Pale Existence posts entire 1995 demo


Doom/death metal band Pale Existence has posted its complete 1995 demo for posterity. This band arose in the second wave of death metal and was part of the wave of bands experimenting with slower and more atmospheric metal after other branches had gone for speed or riff-labyrinth composition.

Over the years several members of Pale Existence migrated to other bands from the area surrounding their San Jose origin, including Exhumed. wound up in that band. Guitarist Lorin Ashton became the popular DJ/electronic artist Bassnectar.

Brian Glover – Drums, obnoxious vocals
Bud Burke- Guitar , vocals
Mark Smith- Brutal low vocals
Lorin Ashton – Guitar and mid range vocals
Steve Cefala- Fretless Bass

Recorded by Bart Thurber on top of Mount Um in 1995.

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9 thoughts on “Pale Existence posts entire 1995 demo”

  1. Steve C. says:

    wOW the guitarist on the second video is just so cute I was drooling for 30 minutes straight and I don’t even like this kind of music. Longhair teens are always submissive…

  2. steve says:

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  3. steve says:

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  4. steve says:

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  5. steve says:

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    1. Porn Addict says:

      Who are you talking to Steve? Are you the guitarist he’s referring to or why do you get so upset? The ANUS is the place for entry level gay cynicism. I’m sure he didn’t mean any harm.

      Anyway, Steve what’s your take on this band, do you like it ?

  6. Noktorn says:

    What exactly is a “metalhead” to you steve?

    You’ve been in various underground metal bands and
    most likely still enjoy all the classic ones, does that
    make you metalhead? Are metalheads necessarily losers?
    Some people might even point out that all people involved
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    People that rarely get laid are people mostly introverted
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    That’s why most people that are into metal hate this site. To regulars here, the typical mid 80s metalhead is found to be stupid, unclean and should be destroyed, replaced by an intellectual type that listens to classical music and fellates Prozak. They are all cop outs, they claim to like only “the intelligent” in metal to feel superior to the rest of us.

    1. trystero says:

      Fuck no bro. You are quite off (not totally). Its a bit difficult to tease out the actual case from how you have presented it, but lets try.

      1) Typical metalheads: Are nerds or their close kin. Usually at least introverted and thoughtful people. Metal is a genre full of fantasy and fantasy tends to appeal to people who internal world is richer than the one they live in. Contrast punk and political themes etc.

      2) Users of this site: Do not have love for the (overly) intellectual and nerdy… however there are a few unfortunate exceptions but I am sure they will er, see the light or whatever. Take a look at DLA reviews for instance. Are they coldly analytical in the classic nerd/autist style (the reviews frequently receive this unwarranted criticism)? No, they are full of rich visual and emotional language.

      Smart people are able to twist stuff into any scenario they want to. You have to be careful you dont start believing it yourself…

      1. Typical metalheads: Are nerds or their close kin. Usually at least introverted and thoughtful people.

        Important point. Same strengths and weaknesses as nerds (inert) too.

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