Organic (formerly Organic Infest) release new material


Puerto Rican death metal band Organic Infest took a new direction with new members and became Organic, which has re-issued its discography and recently unleashed a new track, “The Holocaust,” which shows the direction the band will take upcoming recordings.

As usual defying the conventional method and trends alike, Organic features a drummer, a bassist and… a second bassist. Chew Correa plays a piccolo bass in place of guitar which prompts unconscious fear by metalheads that the music will not have the same crashing intensity as regular death metal. “The Holocaust” puts these fears to rest.

Organic takes an approach to death metal which differs from the more aggressive riff-based attack; this is a layered, spacious and highly melodic vision of death metal without seeping into the sappy land of warmed-over heavy metal made pretty for listening at parties which is essentially what “melodic death metal” has become. Instead, Correa leads his team in an approach more like structured jazz, with deep percussive texture allowing the stringed instrument players time to overlap one another in patterns that do not quite mimic guitar, but push bass in a new direction as well.

“The Holocaust” shows Organic ripping into fast death/speed hybrid riffs with room for melodic touches and rhythmic fills, creating variety between the shredding straight-ahead approach and the more nuanced layering. Complete with roaring vocals that approach a “bestial” side of metal instead of the more uniform barking or riot shouts, Organic use this track to forge a new style based on their strengths and many attributes of classic heavy metal.

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19 thoughts on “Organic (formerly Organic Infest) release new material”

  1. tiny midget says:

    chewy granola !!!

    1. Anthony says:

      I thought that shit was supposed to be crunchy

  2. Robert says:

    They finally will have a legitimate release after that horribly produced album, Pentinence.

    1. Anthony says:

      Penitence is great, despite the admittedly bizarre production. I actually like it more than the follow-up album.

  3. Richard Head says:

    Much anticipation. Shamefully unrecognized band.

  4. trystero says:

    This isnt bad at all

  5. Lord Mosher of the Solitary Pit says:

    For those of you who didn’t listen to Prozak when he wrote this article on last year’s Blitzkrieg – Back From Hell, please do take a minute to reconsider this fucking masterpiece!
    Thank you all.
    listen here:!/album/Back+From+Hell/9613267

    1. Deaf Today says:

      I guess almost everything by Blitzkrieg is worthy. Bloody difficult to find their stuff these days though.

    2. Rotten Ralph says:

      Yeah, it took a while to come round to it because Satan – Life Sentence was so much better but it is a good album in its own right.

      Does anyone know what other Blitzkrieg albums are good?

  6. veien says:

    Actually there’s nothing at all wrong with the production on Pentinence, it’s only that one person copy/pasted another’s opinion and process multiplied ad infinitum. I actually like that guitar tone and anyone that thinks otherwise can go to hell.

    1. Richard Head says:

      There’s nothing “wrong” with the mix if you don’t hold clarity to a reasonable standard. The mixing on that album made everything more difficult to hear and sounded thin and weak. A straight live recording would have been better all-around.

  7. tiny midget says:

    brett why are u so silent about the new rigor mortis album?
    is it really that bad?

    1. trystero says:

      No but its pretty bad.

      1. Noktorn of the Meta Archives says:

        It must be tough huh Bret to have to give a shitty review to your pals from Rigor Mortis? Do you feel like crying already? Let’s see you flame this lame ├ílbum like you do with Mastodon and Gorjira.

        1. I’ll give it a fair review when the time comes. We have not received a promo yet.

          1. Robert says:

            Brett, what are your thoughts on Gorement? I read where someone mentioned them in an earlier post saying they were better than Wombbath. Is that true? Are they not DLA worthy? I think The Ending Quest is brilliant Swedish death metal but just wanted to get your take on it.

            1. Better than Wombbath, not sure beyond that.

  8. Chewy says:

    Hi Brett and thanks a lot for the review. As always you are the best showing your support. HAILS!!!

  9. thewaters says:

    Anyone heard the Into Oblivion split that came out a while ago?

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