#Metalgate: Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks Calls for Pogroms Against Destroyer 666 and Nails

axl rosenberg

Axl Rosenberg, the founder of social justice warrior metalcore website MetalSucks, called blackened glam metal band Destroyer 666 racist over frontman K.K. Warslut’s altercation with masked antifacist thugs at a Danish festival. Earlier Rosenberg called Todd Jones from sludgecore band Nails a “scene bully” for titling their new album You Will Never Be One of Us, which he took as directed against social justice warrior internet agitators like himself.

Axl Rosenberg is summoning an internet lynch mob as the hipster, social justice warrior advertising revenue his site and the associated Blastbeat Network depend upon is drying up. The metalcore and rehashed speed metal fads his website thrived upon are over similar to death ‘n’ roll and Gothenburg pop metal. The kids who liked Slaughter of the Soul mixed with emotional hardcore grew up, grew out of metalcore, and now seem to have moved onto Left Hand Path, with its easy-to-grasp, straightforward rock-structured, crusty  songs. The beer metal/ hard rock hybrid buffoonery of bands like Destroyer 666 and Nails represents a threat to to Rosenberg’s bottom-line that buys the double IPAs filling out his waistline.  He views any pop metal band that doesn’t share his leftist, multicultural worldviews as a threat to the Blastbeat Network’s  delusional fantasy of pseudo-metal as social commune for non-conformist leeches. Scapegoating moderately successful hard rock bands is the how this thirty-five-year old man with bigger tits than my last ex-girlfriend expects to maintain his sexual access to overweight, hipster twenty-four year olds who identify as “queer”. MetalSucks, Decibel, and the Blastbeat Network foster hipster chimpanzee communism.

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47 thoughts on “#Metalgate: Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks Calls for Pogroms Against Destroyer 666 and Nails”

  1. Interracial Porn and Arghoslent says:


  2. Blathering Ipstwein says:

    Dude… you don’t need to acknowledge these niggas. Please don’t lead DMU into commenting on commentators, and staying up to the minute with scene drama.

    Although in another way, you’re tracking the direction of the subculture (which is apparently goofs talking shit about goofs).

    1. Ggallin1776 says:

      It’s the modern equivalent of the shitty “metal” magazines.

    2. Interracial Porn and Arghoslent says:

      Ignoring cancer doesn’t make it go away. These hipster SJW faggots need to be called out and torn apart on a regular basis.

  3. Parasite says:

    Social media has its hooks in independent blogs podcasts radio shows and websites now. Time to rise out of the ashes

  4. Ludvig B.B. (vOddy) says:

    If they had moved on to Left Hand Path, that would have been great news.
    But you know damn well that this isn’t the case. Left Hand Path isn’t popular.

    1. OliveFox says:

      Entombed AD just played a sold out show in Silver Spring not long ago with Amon Amarth. People went ape shit when they played “Left Hand Path.” I would say out of all the seminal swedish albums from that era, Path has spawned more imitators and has had more of an influence (albeit on shit bands) than Dismember, Grave, Carnage or Unleashed ever did. At least in the states anyways. So, debatable quality aside (I find half of it good and half of it “meh”), I don’t see how its popularity was ever in question.

      1. Ludvig B.B (vOddy) says:

        Well, then.

        That’s nice.
        That the people are enjoying something that’s actually worthwhile and respectable.
        Like the death metal version of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

      2. morbideathscream says:

        Silver springs? You live in Florida?

        1. OliveFox says:

          Maryland. But I am sure there is a Silver Spring almost everywhere.

    2. C.M. says:

      LHP is entry-level death metal, just one degree more obscure than Slaughter of the Soul or Sound of Perseverance.

      1. morbideathscream says:

        But LHP is 100x better than either one of those albums, but yeah I see what you’re saying about it’s obscurity level.

  5. 2^1024 says:

    You guys need to update your database, the footer on this website still shows 2015.
    “Copyright © 2015 Death Metal Underground.”

  6. OliveFox says:



  7. OliveFox says:

    Hey Bret, how mad does it make you that this guy is probably smoking that pipe poorly and ironically?

    1. This is the least enjoyable answer I could write, but it does not bother me at all. Having more people smoke pipes and cigars is a good idea. The Surgeon General found no additional risk over not smoking for pipe and cigar smokers, and they avoid the pervasive ecological mini-catastrophe of cigarette butts piling up everywhere.

      1. Brett, Interesting point about the danger of cigars and pipe smoking. It has been covered up for years that the amount of death, etc. from these two types of tobacco use can barely even be measured. On another note, I need to get you a new article. Been so friggin’ busy with the band and family life that the writing has suffered. I will rectify this.

        1. Always good to hear from you. I think of some of your early advice every time I light up a cigar (a Gurkha, today; not sure what I think of these yet, but I am enjoying them).

      2. OliveFox says:

        The high road, eh? Booooo…set you up for a perfectly good smashing of Metalsucks and their crumby staff. But, classy is as classy does. Bravo.

  8. matters says:

    On the very top of the web page, they have “black lives matter.”

    1. Weltmacht says:

      HAHAHA I didn’t even notice that. I’m surprised they haven’t somehow figured out a way to write an article about why all metal fans should go see the new Ghostbusters yet.

  9. Morpheus says:

    This guy look like a fat faggot wimp. I bet the guys that are fucking his fag-ass are into Gojira and Deafhaven.

    1. Ludvig B.B (vOddy) says:


      But whatever, they suck.

  10. C.M. says:

    I tried listening to that new Nails album lost month because I thought it could at least be good high-speed hardcore, but it sounds more like a few guys who consistently put their shoes on the wrong feet trying to cover Converge songs.

  11. C.M. says:

    Also LOL at the comment section of that Rosenbork’s article. Half of the commentators supposedly hate him but not enough to stop generating revenue for the MetalCucks.

    *Also* also, didn’t Kim Kelly ride D666’s dick for a while? Incoming blog entry of her decrying white power assholes and righteously deleting all her unpayed-for D666 mp3s in three… two…

  12. Vidyas says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZVZxjBMmyo – Hipster Black Metal on metalcucks authors.

    1. Sunshine the Jolly Negro says:


  13. Rob says:

    “Blackened Glam Metal band…” – Hawhawhawhawhaw!!!! I’m dying over here!!

  14. morbideathscream says:

    Jew boy Rosenberg needs to fuck off and die along with all sjw types. Congrats to kk warslut for at least attempting to have those antifa fags thrown out. More frontmen in metal need to follow suit. Though I may not agree with certain smr reviews or the assessment that D666 is a glam metal band even though their last few are subpar. I like DMU’s stance against sjw’s and all who wish to censor metal along with all the articles about the ideology and philosophy of metal.

    1. Marc Defranco says:

      Yeah don’t agree with the glam metal bit too but I do see bits of hard rock. Unchain the wolves is classic Aussie metal.

  15. Hell Raven says:

    The writers at MetalSucks have become so hated that even their own readers are mocking them. It’s glorious.

  16. OnlyInDeath says:

    Definite change in approach from this January one:


    As you might expect, the degree to which these turds are concerned about a band’s “problematic” beliefs has an inverse relation to how much they want to listen to it.

  17. adjsjaos says:

    So metal has survived long enough to become the bogeyman to two generations of cultural puritans: the Christian right, and frankfurt school leftists.

    Who will the next moral guardians be? The ultra-conservative Muslims that leftists are flooding our country with?

    1. Angry Faggot says:

      I cant hide my excitement, Im already prematurely bombing inside.

  18. Anthony says:

    I thought Nails were SJW-approved, just like Weekend Nachos and all that other power violence stuff. I see the normals wearing their shirts all the time at shows and bars.

    If anyone wants to deprive themselves of the first three D666 albums, they’re welcome to, I guess. I can’t pretend to understand the reasoning behind that decision though. No I am the Wargod? No Clenched Fist? No Genesis to Genocide? No thank you!

    1. C.M. says:

      Weekend Nachos are not powerviolence, and POWERVIOLENCE is not SJW-approved. The real OGs were anti-PC to the core.


      Why do you have to analyze everything I say? Every fucking word is taken the wrong way. I’m so sick of trying to be nice in a place where all that is wanted is the end of my race. I’m not scared of you. Don’t try to threaten me and I’m not impressed with your individuality. I’m a nice guy and I don’t deserve this. I know you feel cheated but don’t put me on your list. Saying the word “chic” is no reason to accuse me. I did nothing wrong and if you say I did, fuck you!!!

      1. The real OGs were anti-PC to the core.

        …which is why SJWs flock to it to take it over, just like they did with punk and metal.

    2. I see the normals wearing their shirts all the time at shows and bars.

      Similar observation here. It may be simply that their political outlook is vague and the audience does not understand it, and the music is easily digestible by the herd.

  19. Mael says:

    I love this site so much for this stuff, thank you so much for not being bought and sold like these politically biased “metal sites” and for offering truth in metal’s most disillusioned times.

  20. Alex says:

    Perhaps this guy is not aware of the fact that D666 have a jewish memmber in their line up? Also in their latest album the lyrics of a track written by an Asian girl (from the band Adorior) and also some guitar parts played by a guy with African roots( from Bolzer). Now this band is “racist” is really beyond any logic….

    1. Perhaps this guy is not aware of the fact that D666 have a jewish memmber in their line up?

      Do we think SJWs are honest, critical thinkers who care at all about facts and reality?

  21. FarBeyondTheSun says:

    Power violence is shitty,watered down, formulaic,pseudo metal for vegan slam poet greaseballs in cut off shorts with no socks and their thrift store girlfriends with spock haircuts,repulsive crust punk vermin and various other hipster incarnations..At one time sure,the genre was almost oppressively bleak music made by criminal fuck ups that didn’t know what else to do with their life….now it’s ironic horseshit like xjaleelxwhitex or xDannyxGloverx or some other such silly device that says,”hey our music may be heavy,but we’re actually goofball,dorks that never grew out of the fascination with farts and boogers.
    .also don’t eat meat”…perhaps the hipster himself would be better off sticking with the subject of farts and boogers,as it is congruent with his own level of mental functioning and spare the better part of the earth with more metal fakery , desperate to be profound

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