Organic Working on New Material, Going into Studio

Some of you remember Organic Infest, who terrorized the world with Penitence, a slab of iconoclastic death metal that observed the world in fine attachmentless detail.

That band lives on as Organic, a force of death metal which has recorded three albums over the years and is looking toward another. The band sent out a recent update:

Hi there Organic fans!

We know it has been a while since we last had any announcements here.

We wanted to take the time to let you guys know that we are working hard on the next album, and we are soon to enter the studio again.

We’ll keep you posted regarding the process and the progress of it all.

Blessings to all of you always and thanks for your endless support!

We wish them luck in this journey.

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71 thoughts on “Organic Working on New Material, Going into Studio”

  1. Shitty ass says:

    my ass is pretty organic also

    1. Eat more Taco Bell.

      1. Colon Cowboy says:

        I only eat ASS

        1. “Only ass is true!” – Paul Ledney

          1. ASSinine says:

            Fresh Ledney interview – he strikes me as a pretty normal guy.


            1. "What's Heavier than Pantera?" says:

              Brilliant interviewer, ticks all the boxes.

              – Calls himself J-Dawg
              – Unironically sells “Vulgar Display to Posers” t-shirts while showing off his hours at the gym
              – Receding hairline

              1. Did anyone else notice that Ledney is following the Varg school of fashion?

                1. Gardening Enthusiast says:

                  I wonder if Ledney is also into permaculture… I haven’t been following that closely.

                2. ASSinine says:

                  Except they’re the almost opposite of eachother… but old farts dress like old farts, regardless of personality.

                  I’m sure the upcoming part 2 of the interview will include moar ASS

                3. J-Dawg says:

                  He would never! Too little bass in the Burzum catalog. It must be heavy, dude!

                  1. ASSinine says:

                    Indeed, why should he? Profanatica makes respectable sounding brutal black metal despite the silly theatrics, unlike Bumzur… and while I certainly understand the transcendental vibe of the music, I can also see right through it for how contrived it is: goofy pseudo-avantgarde metal for autistic man-children and larpists, which anyone in their right mind will eventually grow out of it.

                    The rest of the 2nd wave (Emperor, Darkthrone, Immortal etc.) is of course undeniably timeless with few faults.

                    1. Your Cheeseburger Was Cold says:

                      I get it: you went to McDs after smoking a fat blunt, wanted a cheeseburger, hung out in the drivethru listening to Abba, and then when you got to the window, your cheeseburger was cold. Suddenly life turned bitter; rage flowed through your blood, and then became resentment. You hated anyone who was not upset because his cheeseburger was cold. Who to blame? One of the few really innovative musicians in metal. Call it posing. Yes, that will take him down a peg. Cut him down to size! Nothing hates the superior like the embittered. And that cheeseburger was cold, cold as ice. Just wrecked the whole day. And Burzum was on the car stereo at the time.

                    2. Gnarly says:

                      Whether it’s autistic, larpy, autistic and all the other buzzwords doesn’t matter, because it’s still brilliant music. You’re just another kind of poseur.

            2. Leathery Rotating Rhino Anus says:

              He has sloping sick old dog tits but he does have that Gen X confidence, that sometime before you’re an adult you better pick a worldview and stick with it. Something missing in alot of musicians who just want to get along, therefore never producing any personalities you look forward to hearing speak.

              1. Black Logs Matter says:

                That weird GenX thing where they figure society is a total failure, ignore all of it, and go back to first principles like Elon Musk or Augusto Pinochet.

              2. Whatever criticisms we have of this fellow, he let the interview subject speak at length and prompted him gently, did not redirect the interview.

              3. I got it all figured out, man! says:

                That only happens if you drink too much of your own piss.

            3. Makes it clearer that black metal was a projection of ideas, not freaky people being weird. Should have asked him about the “I love ass!” comment.

              1. Doug says:

                One thing he may be onto is that that is the one part of the body they won’t be able to reproduce in AI bots. In the future it will be “check the ass” similar to how “check the hands” is now required to vet a real chick.

                1. Life is fleeting, ass is permanent says:

                  ASS IS ASS, any other detail doesn’t matter.

                  1. Eternal Rectal Transcendence says:

                    Ass is not the peak of the universe, but its center. All ASSociates around the vortex of defecation and sodomy. We must worship the ass. Nay, we must become the ass. All is ass, and ass is all.

                    1. Doug says:

                      Better to perhaps be TOO enthusiastic about it than to have some bizarre aversion to it or even equating it with evil. Those people unwittingly reveal themselves. I mean there’s plenty of body parts and even organs we can live without but this is not one of them.

                    2. It's easy if you try says:

                      Imagine life without sodomy.

                    3. Imagine there’s no anal
                      It’s easy if you try
                      No pulsing ass below us
                      Above us oily thighs
                      Imagine all the people
                      Sodomized today

                      You may say I’m a rapist
                      But I’m not the only one
                      I hope someday you’ll lube
                      And the world will come as one

          2. Flying Kites says:

            That is well.

            Are there any good concerts in Austin during the weekend of the 11th? Asking for a friend.

        2. Dick Muncher ][ 9.0 says:

          Nothing else has that immortal, sustaining flavor.

        3. Rectal Raider says:

          The acceptance of sodomy is the path to wisdom. “The cave you fear to enter hold the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell (hint: ain’t no PLATONIC cave, it’s a rectum!)

    2. Corpse Rapist says:

      Notify your local Whole Foods

  2. Chris says:

    The logo looks like scorpion breath.

    1. Defiler of Christ says:

      Poetic. I see the sins of Christ escaping Hel.

  3. poop dick says:

    Weren’t they going to re-record Penitence at some point?

    1. Ten years ago, I would have said what a great idea… now I favor leaving the past alone. Blame Cavalera.

      1. Cynical says:

        I can’t believe how bad they fucked up “War”. I could barely even recognize it.

        1. If they had just re-recorded the first two EPs with the precision of Beneath the Remains, they would have created a legend. Instead? Slipknot with blast beats.

          1. Cynical says:

            Bestial Devastation doesn’t need a re-recording; it sounds fine as it is. A version of Morbid Visions that was true to the original but with the guitars in tune would have been amazing, though.

            1. I imagine these re-recordings have nothing to do with artistic need. If they wanted to make a winner, they would have done up early Sepultura like mid-period Sepultura. Instead we get this mishmash of influences that seems like a list of winners to target written up by the record label.

    2. Black Velvet Tunnel says:

      Cavalera is going to re-record it as a Linkin Park tribute.

      1. Christ Aborter says:

        “Modern metal” is excrement, mostly alt rok and numetal.

  4. Cashcarti says:

    Sammath are going to be playing shows in Texas next year. Bert Stebbins confirmed appearance?

    1. Bring Back Netflix Password Sharing says:

      Every meyalhead in Souf Texass is gonna be there pendejo

      1. Hidden weapons says:

        Fuck dude I’d drive from California if I thought my van would make it

        1. Oba Chandler says:

          Is it a panel van with FREE CANDY written on the side?

          1. Fucked to serpent ascending, not intentional says:


            1. Secrets of the Mooning says:

              The “daring thrust” would open a corridor into the enemy’s rear, and the operational-maneuver group would exploit it, racing into the corridor to seize important economic or political targets.

          2. Cynical Observer says:

            You would do better with a van marked FREE HEALTHCARE, FREE SOCIAL SECURITY, FREE STUDENT LOANS, or FREE PUBLIC SCHOOLING. Them voters, they cain’t stop themselves!

            1. Kansas in color says:

              Fuck off with that sappy bullshit and get a life

              1. Uncle Tom says:

                Pick the cotton by sundown or no chicken for you. Life is real. (slap)

                1. Storm of steez says:

                  Yeah life gets pretty real so why don’t you

                  1. Far Out Bro says:

                    That’s really deep man, have a Corona

                    1. Dead scene says:

                      Fake faggot

                    2. Real Faggot says:


                    3. Kinda bi says:

                      Go blog about it

            2. Cynical says:

              Why are you observing me?

              1. Proctological Observer says:

                It’s not that he’s observing you, but how he is observing with latex gloves, surgical petroleum jelly, two eggplants, and a starving badger.

  5. Black Logs Matter says:

    Time to summon the Dark Lord

    1. Black Hives Matter says:

      So say we all

  6. Happy Socks says:

    Brett, what is your opinion on these releases?

    Monstrosity – In Dark Purity
    Sacramentum – The Coming of Chaos
    Morpheus Descends – 94 and 97 EP:s

    1. Cynical says:

      I’m not Brett, but my take:

      “In Dark Purity” is a good album, but also a de-evolution towards heavy metal. These days, I can’t find a good reason to listen to anything by Monstrosity other than “Imperial Doom”. Similar story with “The Coming of Chaos” — good, but devolves into heavy metal, and is entirely secondary to the band’s earlier work. “Chronicles of the Shadowed Ones”, however, is probably my favorite from Morpheus Descends — the songs are more patient and measured than on the debut, and less “slamming”. Apt album title — “shadowed” is a good description for that album’s feel.

      1. I have to agree on Chronicles of the Shadowed Ones. Like Hypocrisy, this band does its best work in EP format.

      2. It seems the history of metal, after heavy metal, has been trying to transcend heavy metal, which still has too much of the rockmoron mentality. I blame Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. The NWOBHM tried to bring back something more interesting, but even Black Sabbath got sucked into wanting to try to be Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, and Metallica. The herdbucks are just too tempting, specially if you got cocaine to buy in bulk.

        1. Cocaine Communist says:

          Free cocaine would fix that problem.

          1. Glen Wolsieffer says:

            Workers of the world (sniff) unite! You have nothing to lose but (sniff) your lack of better living through chemistry.

        2. ONLY EAT ASS says:

          deep purple has more classical influence than black sabbath

          1. Jeremiah Rosser says:

            Not really. There are moments inspired by classical music as there were in many prog rock bands, but the composition of the bulk of the songs was straight up rock just with a melodic twist, not to mention that it was weak as shit and about as heavy as a fart in a gossamer condom floating over the catatonic crowd during a church service.

    2. The Barrel in the Crawl Space says:

      I will say this, the only one I listen to is Morpheus Descends, the others are just not tgat interesting or distinctive.

      1. The Barrel in My Mouth After I Got Fired From Popeye's Chicken says:

        I can’t hear anything, I’m deaf from a fryer accident.

        1. Barrel of Monkeys says:

          I can’t see anything, I got Zika from the State Department.

  7. Ig says:

    That’s nothing, I got monkeypox from the CIA.

    1. Gayham says:

      Luxury. We used to have to get out of the lake at three o’clock in the morning, clean the lake, eat a handful of hot gravel, go to work at the mill every day for tuppence a month, come home, and Dad would beat us around the head and neck with a broken bottle, if we were LUCKY!

      1. Current generation in 30 years says:

        Back in my day you had to go outside to touch grass.

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