Morbid Angel Covenant Tour 2013

morbid_angel-covenantTwenty years ago this year, Morbid Angel released their third album, Covenant, which stepped back from the concept album madness of their second work and seemed to look instead toward the collection of ripping songs and experiments that distinguished their first album.

Working more melody and conventionally-recognizable technicality into the mix, Covenant showed Morbid Angel after most of the initial thrust of ideas from their demos had worn off — leaving them to create anew, from a place where they were at the peak of their musical power. As a result, it is for many people a favorite from this band to this day.

Starting November 7, the re-constituted Morbid Angel of David Vincent, Trey Azagthoth and Pete Sandoval will tour North America playing the songs from Covenant in its entirety. This show be a good chance to introduce your college-aged children, who were conceived to this album, to the magic of Morbid Angel. Tickets go on sale July 19, 2013.

Morbid Angel Covenant Tour 2013:

City Date Venue
Atlanta, GA Nov 7 The Masquerade
Charlotte, NC Nov 8 Tremont Music Hall
Baltimore, MD Nov 9 Baltimore Soundstage
Cambridge, MA Nov 10 Middle East Nightclub
New York, NY Nov 12 Irving Plaza
Philadelphia, PA Nov 13 Theatre of the Living Arts
Cleveland, OH Nov 16 Peabody’s Downunder
Chicago, IL Nov 17 House Of Blues
Minneapolis, MN Nov 18 Mill City Nights
Sauget, IL Nov 19 Pops
Lawrence, KS Nov 20 Granada
Denver, CO Nov 22 Bluebird Theater
Seattle, WA Nov 25 Studio Seven
Portland, OR Nov 26 Hawthorne Theater
San Francisco, CA Nov 27 Slim’s
Los Angeles, CA Nov 29 Henry Fonda Theatre
Phoenix, AZ Nov 30 Joe’s Grotto
Albuquerque, NM Dec 1 Sunshine Theater
El Paso, TX Dec 2 Tricky Falls
Austin, TX Dec 3 Red 7
Houston, TX Dec 4 Warehouse Live
Orlando, FL Dec 6 Beacham Theater
Ft. Lauderdale, FL Dec 7 Culture Room

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22 thoughts on “Morbid Angel Covenant Tour 2013”

  1. BillHopkins says:

    Fantastic news! World of shit would have to be the most spine chilling death metal epics in existence.

  2. Tarbuz says:

    They played “World of Shit” on their last tour, so it’s not something new. Part of me (about 99%) thinks this is a marketing tour and not some noble favor their doing long-time fans. I have to say it would be a privilege to meet Pete Sandoval if at all possible.

  3. Bunn E says:

    if they can get richard Brunelle to play, that would be really interesting

  4. bitterman says:

    David Vincent’s goth attire, Elvis dance, and redneck trucker vocals are going to ruin this. They should add songs from Formulas Fatal to the Flesh in their set list, or play Brainstorm and Rebel Lands off Blessed are the Sick. I don’t know if Pete Sandoval will be involved in this, the press release and their site has made no mention of it. It seems unlikely since he said David Vincent’s involvement in the recent Terrorizer was Season of Mist’s idea for a cross promotion (the bass lines were recorded in a separate studio) and his personal Facebook was deleted by management after responding to a question in Spanish saying he would never be near the crap Morbid Angel is releasing now (Illud…). He also posts nature photos and bible scripture on his public Facebook profile which, funny enough, seems to sport the same karmic values many early 90s bands touted. Hmmmm….

  5. Tarbuz says:

    “Starting November 7,*the re-constituted Morbid Angel of David Vincent, Trey Azagthoth and Pete Sandoval* will tour North America playing the songs from Covenant in its entirety.”

    The stars are mine, but I’m curious: where did Brett get that info? Like bitterman, I can’t find that on Morbid Angel’s website, and I don’t know of any other place to go to for legitimate information. It seems like a logical thing that this line up would happen, but I can’t find anything to confirm it.

  6. \m/ XTIANS GO HOME \m/ says:

    Pete Sandoval posting bible verses on his facebook?

    Man, that’s the problem with all these people who want to be Satanists/Rebels/etc. People were called Satanists back in the day because they were magic users…They all wern’t ceremonial magicians but they had some kind of magic or read cards or something, they had some powers. Look at people like Nietchze and Anton Lavey, tried to go against society and had a miserable life, and got all these clowns following them down the same path. And now all these band members were all like Satan this and that when they started but they can barley make a living…You make songs about magic and rituals and all of you are broke and fucked up so you turned to christ, why not throw a spell to get money, maybe you don’t beleive in what you make songs about?…Maybe it was just “all about the music maaaaannnnn! the whole time, there were quite a few xtians in satanic metal bands back in the day…I remember a dude on here getting mad at Quarthon because he got famous in Sweden and he fucked model chicks in a limo, he was living the real SATANIC life, unlike most of these losers. Hell. I can’t stand Behemoths new Morbid Angel rip off music, but I respect the hell out of Nergal for what he’s doing even though his music suxx..

    When the rubber hits the road and the shit hits the fan people show their true colors…All well, I still love the music to death and I still feel the SATANIC ideals and I still have my Morbid Angel shirts, so whatever…

    \m/ HAIL SATAN \m/

    1. fallot says:

      I have never understood how one can accept Satan, but reject Christianity. You are still in the Christian frame if you are legitimately a satanist, which is why the exhortations towards satan by these early bands can only be taken as metaphor. There is no such thing as Satanic ideals, but to take ideals that a Christian majority feared or thought wrong, the ideals of an older time, and present them as if they originated from the Enemy is a pretty cool idea. Too bad it seems like most missed the real target, oh well.

      1. Jim Nelson says:

        It’s nothing but aesthetics. The satanic/demonic always makes for good aesthetics.

        1. Xtians Go Home says:

          ^^^^This guy has the right idea…I know that Satan, god, Baphomet aren’t real, but it feels good for me to beleive in Satan…but then again, I can throw spells and read cards, so to a xtian I’m a Satanist so I run with it…I don’t understand how you can make songz about magic and Satan and even have Baphomet on your albums (Baphomet is a magic symbol, it isn’t Satan) whatnot and not practice, hell, Morbid Angel got me into magic so it hurts me to see Sandoval quoting that garbage…but then again I’m the hypocrite cuz I would rather read Aggrippa and he was a xtian, lol…and yeah the bible has some useful things in it ( you can throw spells with bible verses, not that I would use it) but a broken clock
          is right twice a day…Well that’s what gets me about Metal nowadays, no real Satan spirit…all well….

          Baphomet Bless
          \m/ Hail Satan \m/

      2. “Christians eat their vegetables… I eat only CAKE!”

      3. Xtians Go Home says:

        god = mainstream control, sheep and shepard, etc.

        Satan = Rebel, light bringer Lucifer, to mega therion “do as thou wilt…”, Krampus, truth teller, etc.

        Baphomet = God of Witches (yeah Levi made it up and he’s a xtian, but yeah I use it, no body is perfect)

        Nietzche wrote because Wagner’s wife rejected him? Nietzche said slot of true things but I had already figured it out due to life experience and he couldn’t even get laid, In Satans eyes he’s a failure, I can’t relate to him…damn you are a loser if you can’t fukk at least once, hell, sex is a healthy part of life and even Lovecraft got laid…

        The problem is that they are trying to rebel agaisnt society while relying on it at the same time…Nietzche should of read Aggrippa, lol…How are you Superman when you can get hexed and suffer and die?


        Baphomet Bless
        \m/ Hail Satan \m/

        1. J says:

          If you think God is mainstream control I would say you were dropped on your head as a child. Mainstream control today is politics, not a belief system. Yet atheists/satanists fail to realize this or distort it to their weak-minded view.

          Satan is no light bringer- he brings destruction and evil and ill will and much more.

          Baphomet I won’t touch. I don’t get into false Idols.

          Bottom Line is this:
          I’d like to know of one Satanist, including YOURSELF, who is selfless enough to do things for others like donate to charity or do humanistic things.

          I have yet to meet one. They don’t exist. They’re too busy blasting the bible or pissing people off with no intent other than personal amusement.

          Signed- one christian not going home.

          Upwards and Downwards
          Many Push a cross
          early signs of capital punishment
          are the double sided loss
          (implication: people argue about religion and fail to see that even the man who was nailed, was nailed inhumanely. And that even in 2013 capital punishment of any kind- is inhumane)

          Once there was a war in heaven, Michael and his angels.
          Defeated that dragon serpent, called Shay-tan and all that.

          Its really a shame how self centred and brainwashed the self-serving atheist/satanist community is today.

          But as they say- make your bed and lie in it, that’s a self serving satanist ideal in itself, its also very destuctive and not productive.


          1. Satan and God are mythological symbols.

            The problem with God is that it and good became associated with some corrupt things, namely a tolerance for certain types of reprobate behavior under the notion that people are equal.

            Thus many turned away from God, because the symbol had been poisoned.

            If Christians want to reverse that decline, preaching at people as you have done is useless; what you need to do is recapture moral “good” in your church.

  7. BillHopkins says:

    Ah, to hell with nit-picking bickering. If they’re turning back to old material, all the better. I’d hit it.

    Glad Sandoval is making a stand against being Too Extreme

  8. Tarbuz says:

    I think the Sandoval thing is a rumor. I heard and read the same thing on message boards, but never saw evidence of it. Even if he was posting bible verses, it doesn’t make him a xtian. Nietzsche had admiration for the old testament. Didn’t make him jewish.

    1. Robert Ritual says:

      Exactly!! Just because Brett Stevens loves Jews too, doesn’t make him one does it? Unless he’s a Jew then it would make sense why he is always defending them and stuff!!

      1. Just because Brett Stevens loves Jews too, doesn’t make him one does it? Unless he’s a Jew then it would make sense why he is always defending them and stuff!!

        I support fixing problems. I have learned to resist emotions. Jews are at worst a group in the wrong place, and historically, anger directed at Jews is a prelude to the mass killing of men, women and children. I don’t want part of that. I want to fix the problems instead.

        1. Robert Ritual says:

          “Jews are at worst a group in the wrong place”
          yeah, i’m sure they had nothing to do with that occurrence and, it just happened by itself. like amoebas that just happen to be in the wrong places all the time. a dude with amoebas may die of aids or struck by a car because he failed to realize that getting drunk and run around naked on the speedway might not be such a great idea, but, still, amoebas play a role in the universe and forever it will be their role till the end ot Time…

          1. It’s important to look for the root causes of things, not proximate causes. When society decides to put the sheep in control, expect many heads to grow out of that hydra! In the meantime, I think we should avoid assigning blame to a group for the actions of some of its members, and instead focus on the situation that made those actions seem desirable.

        2. fallot says:

          Strange comment, if anger directed at a group is so often a prelude to their mass killing one wonders exactly what is going on. If the group thought it was being punished just for being itself; well that seems like a huge blind spot to me. Anger doesnt have to factor into it, just pattern recognition.

    2. Where does William Blake fit into all of this?

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