Morbid Angel – Formulas Fatal to the Flesh Vinyl Reissue

Earache Records is reissuing the last decent Morbid Angel record, Formulas Fatal to the Flesh, on vinyl LP for self-professed analog maniacs.

Now hipsters can own a fifty minute album that originally came out originally only on CD back in 1998 on LP! Surely the digital audio will just be direct metal mastered to wax instead of a normally cut laquer. American obsessive compulsive may pre-order the 2x LP here from Earache’s American web store while everyone else who washes their hands until they bleed can from the UK one. Smart people should, as usual, stick to their old CDs.

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12 thoughts on “Morbid Angel – Formulas Fatal to the Flesh Vinyl Reissue”

  1. Gorgowocoa says:

    How the fuck is almost nothing ever cut from original master tapes anymore?? IS IT TOO EXPENSIVE, ARE THE TAPES NOT AVAILABLE ETC. So Infester, who were basically just a slight step above demo level, managed it but metal’s premier death metal band can’t yet we’re all dumb enough to buy the shit??? I know it’s only a small matter in the picture of the world but I hope I’m not the only one that understands the far reaching effects of wrong-doing within hallowed ground and that those behind it deserve to be maimed, seriously

    1. Gorgowocoa says:

      George sorry man just delete that shit if that sounds too garbled. I’m just saying metal’s all a lot of us have left and we just don’t need shitty inferior quality re-releases, fake bands infecting the scene etc. Holy fuck i’m dark right now coming down off a 4 day speed bender go figure

      1. Altarboys of Madnrrrrrrrs. says:

        It doesn’t seem like you’re coming down, my man.

        Metal is all a lot of us have left. What did you have before?

    2. bustin makes me feel good says:

      i know in some cases the masters are unavailable/destroyed but it does seem like a disproportionate amount of reissues are sourced from cd’s.

  2. I Sacrificed My ANUS To Brett Stevens says:

    Vvk Zis gey zheet! Zere iz vn vresin nibade vikz zis sheet!

  3. Zorak says:

    Gateways is decent

  4. national geographic nipples says:

    Buying a formerly CD only album on vinyl isn’t necessarily a hipster thing. Some people pretty much stick to one format due to cost/space. Good stuff getting reissued on a new format is sort of a godsend and doesn’t deserve the typical dmu sneer.

    1. S.C. says:

      Maraat decries vinyl for the same reason hipsters hate cds. Because he’s a hipster

      1. I not hipster and vinyl is actually worse.

  5. Morbideathscream says:

    Invocation of the Continual One and Covenant of Death are the only tunes I like off this album. I’ll pass.

  6. Richard Roma says:

    I believe there was a 2xlp vinyl press. Not that it matters; like they said this album is worthy of a >$10 used CD purchase, not some lavish vinyl presentation. It’s good and certainly better than their recent crap but it’s not,classic (except Invocation of the Continual One which is one of the best things they ever did).

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