Profanatica & Cianide Playing Destroying Texas 2017 Festival

Profanatica and Cianide are playing the 2017 iteration of the Destroying Texas festival along with a bunch of shitty scenester bands like Black Witchery. Check them out if you live nearby; Profanatica are still great live despite the last album, The Curling Flame of Blasphemy, being a turd. Tickets are available from EventBrite.

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17 thoughts on “Profanatica & Cianide Playing Destroying Texas 2017 Festival”

  1. Definitely going. Any of those other bands worth a shit? Who is impurity and why are they billed higher than cianide and profanatica lol

  2. Night Booger says:

    Forgot to mention the pre-fest show which is arguably better than the actual fest with Imprecation, Blaspherian and Blood Incantation

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Blood Incantation is awful (unless you’re a Pink Floyd fan, presumably) and will likely attract an awful crowd (of Pink Floyd fans).

      1. lance vigianno says:

        I love Pink Floyd and always have but Blood Incantation is insufferable bullshit.

  3. GGALLIN1776 says:

    What are the chances that Austin sjw faggots try to get it shut down?

    As much as I love black metal, I don’t really like seeing it live in most cases. It always kills the mysticism for me. Seeing a human trying to reproduce (often failingly) the vivid atmospheres & evil sounds that sound so inhuman in a live setting is a hard to forget buzzkill. I want to see demons(in my mind) creating these noises, not mere mortals.Dissection seemed to pull it off flawlessly but I’ve seen so many fall on their face.

    Then there’s the aspect of “fuck you this is MINE, i dont want to share this energy with you” in regards to the shitheads surrounding you in the crowd.

    There was one case where the band pulled off the act BUT THE FUCKING FAGGOT FAGS IN THE CROWD FUCKED UP THE ATMOSPHERE WITH THEIR FAGGOT PHONES,must’ve been 30-40 glowing screens in the SMALL area & i was getting ready to start shoving those idiots lol.. I can’t remember if it was manticore(i know they played that night) or someone else, but the band whilst setting up dumped a steamer trunk full of real human bones on the floor in front of the stage. They added some candlebras & a skinned goats head to the mic stand. I recall a torch or two as well. It got pitch black in their aside from the fires glowing & halfway through the singer lights the goats head on fire. It seemed like the orgasm to the songs perculation, the small club filled up with smoke from the flesh which ended up making me hungry. To add to said atmosphere, it was in july or august & about 110° in this club with no ventilation. Then all of a sudden ALL THE FAGGOT PHONES come out because they saw something they could share on kikebook & play cool. I need to repeat that to voice me disapproval.

    Another memorable moment was at this lame bm fest in 2016 I believe. I walk down from the bar with my pink drink (I’ll rape anyone who breaks my stones over it with a torque wrench) & the singer who is like 4ft tall is on top of the PA stack literally chewing his hand to bits while shrieking into the mic. At first my stomach turned at the mental illness of it all. The sight was sickening, why was no one saving this lunatic from himself? This obviously crazy fuck was turning his hand into hamburger, I mean he was REALLY ripping into that fucking thing for about 20-30 mins. Take a raw porkchop then swipe at it repeatedly with a small fiskars pruning saw with those brutal teeth. Those lil chunky remnants that are still attached? That was inner edge of his palm. I kept cringing as I looked on, as hard as it was to watch it was harder to look away. Then I thought as fucking stupid as that was of him, it was pretty metal. All the PHONE FAGGOTS left the stage area because they couldn’t handle it, I was one of *maybe* five guys watching.

    Anyone know of any decent bands with chics that self multilate on stage? Just seems like it would be fun to watch & it would provide years of spank bank material.

    1. There is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from shoving phonefags around at a show. The guy up front with a plastic cup of pisswater is asking for it too. I’m known to elbow through a crowd of immobile socializing shitheads even after a band stops playing. If they whine, simply remind them of their surroundings. Zero consequences whatsoever.

      1. GGALLIN1776 says:

        This is true. I was so taken ambiance that I just wanted to try & get back into the headspace that the phones took me out of. For me being at certain shows is like being in the woods near a stream miles from anyone, it creates tranquilty. But like the woods, a phone kills it.

        That’s one thing I love doing when it’s a more “brutal” show, plowing into idiots that are just standing there. It’s always the hipster sightseers that you know have zero business being there that gaggle up & get all pissy. Ruining their night makes my day. Theres one dude that I always do a seek & destroy sorta thing with at shows. He’s about 320-350lbs & I’m 200 so when link up and plow into the hipsters they get hurt.

        1. GGALLIN1776 says:

          *taken by the ambiance.

    2. COEXIST says:

      Can’t we all, just, like, get along?

      Cool story btw.

      Also, what is therr to destroy in Texas, isn’t it a wasteland already?

      1. Sand and Mexicans. I hear both melt into glass if burned hot enough. Let’s find out.

        1. Pe4ce 'lovin guy says:

          Danny, aren’t YOU a Mexican?

          1. Embrace the teachings of uncle Adolf says:


            1. MEXICO ÜBER ALLES!

  4. PPK says:

    $110 for tickets, fuck off. Too bad, woulda been fucking sweet to see Cianide again.

    1. GGALLIN1776 says:

      Make a fake “working” pass & get in for free. I’ve done that a few times. Generally as long as you flash a laminate/look like you belong there, you’re good. I snuck backstage at a Slayer show with that method & didn’t even need a pass. With obituary i just used an old one that i had laying around. Granted I was actually working for obituary that night but Frank forgot to put my name on the will call.

      If you take the flyer above & photoshop in the words “working/photo/guest/A.A” at the bottom, then line out all the words but the preferred one with a black sharpie it should work. Just be sure to get it laminated & punch a whole for a lanyard ring in the top part.

      Also instead of the flyer you can use cianide’s last album cover & add in the aforementioned words. Sometimes its best to make both in the rare case that one fails.

  5. I post here irregularly, but always forget my name. says:

    Profanatica were embarrassing live when I saw them, but maybe others have experienced different. Impurity has been around almost 30 years and their first album, The Lamb’s Fury, is probably the best example of Beherit worship these ears have ever heard. I cannot vouch for their other works, but I think it’s a totally unappreciated metal gem. Also, their singer is 4′ tall.

  6. Morbideathscream says:

    Cianide put a killer show on both times I’ve seen them.

    Profanatica were decent at the mdf prefest show last year. They didn’t suck, but could’ve been better.

    Black Witchery are not scenesters or hipsters, they are real metalheads. RIP Tregenda. They just play a bestial war metal style poorly and comes off sounding like noise and not a fraction as good as Blasphemy.

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