of Ted Bundy with distortion pedals.

In addition to imagining the elitist headbangers decrying the pseudo-metal MetalSucks shills as a potential fifth column for the Blast Beat advertising network, MetalSucks lobbed new insults at their escaped lynch target, K.K. Warslut of Destroyer 666:

I didn’t even need to mention that factual MetalSucks reportage recently earned us the ire of a guy who directs people he doesn’t know to where we sleep at night with our families.

MetalSucks’ “factual reportage” is as truthful as NKVD torture-induced confessions of deformity, vice, espionage, and pederasty presented at Soviet show trials.

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40 thoughts on “MetalSucks: Black Metal Musicians & Fans Future Spree Killers”

  1. I interpret this as an example of their binary thinking.

    Instead of looking at what people’s values are, they look at whether their values are the same as theirs or not.
    Muslim terrorists have a thing in common with black metal composers: They don’t have the same values as them. Therefore, they can assume that black metal composers and muslim terrorists will act similarly.

    They should be hostile to black metal, as it is incompatible with and opposed to their values. But it’s not a threat like terrorism. And not all black metal is the same. Fenriz is not going to shoot up a school or gay bar.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      re: people running amok at school

      A guy I superficially knew who was rumoured (seemed true) to be half of a gay couple jumped to his death over the railings of a church tower during a school excursion. At the following church service, everybody was overflowing with praise for him. Considering the situation before the suicide, this was pretty disgusting.

      I suspect that these kinds of victims of school bullying are at least as common, if not more common, than those of ‘school shootings’.

      1. There are more suicidal students than homocidal students, yes. This is true.
        And many of them were bullied.

        1. In Sweden, that is. I don’t know about other countries.

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            What I was trying to get at was that I suspect that the number of students committing suicide (Or being outright killed. According to a Per Ohlin documentary on youtube, his near-death experience came from being beaten up so badly that his spleen broke) rivals if not surpasses the number of people dieing in so-called ‘school shootings’, IOW, while the author of this piece of nothing is terribly afraid of “psychopaths” who suddenly fall from the blue sky and commit atrocities (and presumably uses the term loosely for “whatever I don’t understand but consider really insane”), he’s conveniently ignoring that the most of the victims of this system for driving male teenager insane are not being shot by them because that doesn’t make headlines.

            I have no numbers to prove that, though.

            1. I realized that I had misunderstood you due to lazy and hasty reading. I hoped that no one would notice, but I’ve been called out. It’s time for the walk of shame home.

                1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                  Still amazed that anyone can stand this,

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:


                I’m a programmer by profession which means I spend most of my time hunting down more-or-less silly coding mistakes I’ve made myself. And my ‘intuitive’ understanding of people is close to nil and whatever I know about expressing something such that it’s actually understood is what I’ve gathered by a (painful) process of trial and error over the years and the result is still very much wanting. If the meaning came accross, that’s good, and if not, that was probably mostly my fault.

      2. Grand Phallus says:

        Bullying is good, it weeds out the weak.

        1. There’s more than one kind of strength.
          When Alan Turing committed suicide after being chemically castrated, it was not a good thing.

        2. Rainer Weikusat says:

          We aren’t living in “before the invention of tools” stone age culture anymore and other ‘talents’ beyond “accidentally grew to a huge size” are socially useful. Also, the hefty amount of legislation prohibiting anyone from acquiring technical means of defending himself effectively against an onslaught of the dumb brutes makes this “strongness” vs “weakness” concept a bit fictional. And your assertion is wrong: “Bullying” is something hordes of ‘weak’ also-rans inflict on numerically inferior groups of people who don’t conform to this or that established social stereotype. It’s the risk-free ‘gain social prestige’ strategy employed by those lacking other means to this end. Lastly, I simply prefer Mayhem-by-the-time-it-still-existed to anything Phil Anselmo & cohorts ever recorded.

  2. Memoncy - Joined in Dankness says:

    I think these MetalSucks fellows have a point. It’s plain to see that these so-called ‘gangsta rappers’ who glorify drugs and violence have created areas that are essentially mini third world in every major urban center. Whose to say these extreme metal radicalists won’t similarly corrupt our youth and create mini Nazi Germanies?

    1. C.M. says:

      The rappers didn’t create ghettos, dummy. The ghettos were there for a long time before rappers emerged from them. Rappers may act like there’s some kind of romance in ghetto life but they are all desperate to escape it in reality.

      1. C.M. says:

        But I can definitely see a small group of metal fans establishing a flourishing community and gaining political ground enough to turn a nation’s economic and military power around completely.

        1. Morbideathscream says:

          Wishful thinking but, yeah that would be nice.

    2. Morbideathscream says:

      Ah yes, metal radicals creating little Nurembergs, our Zionist ran government would have them killed off before that ever happened. They seem to find every Nazi compound that’s hidden in the middle of nowhere, raid it and all the white power folks seem to mysteriously disappear. Our media glorifies ghetto life, hip-hop, gangstas, etc. The ghetto Negro folk get away with murder practically because the government/media let them. It’s part of their anti-white agenda. If George Zimmerman stood his ground against a white man he would have been a hero. George Soros funds black lives matter, nuff said.

  3. get a brian says:

    more fear-mongering and moral panic from our current wave of cultural puritans

  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Lame flamebait with a nice Varg Vikernes picture on top.

  5. Anal terrorist says:

    Death by sodomy!

  6. C.M. says:

    The only massive crime black metal fans ought to commit is the systematic elimination of shitty journalists from metal-bashing shekel-grubbing websites.

    1. LostInTheANUS says:

      That’s not a crime, that’s a service.

      1. C.M. says:

        The IRS would tell you the same thing about tax collection! Words, shmords.

        1. LostInTheANUS says:

          Heh, I guess you’re right.

  7. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    Black metal has been cannibalized and shit out as corpse paint by its shitty idiotic fan base where every fan has 20 horrible bands and does cute childish impressions of being “elite”. Black metal has been dead and graverobbed for many years, we get a Sammath and Graveland every now and then, but it’s over! Who cares about metalsucks, the real threat is any idiot who buys a Burzum album and likes it enough to try to recreate it. You can talk shit in the barroom death metalers all you want but there is nothing worse in the world than a local BM band with gas station employees in leather pants trying to pass as intelligent gatemasters to occultic worlds beyond.

    1. The empire has fallen, and we now dwell among its ruins.
      The inheritor, the last of the bloodline, the monarch, still tries to put on a regal show of pomp, but the dust from his ancestor’s destroyed castles make his cape dirty.

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Expecting musicians to »pass as intelligent gatemasters to occultic worlds beyond« in some serious way is asking a bit too much of them, don’t you think so? Even most ‘professional’ religions are already quite silly in their everyday manifestations. And what’s wrong with “gas station employees”? The early Norwegian black metal musicians where either shop clerks or welfare recipients. Someone who spends a lot of his time on ‘hobbies’ which may never pay him anything will necessarily end up in a relatively lowly (part-time) job for ‘unskilled labourers’.

      IMHO, the problem with (Norwegian) black metal was that it was very susceptible to commercialization from the start: With Dead joining Mayhem, lyrical topics shifted from the death-metal style slaugher, sex (camouflaged as necrophilia) and gore of Deathcrush to what could be described, as ‘dark’ romantic poetry but yet without the music following in the same direction. Early Burzum and Darktrhone featured similar combinations. The lyrical shift obviously made this much more marketable as ‘serious pop culture’ has always been full of romantic cliches but no one had noticed this yet. The rot set in almost immediately with Enslaved and Immortal (from their second album onwards) also shifting the music towards conventional romanticisms and later Emperor (the last band Vikernes recognized as ‘black metal band’, although only to a degree) simply using keyboards for that. Afterwards, Caspar-David-Friedrichization of both lyrics and music picked up speed: Ever more socially acceptable beautifulness, ever less (surface) dissonancy and irregular (from a conventional standpoint) drumming, ultimatively reducing the role of the latter to mere genre tokens which are avoided most of the time (remaining traces of delicacy beeing replaced with Boris Vallejo imagery, “All hail satan” male choir singing [Svartjern] and run-of-the-mill heavy metal plus certain stage antics).

      NB: This is about changing use of the term black metal (it’s also based on somewhat superficial research done while I was waiting for this or that computer to finish some task so that I could start with the next).

  8. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Totally unrelated but a nice summation of the difference between art and marketing:

    1. C.M. says:

      Succinct. I like it.

  9. Mael says:

    Ben Umanov/Vince Neilstein’s wife is really fat and gross.

    Guess that’s what founding Metalsucks gets ya, haha!

  10. OliveFox says:

    Worst dinner party in history. Hopefully the anal fucking he received from his “generous friend” later that evening was more thought provoking.

  11. High horse says:

    Heh, so with this logic all male artists within the realms of pop and/or rock music are either pedophiles or sodomites, ie. Michael Jackson, Ian Watkins and Jimmy Page.

    Uh uh.

  12. Matt Risnes says:

    Whether or not such an awful event would occur is irrelevant. The disturbing thing to contemplate is how desperately MetalSucks hopes it does, purely in the interests of their traffic.

  13. Repent, posers! says:

    They would have gone after Hanneman for writing Angel of Death!

    1. Their past equivalents did

  14. Yar says:

    I’d rather be a basement-dwelling version of Al Bundy instead of Ted Bundy, thank you very much.

  15. Farawayfromthesun says:

    To be fair,spree killing in a directed approach rather than a knee jerk emotional reaction to a perceived slight could be beneficial in cleansing the earth from meeting virtue signalling faggots….a spree murder,in particular a mass stabbing at a blackened motorpunkcharge anarcho commie false metal show could be the very thing extreme metal could benefit from…chunks of mutilated red meat adorning the dancefloor where bodies stuffed into cutoff nuthuggers and sockless shoes once stood

  16. Dr Khan says:

    Far more likely that Axl Rosenberg goes crazy with his unending virgin loneliness and becomes the next Elliot Rodger.

    1. Axlel Rosenbaum says:

      You can take my life, but you can never take my virginity!

  17. Ped Fundy says:

    Cumming is cumming,takie it from me.

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