Obituary Launches Live-Streaming Concert Series For Covid Isolati

Grinding, brooding doom-death metal band Obituary have launched a platform for pay-per-view concerts, each based around an era of their material: Slowly We Rot, Cause of Death, and everything else (“Rare Classics and Special Tracks”). For your $15 you get a live Obituary show beamed into your living room three nights this year.

For more information, head over to the Obituary live streaming platform and prepare for shows on October 17 (Slowly We Rot), October 24 (Cause of Death), and November 7 (“Rare Classics and Special Tracks”).

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22 thoughts on “Obituary Launches Live-Streaming Concert Series For Covid Isolati”

  1. UM-Li says:

    Never watched them live and for now this will do. Good to see them revisiting early genre-defining materials.

  2. mlotek says:

    this is only good for fans that had a hard time viewing them in small low ceiling clubs or were too busy slamming/moshing/getting wasted.
    fucking gay otherwise
    reminds me of the dial a bottle driver asking for a tip when he should be happy
    “No. you are working.”

  3. Hellenophile says:

    Slayer are a Christian metal band. Check these lyrics out, and tell me it isn’t a warning about satan from the point of view of a prophetic, bombastic Christian preacher:

    An unforeseen future nestled somewhere in time.
    Unsuspecting victims no warnings, no signs.
    Judgment day the second coming arrives.
    Before you see the light you must die.
    Forgotten children, conform a new faith,
    Avidity and lust controlled by hate.
    [The] Never ending search for your shattered sanity,
    Souls of Damnation in their own reality.
    Chaos rampant,
    An age of distrust.
    Impulsive habitat.
    Bastard sons beget your cunting daughters,
    Promiscuous mothers with your incestuous fathers.
    Engreat souls condemned for all eternity,
    Sustained by immoral observance a domineering deity.
    Chaos rampant,
    An age of distrust.
    Impulsive sabbath.
    On and on, south of heaven
    On and on, south of heaven
    On and on, south of heaven
    On and on, south of heaven
    The root of all evil is the heart of a black soul.
    A force that has lived all eternity.
    A never ending search for a truth never told.
    The loss of all hope and your dignity.
    Chaos rampant,
    An age of distrust.
    Impulsive habitat.
    On and on, south of heaven
    On and on, south of heaven
    On and on, south of heaven
    On and on, south of heaven

    A society without belief splinters and falls into fulfilling, yet never satisfying, its harmful carnal desires. It moves further and further from the example of heaven.

    It’s time we understood satanic metal for what it is; it presents us with the subject matter as a warning, rather than advocating for it.

    Gods bless.

    1. There is a serpent in every Eden
      Slick as grease and cold as ice
      There is a lie in every meaning
      Rest assured to fool you twice

      In this age of utter madness
      We maintain we are in control
      And ending life before deliverance
      While countries are both bought and sold

      Holy writings hokus-pokus
      Blaze of glory and crucifix
      Prepried costly credit salvation’s
      TV-preachers and dirty tricks

      Don’t trust nobody
      It will cost you much too much
      Beware of the dagger
      It caress you at first touch
      O, all small creatures
      It is the twilight if the gods

      When the foundations to our existence
      Begins to crumble one by one
      And legislation protects its breakers
      And he who was wrong but paid the most won

      Even the gods of countless religions
      Holds no powers against this tide
      Of degeneration because we have now found
      That there is no thrones up there in the sky

      Run from this fire
      It will burn your very soul
      Its flames reaching higher
      Came this far there is no hold
      Oh, all small creatures
      It is the twilight if the gods

    2. Bob says:

      Tom Araya is a catholic.

    3. i like the beats and the yelling and the heroic moral narrative says:

      hahaha yes its about damn time someone figured it out thanks dude

    4. Nuclear Whore says:

      Oahhh impressive I want more informatiooon thank you

    5. ignominious says:

      “Silent Scream” is a pro-life song.

      1. I’m pro-abortion, for most of humanity, up to the 4,096th trimester.

    6. Cynical says:

      You go to the church, you kiss the cross
      You will be saved at any cost
      You have your own reality
      You spend your life just kissing ass
      A trait that’s grown as time has passed
      You think the world will end today
      You praise the Lord, that’s all you say
      Jesus saves
      Listen to you pray
      You think you’ll see the pearly gates when Death takes you away
      For all respect, you cannot lust
      In an invisible man you place your trust
      Indirect dependency
      Eternal attempt at amnesty
      He will decide who lives and dies
      Depopulate, Satanic rise
      You will be an accessory
      Irreverence and blasphemy
      Jesus saves
      No need to pray, the gates of pearl have turned to gold
      It seems you’ve lost your way
      Jesus saves
      No words of praise, no promised land to take you to
      There is no other way

  4. federico7979 says:

    this is so stupid…
    I cannot believe this site promotes this kind of virtual crap. So sad.

    1. We should just kill ourselves now instead of providing one of the few remaining voices for the underground.

      1. crimge says:

        this but unironically

  5. mlotek says:

    Six Feet Under – Nightmares Of The Decomposed (2020)

    1. brodudeweed says:

      Here I thought copious amounts of cannabis is supposed to mellow you down.

    2. The Metal Community says:

      what an ass hat

    3. mlotek says:

      Chris Barnes’ replies do not bother me, makes me like the guy, after years of hating him for his stupid looking dreadlocks.
      New Six feet Under album is cool for being pure primitive predatory zombie death metal, with the emphasis on primitive.

      1. Like Pantera, this is music for people who rape cardboard boxes.

        1. Spaniard says:

          If you would’ve included GWAR in your comment, I would give it a YUGE 10-4.

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