More Evidence For The Destruction Of Pub Life By Smoking Bans

As documented before in an article about the death of the traditional English pub at the hands of nanny state smoking bans, the lack of ability to smoke in pubs has ruined much of their appeal as social spaces.

Tolkien and the Inklings, who filled many the corner of a pub with fragrant pipe smoke, would not approve, nor do those who used to attend pubs, as we can see through the collapse of a local pub culture under assault by the smoking ban:

Monica has no doubt what was to blame, the ban on smoking in pubs that was introduced in England on July 1, 2007.

“It killed most of it, plus you have Asda up the road selling a pack of four for two quid. People thought ‘I might as well drink in my own house and smoke in my own house for two or three quid’,” says Monica.

“People just stopped coming in”, she recalls. “I had fights with them because they were sitting there having a cigarette in the pub. I was phoning the police until eventually they got the message. I must have barred about 20 people. They stopped coming in. They thought they may as well stop at home. That’s when the pub started going down the drain, not only this one but all these pubs.”

For your average person, the pub offers everything that should be enjoyed in time off: friends, neighbors, alcohol, food, and the ability to enjoy a smoke without someone howling their head off about how it is stinking up the laundry. For centuries, Europeans and Americans have enjoyed these simple comforts.

The killing off of the pub, however, began when smoking was banned in pubs, at which point it became easier to just enjoy a few beers in front of the television, video games, or social media while cracking a window to let the smoke out. This snipped off a nexus of social life.

If Western Civilization has a point of comeback, it may be this: we need to enjoy life again, in order to see how life is filled with potential, in order to love it enough to want to be excellent and therefore, to escape all of our mental pitfalls and rise toward greatness.

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15 thoughts on “More Evidence For The Destruction Of Pub Life By Smoking Bans”

  1. Coolest Monkey in the Jungle says:

    Muslims don’t drink alcohol.

    1. T. Desecration says:

      In my experience, “Muslims” (or at least the “millennial” offspring of the rapidly growing immigrant population in the West) “don’t drink alcohol” in the same way that “Catholics” “don’t have premarital sex”.

      1. megazorked says:

        moslems drink booze through there buttholes?!?!?!?!? holy cow

    2. Chrised says:

      Only the good muslims

  2. Les Portelli says:

    Bars now are more designed for millennial parents who need a break from their arrogant and selfish children. Somewhere their fragile sensibilities can be unchallenged, and of course, they can be no smoke otherwise it would infringe on their right to breathe the clean air a pub should provide. This is all part of the North American neutering that started about 15 years ago when some spineless idiot decided that every child is a winner and that anything even remotely subversive should be exiled into purgatory.

  3. Dirty Coke Nail of Doom says:

    Truly, the death of Western Civ started with the death of the English pub. Trad-English-Pub Nationalism NOW!

    1. LostInTheANUS says:

      They take our cigars – we take their lives.

    2. Promoting Irish(Anglo) Behavior says:

      We already have those, they are called football hooligans.

  4. Intensive Ballerism says:

    Sorry this is off-topic — though Metal-related — but… I was just listening to Diamond Head “Sucking My Love”, and realised that the middle is like gay-porn audio, several overlain tracks of the singer moaning in ecstasy. I’m not even homophobic, but it’s just gross! WTF

    1. Inquiring Minds want to know says:

      How do you know what “gay-porn audio” sounds like unless you are already familiar with it ?
      There has not ever been a rumour their singer Sean Harris is a homosexual, so it is your ugly wishful thinking, you basement dwelling troll virgin.

      1. Intensive Ballerism says:

        You got really triggered and enraged there, son! Calm down.
        There’s no other venue, that I can imagine, where one would hear a guy moaning from a blowjob for like three minutes.

        Sean Harris would certainly be grateful for your vicious defense of his honour though. Haha

        1. megazorked says:

          no way to hear a guy moaning through a blowjob except for gay porn? lmao this guy has never gotten his dick sucked xd

          1. At Bill's Gate says:

            Lol… buddy, I don’t moan like a bitch when I’m getting my dick sucked.

  5. Bark says:

    So…what happened to that D.A.R.G dude anyway?

  6. Super Aryan 3 says:

    Alcohol and smoking = hedonism = degeneracy

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