Peste Noire Booted From Blastfest Due to Antifa Nags


French modern black metal band Peste Noire was booted from the Blastfest 2017 festival to be held in Bergen, Norway next February after anonymous Antifa complaints.

Guitarist and frontman Famine posted the message the SJW-pandering organizers sent him to the Peste Noire Facebook page:


Keep in mind that social justice warrior, socialist former grindcore, currently nu-metal band Napalm Death dropped out of Blastfest due to Peste Noire’s presence. The organizers may have canceling Peste Noire to appeasing Barney Greenway’s idiotic delusions and reach into the taxpayer-lined pockets of Scandinavian socialists.

Norwegian businesses pandering to the whims of anonymous French communists is a new low. What if the Islamic fundamentalists who rule Saudi Arabia emailed the landlords of a building housing a barbecue restaurant in Memphis ordering them to stop serving pork spareribs and to ban Israelis or else? Antifa(g)s will not stop until anyone they arbitrarily designate as politically incorrect doing things they are not particularly fond of thousands of kilometers away has a hollow point shot into their brainstem. The Antifa(g)s worldview varies little from that of previous extreme leftist ideologues such as the Bolsheviks.

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11 thoughts on “Peste Noire Booted From Blastfest Due to Antifa Nags”

  1. Marc Defranco says:

    Napalm Death: grindcore turned nu metal, I agree haha. One kind of cool thing not mentioned to come out of this dumb situation is that Horna pulled out of the fest in support of Peste Noire. Guess some of the bands that aren’t even really political are gettin sick of this shit too.

    1. wldklwkdl says:

      Leftists have been saying this forever: the personal is the political. To not be in favor suppression of art and speech puts you in opposition to the left, whether you know it or not.

  2. Anthony says:

    Peste Noire have gotten better with every release. I’m actually not a fan of their first two (which are still the only ones it’s cool to like according to the funderground), but everything since that third album has given cause to consider them one of the only active black metal bands worthy of attention. Meanwhile, Napalm Death are still resting on the laurels of stuff they recorded decades ago. Famine, despite having to work day jobs while writing his music, can play circles around anyone in Napalm Death, who’ve been doing this shit full time since the ’80s. Sounds like a classic case of Nietzschean ressentiment to me fam

    1. Full Disclosure says:

      You are not wrong.

  3. wldklwkdl says:

    Most of these owners don’t give a shit about the “moral high ground” of banning conservative musicians, they just know that antifa queers will violently attack if certain artists aren’t banned, and that makes these bands a legal liability.

    Funny thing is Peste Noire have been distancing themselves from that “Aryan Supremacy” demo for ages and are actually an anarchist band now (who happen to have a populist hoodlum aesthetic). They’re a hipster band who are too clever for their own good and they might be starting to realize that playing with certain symbols for shock value forces them into regiments they’d prefer an ambiguous relationship with.

    anyway, the only good communist is a dead communist

  4. C.M. says:

    So Antifa is an anonymous group? Why did the fest organizers take anonymous threats seriously? “I prefer a straight fight to all this sneakin around.”

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      Antifa is not gonna do that, they’re cowards. They’ll either threaten to blow up the venue or a group of them will jump someone in a sneaky cowardly fashion. You’re not gonna get a straight fight out of them, sneaking around is what they do. SHARP’s and ARA are the same way, same type of folk, obviously. I hope those faggots enjoy their Muslim invasion and the more terrorist attacks to come.

      Nothing stopped Grand Belial’s Key from playing hells headbash. Fest organizers need to quit giving these antifa faggots power. They wouldn’t have the balls to confront a Nazi or someone who might be racist unless they had them outnumbered 10 to 1.

  5. I’m glad yet another one of these Satanic “black metal” bands are being persecuted by good Christians

    1. Flashback: The Quest for Identity says:

      Make no mistake Dr.Szisz – the members of Napalm Death are socialists using satanic politics to set precedents which will allow for more overt atheism.

      1. GGALLIN1776 says:

        Years ago when i was talking to Barney outside a show,he was explaining his politics to me & of course it came out that his parents were violent leftist agitators. He was in support of extreme socialism (funny considering how much he claims to hate nazis yet their whole basis was national socialism), he even said that if he saw bush driving by that he would kill him. I’m not sure how much validity there is to this claim,but he also said he had trouble with getting into the country for threats he has made. Anyways,through this whole conversation which lasted about two hours, everytime he said something that he thought would offend an American,it looked like he was bracing to get assaulted. Maybe he has a fetish for being mercilessly beaten by his superiors & this is the only reason that n.d. continues o tour the US?

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