New Burzum / Vikernes direction with “Skáldskapr: Hávamál stanza 138 & 139”


Burzum composer and mastermind Varg Vikernes has released his latest musical composition, two verses from the Hávamál set to music and voice. This takes a more floaty ambient Vangelis-style approach, spending its time setting scene and then varying texture within it, more like modernist classical than the linear music of today.

While his last few ambient albums have been widely praised on this site, he finds himself in a difficult place: there are many clueless Hot Topic buyers who would love to snap up a Burzum album that sounded like Motley Crue or the Deftones with more evil, a smaller but loudmouthed horde of FMP/NWN tryhards who want only three (chromatic interval) chords and the truth, and then a world music audience which is impossibly locked in its expectation of the same mishmash of Afro-Cuban rhythms with any local tradition it wants to explore. Finding an audience is difficult.

Placing all of his money on the wildcard, Vikernes has decided to appeal to those who have already drifted past all of the above, which are essentially multi-decade trends (no core, no mosh, no fun) that have long become cliché but their audience, being self-obsessed and oblivious, cannot tell the difference. This new track shows Burzum going more into soundtrack-land and trying less hard to please any of the audiences hovering around black metal’s corpse like flies.

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14 thoughts on “New Burzum / Vikernes direction with “Skáldskapr: Hávamál stanza 138 & 139””

  1. Looking forward to his next album.

    1. GoKarts to Adramalech says:


  2. no troll says:

    Hoping for less vocals.

  3. freudian says:

    I think Varg needs a new creative outlet.

    1. Anthony says:

      You mean like sucking Russia’s dick?

      1. Robert says:

        Why not suck Russian dick? They generally have 10 inch cocks from drinking so much vodka and the blood of Bolsheviks run through their veins!! Фуцк вас!

  4. thomasw_ says:

    I am very keen to hear what he decides to release. Anyone know the expected date for this album?

  5. Anthony says:

    I actually enjoyed this quite a bit, but I think your “soundtrack” assessment is correct. This works better as background noise or something to meditate to. There isn’t really much substance to it compared to the ’90s Burzum stuff.

  6. Roger says:

    I didn’t think Varg’s music could get even MORE boring, and reliant upon traditionalist tropisms to keep the listener awake.

    This is Vangelis, and it is exponentially greater in musical vigor to Varg’s latest ejaculations.

  7. Phil says:

    Put a tasteless amount of reverb on any 15 second section of a Justin Bieber song, slow it down 2000% and have a rambling moron talk about the good old days and you get this track.

  8. arbie says:

    I get the sense that when metalheads use the word “ambient,” a lot of the time that’s code for telling us that we shouldn’t hold the music to any standards. I got Boston CDs in the attic with “varying texture” throughout the songs.

  9. Dionysus says:

    I’m a big fan of the last two albums, but this is some pretty dull shit.

  10. Meek Metalhead says:

    Speaking of soundtrack music, are there any plans on DMU for reviewing OSTs? Doesn`t matter if its any good, or just Hans Zimmers melodramatic farts.

  11. Funny thing is The Ways of Yore had some Afro rhythms and it was also a pile of crap especially when compared to Hliðskjálf. He should create video game music under some new pseudonym that doesn’t get him in trouble with PC types because that’s as good as his new music gets: tavern themes.

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