Punished Decapitated Freed from Jail

Tortured deathcore idols Decapitated have been freed from prison and await trial for the alleged kidnapping and rape of a female attendee of one of their concerts. Denied by the liberal metal scene they have heroically slaved their lives on the road to please, the group had already faced unfathomable torment a decade ago when a tour bus crash saw a former member killed and another with crippling retardation.  Although his metal condition is fortunately not as severe as that of Decapitated’s fans, the bands suffering remains unrelenting nonetheless.

Yet because of the sex assault accusation wave that has swept the nation in which no one is presumed innocent before due process, the majority of impressionable normie fans and mainstream metal media have already permanently disowned the band. Because of leftism’s ultimate lack of loyalty, this will continue even after the very likely not guilty verdict is read, as eyewitness accounts are contradicting the victim’s story court documents read (per court documents as reported by The-Spokesman Review):

She was smashing her hands, arms and body against the metal barricade between the audience and the stage

This is a lesson for young metal bands on tour- be very weary of the tattooed liberals you are alone with in your van, bus, venue parking lots, and bathrooms, etc.  We live in an age that celebrates and empowers not only those who keep the truth of their genitalia a surprise, but also those who retract sexual consent a day after giving it.  Let go of the groupie legends you heard growing up- it rarely happens in metal and when it does, it’s often something you’re not proud of.  Instead, find yourself a wholesome trad girl when you get home- their lack of mental disorders will make it worth the wait, and your anus will thank you at the end of the day.  For as Decapitated have proven, a metal musician’s entire fan base will disown you at the very moment an accusation is leveled in your direction.  This is the cannibalistic nature of liberals and thus the disloyal nature of liberal metalheads.

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16 thoughts on “Punished Decapitated Freed from Jail”

  1. (((The Echo))) says:

    Rock groupies I get. It makes sense that they existed all those millennia ago. The music of Aerosmith and their ilk was easy to listen to, not “dark” and “scary.” Good advice on avoiding “metal groupies” though. I never understood metal chicks. I’ve met a few, and usually found that their interest in metal was surface level at best, and probably just a ploy to get at or control certain individuals. Not good looking. Bad hygiene too.

    1. milk my dick says:

      This should go without saying. Women who are into men’s hobbies are damaged and shitty, no exceptions. Stay away from these THOTS and get yourself an Amish chick or something.

      (Don’t worry about them being “prudes.” Women are literally as corrupt as they’re allowed to be, it’s just up to men to draw the lines.)

  2. Negrew says:

    This new editor is awesome so far.

    1. milk my dick says:

      “metal condition”

  3. Johnny cab says:

    Trust no thot.

  4. desu metal says:

    >trad girl
    >lack of mental disorders

    Haw, I’m liking the more subtle direction you are taking with humor!

  5. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

    When you fuck a tranny and get mad later, killing her doesn’t restore your honour. You still fucked someone you didn’t actually want to because you chose the first best thing and couldn’t keep it in your pants.
    The same thing goes for people who agree to a casual blowjob, and then have to pay child support because the woman inserts the semen into her vagina.

    If you didn’t casually and disgracefully fuck around, it wouldn’t happen.

    1. “You must be a virgin, then.”

      “Sad game, son.”

      “I bet you jack off in the basement etc.”

  6. Rainer Weikusat says:


    Complete quote:

    “She was smashing her hands, arms and body against the metal barricade between the audience and the stage,” according to court documents.

    The woman told police she sustained bruises when she was attacked, according to court documents. She alleges she was pushing against the wall and mirror with her arms and hands while the rape occurred.

    Something which also deserves to be mentioned here: The story of the lady was that someone came after her to the toilet, said something like “Your friend’s gone so you’ll have to have the fun” and then proceeded to have forcible intercourse with her without further communication. If this story is true (which will be for a court to decide based on more complete information) this is doubtlessly just rape, not something ‘fancy’ about retroactively withdrawn consent or whatnot.

    1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

      That still is not rape.

      “Forcibel intercourse without her further communication” does not automatically mean a rape occurred.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Maybe not legally, but this would depend on the jurisdiction. From a more practical standpoint, try finding an unfriendly looking skinhead and do this to his sister (or mother). If you think that’s prudent, ask him what he thinks about this conduct afterwards :-).

  7. David Szisz says:

    Good article – onward christian soldiers.

  8. Recarbonize says:

    definitely weary but we should also be wary

  9. nyooo says:

    The autism that reeks in this site is disheartening

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