Profanatica reveal The Curling Flame of Blasphemy

profanatica the curling flame of blasphemy

Profanatica have revealed the art and track list for their upcoming album The Curling Flame of Blasphemy. One of the few fruitful artists in current metal and a mainstay of our best lists, drummer Paul Ledney (also a founder of Incantation) and guitarist John Gelso have spent the third millennium refining the first wave.

Track list:

1. Ordained in Bile
2. March to Golgotha
3. Magic & Muhr
4. Black Hymna
5. Host Over Cup
6. Rotten Scriptures
7. Yahweh Rejected
8. Bleed Heavenly Kingdom
9. Vile Blessing
10. Curling Flame

Track six, “Rotten Scriptures” may be previewed on Hells Headbangers Compilation Volume 8.

Scheduled for an early summer release, the frequently “funderground” label promises that The Curling Flame of Blasphemy will be another:

metalucifer heavy metal bulldozer

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13 thoughts on “Profanatica reveal The Curling Flame of Blasphemy

  1. OliveFox says:

    Artwork is pretty bad. The angel getting her salad tossed is pretty funny though.

    Hardly matters. Ledney is always good for the ol’ automatic purchase in my book.

    1. Meek Metalhead says:

      Its almost like a parody of the Dawn of Possession cover.

    2. ttt says:

      the fact the artwork looks like that just makes me think it is done to be MOCKING

  2. morbideathscream says:

    Don’t know where the metalucifer comparison came from, but ok.

    I like profanatica’s early demos and EP’s that are compiled on the enemy of virtue. Their full lengths don’t do much for me. Their early shit seems to have a more morbid atmosphere to it than their recent albums.

  3. Jim Nelson says:

    Ledney should re-record Holy Blood Holy Grail as a longer version for the next album

  4. LostInTheANUS says:

    Hope it’ll make me want to commit sodomy just like the earlier releases.

  5. I´m not sure Profanatica are even real black metal. All their albums sound like shit.
    My wife tells me that I need to wipe my ass better because my dingleberries are making my underware a nasty mess, however I like the idea of her down in the basement doing laundry and cleaning up my foul nasty underware.

    Spock needed to tear off a piece of toilet paper for his next mission – elimination of the dingleberry orbiting the black hole.

  6. Flying Kites says:


    It’s amazing to have such exquisite blasphemy in the presence of the feeble multitudes, and that they eat it up not knowing their great indigestion. HAILS! AVE!

  7. ttt says:

    Fleshcrawl have new material, 3 songs on a split:

    1. hypocrite says:


  8. anonymous says:

    this album cover looks like a cuckoldry fetish. I bet Paul Ledney is into that

    1. LostInTheANUS says:

      There’s nothing Paul Ledney isn’t into.

  9. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    That album cover looks like some shitty “metal babe” in her first month of tattoo apprenticeship wowing HHRecords with her intense talent. She’s going to wear her rap bitch booty shorts to Hellfest and try sneak her self a prize gobble or two of some underground legendary. If only daddy could see me now! *throws jizz dolloped devil horns for an AMAZING Facebook selfie EVERYONE will be talking about* “LOL you’re so fucking crazy bitch, OMG I LOVE YOU!!!” BE SURE to pre-order and pick up at the door! Stare into the shitty rectum portrayed on the cover as ingest PURE KVLT, its a dangerous statement, man.

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