Pestilence releasing Obsideo on November 11, 2013

pestilence-obsideoDutch death metal band Pestilence confirm that they will release their latest album, Onsideo, through Candlelight Records on 11th in North America. Produced by vocalist/guitarist Patrick Mameli, the album is the band’s first recording for the label and first new material from the four-piece since 2011.

Obsideo sees Pestilence as a four piece, with guitarist/vocalist Patrick Mameli joining original guitarist Patrick Uterwijk, bassist George Maier and drummer Dave Haley to create a technical and aggressive sound. “We have gone beyond our human limits to achieve the highest form of brutal music,” said Mameli, who claimed the album consisted of “ten of the most demanding songs written in death metal.”

Following a lengthy absence, Pestilence resurrected itself in 2009 with Resurrection Macabre. Since then the band has toured and explored options for its new sound, which incorporates eight-string guitars and modern metal influences into its classic death metal sound.

Consuming Impulse, the band’s 1989 release, remains a highwater mark for death metal for its intricate assembly and integration of complex riffs and multiple themes. Since that time, the band has drifted toward more socially-acceptable forms of technical music.

Obsideo Track-Listing:

  1. Obsideo
  2. Displaced
  3. Aura Negative
  4. NecroMorph
  5. Laniatus
  6. Distress
  7. Soulrot
  8. Saturation
  9. Transition
  10. Superconscious

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9 thoughts on “Pestilence releasing Obsideo on November 11, 2013”

  1. Christopher says:

    I’m surprised to see your site getting behind the new Pestilence record after how badly they have diverged from their pioneering death-thrash sound. Their last two records sounded like Meshuggah, not a band at all favored here.

  2. anonymous says:

    I don’t see anywhere in that article that the site is “getting behind” the new record. It appears as it is simply a news article.

  3. stormwinds says:

    What are the chances this will be a good album? Next to zero I’d say.

    You want some really good news? Torchure’s discography is finally getting re-released along with a demo compilation!
    Hopefully no get it as loud as you can “re-mastering”.

    1. TheWaters says:

      Where did you hear that? Sources?

      1. fallot says:

        It is on their facebook page. November 4th.

  4. kvlt attakker says:

    The last Pestilence album was very boring. Perhaps they should ditch being overly technical.

  5. fallot says:

    What turned into Spheres could have been a death metal album surpassing Consuming Impulse. They disavowed extreme metal and now seem to be returning to it (with modern metal influences of course) only because of the recent revival of interest in old school stuff. Such a revival was natural anyway, because those albums are lasting and will constantly be rediscovered.

    All of these bands want a piece of the pie. Suffocation wised up to this, Luc Lemay wised up to this and from the description of the new material in this article, so has Pestilence. Ten of the most demanding songs in metal he says, I am sure my patience and his fingers will be sorely tested.

    1. kvlt attakker says:

      I agree. They know that they’re catering to the herd. I suppose that a successful tour to follow its release is imminent.

  6. Christopher says:

    What herd? Their last two albums barely sold a fifteen-hundred copies here and their last US tour two years ago was a big money loser. Now whether that has to do with the low-quality of their post-reunion records or a general difficulty for mid-level foreign death metal bands to sustain a tour in America is a difficult question.

    If Pestilence were openly courting a larger, more mainstream metal audience, then they were laughable failures.

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