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What are Sadistic Metal Reviews? When fans, writers, radio presenters and musicians get fed up with the exhausting flood of imitators and demand that music have a purpose, because only music that has content can express something of beauty or horror about reality and thus be relevant to our lives, because unlike the herd that seeks escape, we seek a means of understanding and glorifying life. Death to the imitators, drowning in a sea of angsty tears.


Edge of Paradise – Immortal Waltz

This jaunty take on a cross between burlesque music and hard rock with symphonic overtones seems designed to showcase the talents of vocalist Margarita, who layers her vocals in waves that create, along with the carnival horror show keyboards, a sense of being in some oddity of a dream. But this band really invites comparison to bands like Genitorturers and Marilyn Manson more than heavy metal; these songs are vehicles for the vocals and are designed to create a sensation of spectatorship more than have the music itself inundate the mind. Aesthetically, this will strike underground fans as cheesy; while not terrible musically, it also derives much of its compositional direction from riffing off known archetypes of the type of music it cites. That and the way songs are entirely driven by vocals places this outside the range of most expecting riff-based music, and the simplicity of its delivery ensures that it will sound like children’s music to most death metal fans. If this is symphonic metal, it is clearly not for me, but if you like the Marilyn Manson style spectacle and ironic deconstruction of cultural tokens, it might appeal.

krieg, bitches

Krieg – Transient

Krieg started as purely chaotic improvisational black metal, then organized itself into a ripping war metal variety, and finally detoured into indie/shoegaze. With Transient, the band returns to roots with a primitive type of death metal fused with a heavy amount of punk and garnished with varieties of its previous influences. The shoegaze influence is still here as are some classic black metal riffs but they are suspended in a gelatinous mass of punkish simple death metal riffs which keep an energetic uptempo charge. While it sculpts atmosphere with agreeable verve, most of modern Krieg consists of transitions into moods and then riding of those moods, which interrupts the frenetic energy this band once conveyed while simultaneously not building up to its transitions with enough groundwork to give them power beyond their own attributes. Black metal works its atmospheric magic by manipulating context and showing a progression between events like a battle scene, but this new style is more like visiting different rooms in a spooky hotel. That being said, Krieg is stronger in riff-writing and understanding of the dimensions of harmony and how to navigate them with a riff than other American black metal bands, and also beats the hell out of Sonic Youth.


English Dogs – The Thing With Two Heads

This punk band uses a lot of metal riffs and rhythms in that it likes to interrupt continuity with abrupt internal collisions in its music, and uses the muted strum in a style spanning the spectrum from speed metal to Meshuggah. Unfortunately, it also mates this with a rock style of offbeat leading phrases that make this music bounce just like rock or hip-hop, which kills any gravitas or building of intensity. There are some great speed metal riffs on here and some moments of pure punk energy but the whole is torn apart by musical discontinuities which result in what sounds like a train crash between the 1980s and early 2000s that never resolves itself into a voice that can express anything. If this band dropped half the riffs and focused on making songs that generate momentum and then channel it somewhere, it would hit like a ton of bricks but as it is now, it sounds like something that should be on in the background during an LMN late-night movie about kids hanging with the wrong crowd and ending up in an organ harvesting gang.


Horrified – Descent Into Putridity

This album shows a great deal of initial promise in its attempt to resurrect the old underground. It gets beyond the two-point riffs that hammer a rhythm and then answer it and go nowhere, preferring longer riffs that lead on to different points and at times in the Deathspell Omega way extend themselves into wandering melodies. Its combination of Swedish death metal and Autopsy power death metal worship works on the surface. But the nu-underground has never understood the purpose of death metal riffing which is to create subterranean structures that mirror what goes on in our subconsious minds; death metal is about looking beneath the surface to reveal structure and a subtext of motivation. Horrified in contrast has one layer, which is some riffy music on the surface that fits together nicely, but lacks a core of something which cuts between the mental state and the music. Thus over time this wears thin and repetitive at about the same time the listener starts noticing how many riffs are anchored with doubled downpicking and how few of these riffs, despite growing in their own right, amplify the subject matter of the song. Horrified come closer to the original than any others attempting this style recently but still miss the root of what makes the underground what it is, and so verge closer to the much more “face value” work of speed metal bands, at which point the repetition creates bad flashbacks of late 1980s metal and the repetition PTSD kicks in.


Xerath – III

The horror, the horror. Symphonic metal must be done gracefully but with aggression and force; Xerath approach it like hard rock and use it as a vehicle for over-dramatic vocals. This hurts to listen to because the keyboards drift, the riffs sound like a heavier version of Def Leppard, and the metal gets forgotten. Synthesizing two disparate things only works when a common ground and thus basis for a common voice is found, and otherwise what emerges is the oil-on-water effect that produces carnival music where random patterns contrast one another as if they were designed to accompany a cartoon and its wacky action. Xerath goes down all of these rabbit trails and comes out at a comical level. Distraction, deflection, recursion, confusion. Like Behemoth and other bands in this newer style, Xerath does great work at the level of detail, but when you add it up the only picture that emerges is confusion and haste resulting in an entirely random platter of stuff that is recognizable as metal but by depriving itself of continuity and context, entirely lacks the punch. It compensates for that lack by hammering extra hard on pounding rhythms and blasting passages which do nothing but highlight the sense of On Through the Night colliding with a roadside minstrel show on its way to play the outer reaches of Alaska and hope its luck changes there.

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21 thoughts on “Sadistic Metal Reviews 10-08-14”

  1. veien says:

    Women in metal, great. Men wearing make-up, disgusting. Women acting like men wearing make-up, disgusting. Now all black metal fans raise one hand (in anonymity if preferred) if you have ever cross-dressed or worn corpse paint cos I may not look at you the same way after admitting such.

    1. Balls McSuck says:

      Loosen up buddy. Get a prostate massage or something.

      Sometimes while listening to BM, and often right before taking my daily BM, I like to wear frilly lace panties, tuck my penis between my legs, and look in the mirror. Then I say “here she comes!” and I release my clutched penis, which pops out like a like the nice little surprise it is. ;-)

      1. tiny midget says:

        i can’t tuck it between my legs though, it looks like i’m a unicorn because of my tiny legs !

        1. veien says:

          Be true and live like it matters how you will be remembered. Not a fucking degenerate! Stay metal.

        2. Balls McSuck says:

          Or maybe your penis is just too long?

          Here’s a trick: after sticking it through your legs, curve it upwards and lodge it gently in your rectum; then hold it in place by clenching your butt cheeks and/or tightening your sphincter muscles.

          This should solve any unsightly unicorn-ish tendency. :-)

      2. veien says:

        I actually only got one ball left after a fuckin snow-boarding accident some 3 years ago but still my body seems to produce more testosterone than just about anyone I’ve met recently and especially most so called metal heads regardless of nationality, ideology or whether a Burzum or Opeth bullshit fan etc. It’s probably a good thing as my condition coupled with listening to select ‘true’ music of the godly spheres tended to put me in a dangerous power-trip fairly easily and even waking up first thing can fly into a rage about anything (probably, just harbouring to much hatred through annoying dayjobs, too much old graveland, hearing bad stuff happening in the news etc). But seriously if you are a sexual degenerate I don’t even know what to recommend; find the inner strength through nature worship and metal. Be true and live like it matters how you will be remembered. Not a fucking degenerate!

        1. BB says:

          Lost a ball: that explains the obsession with sexuality you seem to display on this site.

          1. Just a quick reminder from another comment:

            Inbred retards go into NWN and FMP

            We don’t want to end up in that abyss. We don’t want to end up like Metal-Archives or Reddit either. Part of that is civility, and the other part is not tolerating the insane and whorelike behavior shown by most people. We have to keep those two in balance.

            1. veien says:

              The only good thing I can say about NWP is the VON reissued on vinyl but FMP ripped off Ildjarn and can go to hell more or less.

          2. veien says:

            It’s not even how it seems, but more to the point you got upset again about someone calling out degeneracy, even if only in their own opinion; you have an inherent sense of duty to defend the weak.

            Anyway, I would call you a brother in metal but you’ve really got to change your headspace even if it would bring insanity in the process. But the sickness that lies within you now will be your downfall if left after to grow any longer. Find the inner strength through nature worship and metal. Be true and live like it matters how you will be remembered. Not a fucking degenerate!

        2. Balls McSuck says:

          I fail to see how what I described above makes me a “sexual degenerate”; nor do I see such activities as being in contradiction in any way with any part of “metalness”. Indeed, some of the most metal fellows I know are gay bear types–all joking aside.

          You mentioned you were in prison. I bet you witnessed or heard tell of some strong manly love in some way or another while in there. If the impetus behind said love is in alignment with greater spiritual conquest, surely it is holy. I think the Bhagavad Gita speaks of something to that effect: action without attachment: resting on action while being unaffected by it or the likelihood of its perceived positive or negative outcome. Verily, sodomy and other sexual acts can be a fabulous vehicle to greater spiritual insights. I think Aleister Crowley was of the same opinion as well, and he is a principal figure in metal lore and thought.

          Namaste ;-)

          1. veien says:

            You realise how failing to see the stuff that even a simple god’s fool would not puts you at risk of an unhappiness deeper than death. Maybe it is for people such as yourself that ebola searches out and scours the earth in our current era. Be strong and overcome your sick soul, you might be a better person than you think. Who knows the potential?

    2. Anthony says:

      Oh look, the wiener with a VON username doesn’t like corpsepaint. Go back to the Nuclear War Now forums and your retail job, dork.

      1. veien says:

        Hey old stuff from VON is great, though that is not the origin of the username (and not that something like a username even matters!). But actually, I was never allowed to work in retail as part of some bullshit requirement of my parole when I got out of chino some 8 years ago now. This totally sucks as I in my heart I know I’m a decent guy with something good to give mankind and actually really wants to connect with people. My best experience listening to VON was probably around winter 2004 when I got lost in the woods and just played the thing on repeat to help me get through until the sun rose. It became like a form of meditation in the end and I knew every detail of it backwards – it’s not only a heap of fast, dark, evil ripping songs but each song is like a riff itself on a much larger scale of the album. Isn’t this true at least?

        1. Shit 666 says:

          I think the Von member/name is Venien. The Von satanic blood demo rules.

    3. The woman in the foto is whoring for attention by being ironic…”most girls dont like heavy metal but I do pick me pick me” and so all the dumbass whiteknight SJW boners chase her… its hipster jive and trope and she will get a metal guy who is all pantera in public but whipped and easily manipulated at home…whore hipsters want whore hipster bitches who will in turn whore them like worms and maggots eating each other in the rancid vagina of a raped stripper.

      1. Balls McSuck says:

        Totally agree. I loved that last line you wrote as well, “like worms and maggots eating each other in the rancid vagina of a raped stripper.” Beautiful imagery.

        That aside, I’d pee in her butt. Hell, I’d pee in your butt.

  2. Anthony says:

    Greek Horrified is better, at least on their first album and their two EPs. They’re cut from the same mold as the first three Septic Flesh releases and Varathron’s Lament of Gods EP.

    I never liked Krieg all the much.

  3. veien says:

    Disgusting hypocrites. The very fact that anything I could say got your goat is proof all the more. It’s truly weak.

    1. Shit 666 says:

      Keep talking even if it’s not the hive mind mentality. At least your words show honor!

  4. Reader says:

    How old is the average reader of the site? 19? With or without autism?

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