Policeman fired after singing with Vital Remains

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A constantly evolving story we have here, folks. Last Wednesday, parts of the internet caught fire after Andrew Ricks, a police officer from Sanford, Florida, was fired for participating in a Vital Remains concert while on duty. The last bit seems to be what sealed his fate – in an interview with the Daily Beast, Ricks’ supervisor (Chief Cecil E. Smith) claims that prior to this incident, Ricks had previously violated police policies – for instance, not keeping a body camera active during ‘community contacts’. It’s also worth noting that Ricks had already given notice of impending resignation and would have performed his last day of policework yesterday had he not been fired. Whether or not Chief Smith’s actions were justified, it does make a potent case for keeping an eye on a news story and paying special attention to any new information that comes up as it evolves.

There’s also arguably the issue of Vital Remains. Although their musical abilities aren’t likely to play a role in upcoming elements, it’s not our style to let them go unmentioned. Unfortunately, this is one of the bands I haven’t exactly given more than the most cursory of examinations (and even that was several years ago) but I seem to remember them falling into the common trap of having disorganized songwriting; an especially great problem as they also tend to favor extended songs. Is this accurate? I’d like to read about your opinions.

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11 thoughts on “Policeman fired after singing with Vital Remains”

  1. py says:

    I don’t know if this is a stupid question but I just want to ask this, is there any place for humility in metal?.
    This is by the way not related to the article above.


    1. vOddy says:

      That depends on how you define humility.
      You could say that being in a vast, uncaring universe which may kill you at any time with inspires humility (death metal).

      Humility could also be inspired in the presence of old gods which embody human virtues (folk metal).

      And it could be inspired from the nature on our planet, “mother earth” (some black metal).

    2. vOddy says:

      Overall, a lot of metal paints a picture of humanity as fragile and fleeting compared to other grander forces, whether it is Satan, physics, Cthulhu like beings, or pagan gods.

      1. old monk says:

        Appreciate your answer.

  2. OliveFox says:

    Glen Benton did some vocals for a few of their albums. That is probably the only thing of note, though, they have been around forever, and I am sure there is something to be said for their earlier Demos and LPs…but, I know I never took the time to seek them out nor have I heard anyone give even a casual recommendation.

  3. morbideathscream says:

    Their first album, Let Us Prey, is a decent effort, but wouldn’t rank it as one of the top death metal classics. I do remember their songs, even on that album, dragging on. Seen them a couple of times, once in 2006 with Dismember and Grave, they were average, Dismember destroyed them as they were one of the most intense live bands I’ve ever witnessed. Vital Remains is an understatement average at best death metal band.

    1. jinko says:

      Vital Remains are alright. The thing is though he shouldn’t have jeopardised people by leaving his post, however innocent, the guy still have to uphold certain values and people that are enemies of the police are enemies of the people

      1. Dissident aggressor says:

        The police officer seemed to have a pretty good view of “potential enemies of the people” from up on that stage.

        1. jinko says:

          whaat ?? whadaya mean. im sorry dude it’s just no way for a police to behave. it stands 2 reeson,.

        2. morbideathscream says:

          Jewko is mentally challenged. He lacks any sort of common sense and can’t comprehend anything you’re saying.

  4. morbideathscream says:

    If this was a black police officer raping with someone like lil Wayne on stage and said something along the lines of fuck dem bitch azz hoes shoot a muthafucka etc nothing would have been said. Anyone who would call out those double standards would be a racist. This is just another case of metalheads being persecuted by mainstream society.

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