New Suffocation Record “Put Together Right on the Spot”

In a recent promotional video for Suffocation‘s upcoming not so great album …Of the Dark Light, frontman Frank Mullen admitted that since the band members live all over the place and not in one centralized area, have lives outside of Suffocation, and don’t really practice as much anymore “so a lot of stuff was put together kinda like right on the spot.” Rhythm guitarist Charlie Errigo said “It’s like a videogame. It’s like each riff is a level and you got that hard riff that’s the boss.”

Shoddily cobbled together video game music. Great work guys. Thank you for being honest. Suffocation’s new record of computer game metal comes out on Nuclear Blast Records June 9th. Suffocation are currently touring with Morbid Angel, who are playing an all Steve Tucker set for guitar wankers to stroke out to in their sweatpants. I’m so excited.

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13 thoughts on “New Suffocation Record “Put Together Right on the Spot””

  1. aol instant messenger says:

    It does video game music a disservice to compare it to nu-Suffo…

    1. LostInTheANUS says:

      Agreed, my man. I’d rather listen to the Lords of Thunder or Guilty Gear OSTs than nuSuffocation

  2. bring back the metal into deathmetal orh says:

    frank doesn’t look like he’s into this fucked up bla talking, and neither like he really believes thew new album is any good st all…

  3. Exfoliation says:

    They are miserable and old, do not choose music as a career, make it a passionate hobby that will be easy to walk away from when it has run it’s course.

  4. GGALLIN1776 says:

    30 Years of Nuclear Ass

  5. HH says:

    at what point do you stop caring about an (allegedly) ‘legendary’ band? We’re approaching 3 decades since Suffocation released anything worthwhile.

  6. Svmmoned says:

    That guy in a dying fetus hoodie… mentality and behavior of a rodent. Here, I’ve edited an excerpt from his babbling: “It’s like, it’s like, like, it is, like, it’s like, like” – now it can be transcribed into new song structure for Suffocation.

  7. Attention Defecate Disorder says:

    that does sound like a good description of the new record, along with the look on frank’s face.

  8. bring back the metal into deathmetal orh says:

    truth hurts like fuck… grandpa brutal death metal.. to quote: what do you think about it?

  9. Rainer Weikusat says:

    I’ve read an Immolation interview recently where someone said the band would use the first few concerts of a tour to rehearse their material. Stopped short of “see, whoever still pays to see us must be a sucker who wouldn’t notice the difference, anyway”. OTOH, that’s a pretty accurate assessment of the ‘crowd’ part of »rock concert audiences«: People who came because they had money to spare and some time in need of being killed and who can muster all the energy and passion necessary for motionlessly staring at something, sometimes phone-recording it when enthusiasm really spills over.

    Afterwards, they write blog entries like “The singer had cut his own arms and bled a little. He also energetically engaged in some man – woman interaction both parties seemed to enjoy. That was sooo scary. It must be prohibited!”.

    1. LostInTheANUS says:

      Yup, your observation is spot on, my man.

  10. bloody pulp says:


  11. Exfoliation says:

    They put samples their lips smacking off each other’s cocks inside if the drum triggers, you have to listen closely and use your mental imagery to locate where they held a mic up to their mouth while sucking and licking in each other’s penises until they ejaculated semen down each other’s throats only to cough it up and share as a four man snowball getting it huge and phlegmy

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