Music industry comes up with successor to Opeth


Opeth made a career for themselves out of making death metal that was not death metal. Instead, it was rock music that dropped in death metal riffs during the choruses, kind of like how a nu-metal band plays quasi-acoustic and whispers so it can explode into angry dad-hating rage. This allowed the audience to feel like outsider rebels while being low-risk conformists.

Over time, the Swedes in Opeth found their original inspiration, which was to be the Dave Matthews Band for the vegan chocolate Tumblr set, and stepped aside from being death metal-flavored entirely. Never fear! The labels have brought you Tribulation which is essentially the Opeth sound updated with some hints from Enslaved about how to be metallish without using metal riffs and, thankfully, uptempo and catchier songs.

Tribulation is what Opeth always should have been. Essentially hard rock, using somewhat linear but expanded song structures, they create the atmosphere of a Gothic band with the guitars of heavy folk rock, making atmospheric and pleasant music that keeps the hoarse whispering vocals of death metal. For fans of Cradle of Filth, Opeth, Tiamat, newer Paradise Lost and Pyogenesis, this is a perfect fit.

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13 thoughts on “Music industry comes up with successor to Opeth”

  1. Meek Metalhead says:

    This bipolar music makes me want to choke someone. They aren`t even able pick a single mood to convey.

    1. Jeremy says:

      damn str8t, doze boyz got sum serious attitude which make me wanna make ’em shut the fuk up’, especially when I’m spinnin AMBIENT – J88

      1. Robert says:

        Both Tribulation and Repugnant are replacing Opeth. All the members in each band look like females too. Why can’t hipsters find another genre to infiltrate and emasculate?

      2. Meek Metalhead says:

        P-Please don`t hurt me, mr etnik person.

        1. Jeremy says:

          you speak nig? then shiit I ait got not problem with yo fukkin ass. .

          – J88 out

          1. Jeremy says:

            But I’m a reformed man now and these tibulfalation and opeth boyz make a brotha real horny. what with flinging their hair about, thoze soft skinz and pearly whites. Itz bait for sodomites str8t up… dat shit aint right !!


            1. Timothy says:

              And yet… despite all your rage, you are still (essentially) just a rat in a cage. Albeit a fairly happy one I take it?

  2. Timothy D White says:

    “This bipolar music makes me want to choke someone. They aren`t even able pick a single mood to convey.”

    I’m not defending this band, or opeth for that matter; but why does a band have to convey a single mood? That’s dumb-dumb thinking.

    Take pre-popmetal Judas Priest… Their first 5 albums are undeniably metal in the truest sense. That’s indisputable fact. Yet, they utilized a complete emotional palette; while staying thematically consistent.

    For some reason, we’ve sub-genre’d and sub-genre’d to the point of one-dimensionality. I see the necessity and utility of specialization in some music forms, including a lot of metal, but it shouldn’t be a hard-coded rule across the board.

    1. hypocrite says:

      I don’t think this is what was meant by “conveying a mood”. There have been a number of recent articles on the DMU mentioning the “wallpaper effect”, or a lack of contrasting parts in a song/album making it boring.

      Rather then using a palette to convey something, this music is picking up random buckets of paint and splashing them on the wall.

    2. Rupert Pupkin says:

      He probably meant that there is no mood to start with. If you do not create a mood, you are not conveying something.

      1. Timothy says:

        Don’t be fooled boys, cause mood don’t convey shit half the time. Only a handful of bands were ever really being honest.

        1. Timothy says:

          What I’m trying to say is don’t be lying to yourselves is all.

  3. Weltmacht says:

    First time I’ve heard of this band. This song has a strange combination of too much going on and absolutely zero ideas.

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