Sacramentum Launches US Tour for 2023

Back when Dissection and Sentenced were the only bands to pick up on the hybrid of speed metal and death metal that Merciless pioneered and then add more Iron Maiden harmonized guitars and melody, Sacramentum stood out as having a darker aesthetic and more melancholic but aggressive spirit.

Thirty years after their whirlwind EP Finis Malorum dominated the rewind-record finger moves of tape traders, Sacramentum has launched a tour of the US, planning seventeen dates that hit every major metalhead city.

  • Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Music Joint (August 14)
  • Detroit, MI – The Sanctuary in Hamtramck (August 15)
  • Cleveland, OH – No Class (August 16)
  • Baltimore, MD – Metro Gallery (August 17)
  • New York, NY – Saint Vitus Bar (August 18)
  • Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s (August 20)
  • Richmond, VA – Fallout (August 21)
  • Raleigh, NC – The Pour Horse (August 22)
  • Atlanta, GA – Boggs Social & Supply (August 23)
  • Nashville, TN – Drkmttr (August 24)
  • St Louis, MO – Off Broadway (August 25)
  • Tulsa, OK – Whittier Bar (August 26)
  • Dallas, TX – Double Wide (August 27)
  • San Antonio, TX – The Mix (August 28)
  • Houston, TX – White Swan (August 29)
  • Austin, TX – The Lost Well (August 30)

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39 thoughts on “Sacramentum Launches US Tour for 2023”

  1. Cynical says:

    As someone who flew to Chicago to see these guys at Metal Threat earlier this year, let it be known that if you don’t go to one of these shows, you are a poseur.

  2. balls and ass says:

    Does your cat have an aggressive spirit?

    1. Antoine O'Donnell says:

      Grab ’em by the pussy. It will be yuge.

  3. Schwarzen1gr says:

    That new Fourth Monarchy album needs a little more praise… it’s a fine Sacramentum influence that flew over people’s heads.

    1. Cynical says:

      Not a bad album (although the old album was better), but more like Dawn than Sacramentum IMO.

      1. Juan Flannigan says:

        New album sounds hasty. Could have been a lot better, still a lot better than all of the ‘post metal’ anal slurping sonic therapy music.

  4. Blistered Bung says:

    The vocalist acts like a fucking homo on stage, don’t bother.

    1. I’ll let him know that our comments section is more gheigh than anything he could ever sodomystically imagine.

    2. Cynical says:

      Found the poseur!

      1. Black Republican says:

        Or just a frickin hipster

    3. Miscegenated Anal Sodomy Expert says:

      To be honest, this is pretty competent trolling. Instead of trying to be artful, he simply came out with the pure provocation, knowing that so many of the former FMP posters are retarded and write this way.

    4. Adewale Hannigan says:

      All vocalists are gay for some amount of cocaine.

      1. Vocalists, by definition, must prance and preen.

  5. Javelina Bacon says:

    Is Tampa no longer a major metalhead city? Not a rhetorical question, I haven’t been in FL in years.

    Sacramentum lifted a lot of riffs from Eucharist. Or was it the other way around?

    1. Sphincter Expander says:

      No, it is Mexican now. Or Cuban. Maybe they are just Moors. Or Melungeons, maybe Turks or Bulgarians.

      1. Bukkake Bukkake says:

        As opposed to Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, San Antonio, and St. Louis which are bastions renown for their pristine Aryan demographics. GTFOH

        1. All of which seem to be in varying states of collapse…

          1. Bukkake Bukkake: A Young Twink's Strange Erotic Journey from Sodom to Gomorrah says:

            The USA is in a state of collapse; its major metropolises are merely a reflection of this inconvenient truth.

            1. Anal Banditry Expert says:

              Only the places that are diverse. The rest are doing just fine. The Europe is the same way, including those tea-drinking homosexuals on the island.

              1. The Big Bukkake says:

                Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

                1. Pluralism: there are many opinions, and all are valid.

                  Realism: there are many opinions… the ones that overlap most with reality are relevant, everything else is typical intersexual human drama.

                  1. Dr. Rock says:

                    If only God or someone could tell us which opinion is the right one! Before the Experiments!

                  2. Only Bukkake Is Real says:

                    Realism is nothing, spunk is everything, obey your spunk. Bukkake!

            2. Fear says:

              I love living in the city

              1. New York’s alright if you like saxophones

                1. NYXCXXXLGBTQWTFCORE says:

                  I love the smell of urine!

                  1. New York’s alright,
                    New York’s alright,
                    New York’s alright,
                    If you like saxophones!
                    New York’s alright if you wanna be pushed in front of the subway!
                    New York’s alright if you like tuberculosis!
                    New York’s alright if you like art and jazz!
                    New York’s alright if you’re a homosexual!
                    New york’s alright,
                    New York’s alright,
                    New York’s alright,
                    If you like saxophones!
                    New York’s alright if you like drunks in your doorway!
                    New York’s alright if you wanna freeze to death!
                    New York’s alright if you wanna get mugged or murdered!
                    New York’s alright if you like saxophones!
                    New York’s alright,
                    New York’s alright,
                    New York’s alright,
                    If you like saxophones!

  6. hypermasculinity is gay says:

    Being this damn nitpicky is gay. It’s a solid album, maybe slightly worse than the first one “Amphilochia”, but still good.

    1. It is in the winner’s circle, i.e. that one percent of all releases that are even worthy of consideration. It looks like 2k+ metal releases occur in a year, probably with some duplication for re-releases and hard rock or indie reclassified as metal for marketing purposes, but in either case, there are not more than twenty albums a year that make the initial cut.

    2. Svmmoned says:

      But it is good and no one says it’s not. I just wish it was more aggressive. Amphilochia managed to be beautiful AND fierce.

      1. The duality of metal yet again:

        • Beautiful and fierce
        • Realistic and transcendent
        • Violent and independent of Slaves and Masters
        • Loud and detailed
        1. Stating the Obvious says:

          Gayer than Monkeypox from a pedazzled BBC and also homophobic like NYHC

  7. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

    “Tulsa, OK – Whittier Bar (August 26)”
    “Houston, TX – White Swan (August 29)”

    Dis shiet not gonna fly with the J*ws at Metalsucks and Metal-Archives. They’re gonna launch yet another “Sacramentum is secretly NSBM” spam campaign like they always do when a band is too “problematic” (i.e. too European and/or mentions the Palestinian issue).

    1. How do these things connect to White supremacy? As far as I can tell, most of the Texas audience is going to be Hispanic.

      1. Cynical says:

        I think the point being made is that those are venues that have bowed to pressure from the left and cancelled shows before. I know that it’s the case for the White Swan, at least.

        1. Bizarre. Sacramentum seems as inoffensive as a metal band can be.

          1. Cynical says:

            Somehow, a lot of normies *still* get freaked out by bands that use a lot of blood in their stage presentation (which Sacramentum does), but as far as I can tell, there’s nothing overtly political in their discog (although the band’s name itself is a Roman Empire reference, which might be enough…)

            1. It seems to me that they are mostly triggered by bands who use edgy imagery that asserts some kind of genetic anti-egalitarianism. They are just Commies, after all, and they simply want to advance equality through destruction however they can.

    2. Pfvaggotdi says:

      Does anyone, other than the pink hair people, pay attention to that zoophiliac horse puckey?

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