47 thoughts on “Sammath in the Midst of Worldwide Texas Tour”

  1. Phallic Tantrum says:

    No shemales allowed!

    1. Bobby Peru says:

      No shemales allowed at a war metal show? BLASPHEMY

  2. Fresco Lungs says:

    Brett, I’m trying to access the independent reviews on Anus, but the link isn’t working.


    1. I think our blog software died years ago. Will take a look later on.

  3. Trannity says:

    I’ll take more blessedly linear “war” music like Angelcorpse, Infernal war, Deathsiege, Antaeus, Diocletian and even fucking Marduk than this overrated (on this site) half-disjointed band that shines only in moments. I know they’re trying to put old world war movies imagery into your mind, but guess what, those movies suck!

    But I do like Strijd though, at least that’s normal music that they should’ve have stuck formula wise with instead of the going berserk “all over the place” gimmick.

    This whole thing kinda reminds me when someone starts shitting on Gorguts for being in the same boat (butthurt fake elitist alert wah wah wah!)

    1. The tension between grinding chromatic riffs and melody has been at the core of Dutch death metal since the beginning (cf Sinister and Asphyx). Sammath varies between the two, trying to get a melodic side developed and then work the intensity of the grinding material into that.

      1. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

        But the peak of the grind/melo combo was undoubtedly achieved with Onward to Golgotha and Pure Holocaust. North From Here also does it although it leans on the melodic side.

        What do you think of Ancient & Gehenna?
        Is their any good Satyricon album? Debut is okay but all over the place.
        Is Ukrainian black metal actually metalcore or just very gay?
        Why does Watain exist? What is its purpose in life? How do we stop it from procreating?
        Do you believe in God?

        PS: Angelcorpse is uneven but still underrated, Marduk is simpl[e/istic] but works more than the pretentious beta male stuff by Ihsahn.

        1. What do you think of Ancient & Gehenna?

          First album and EP from Ancient are canon, same with first Gehenna, and there is good stuff on just about every Gehenna release. I would focus on First Spell however.

          Is there any good Satyricon album? Debut is okay but all over the place.

          GBK problem here: unfinished songs, or in this case, unfinished melodies. I avoid them.

          Is Ukrainian black metal actually metalcore or just very gay?

          Reminds me off the Offspring mixed with black metal, punk, and the kind of electronica they play in fancy restaurants.

          Why does Watain exist? What is its purpose in life? How do we stop it from procreating?

          The first Watain was pop black metal, like some of the other stuff trending at the time, and was not bad for a heavy metal listen.

          Do you believe in God?

          I am not an atheist, but I think any human attempt to symbolize the divine is going to end in inexact reasoning that inverts the meaning of the divine. To celebrate the divine, look toward the real.

          Angelcorpse is uneven but still underrated, Marduk is simpl[e/istic] but works more than the pretentious beta male stuff by Ihsahn.

          Low bar. All anyone wanted from Emperor was pre-1995 style material, same for Ihsahn, but he went with what the record labels thought would be trending instead. I like Opus Nocturne from Marduk but the rest seems disorganized. Apparently they have been a hard rock or heavy metal band for some time now, simplifying their stuff into verse-chorus which works OK. I have quietly avoided their material for some time.

  4. Flying Kites says:

    I am sunk in a pit of debt or I would be there. I will have to settle for youtube. I discovered an Illinois concert with Trenchant and CIANIDE at the Brauer House from 4/14/2023. Commandoccult is fantastic live.

  5. Tranny Dick Tourniquet says:

    Thoughts on Fresco Lungs? I’ve been really digging this one lately, but I can’t decide if it’s strong enough to add to my permanent collection.

    1. Firble says:

      Excellent riffing on this album, but isn’t able to unite it’s parts into a fully convincing gestalt. Interesting to listen to, but probably best thought of as material for better bands to pilfer and do more with.

  6. The Penis says:

    What is the DMU consensus on early Drudkh? The music has long, Wagnarian melody and phrasing, but the post rock textures are undeniable. Autumn Aurora in particular works as an ambient album but might be lacking something compared to the transcendental black metal that came before it.

    1. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

      If you don’t count it as black metal and don’t compare it to “the genre” – it’s pretty decent background music. But it’s more Iron Maiden than Wagner. Like a romani child aping Hvis Lyset.

    2. Gates of Valhalla says:

      I remember dla stating it’s wallpaper music. Translation: Nice music to see paint dry

      1. The Penis says:

        That sounds about right. I’d rather put on Filosofem.

      2. Music that never gets to a point becomes wallpaper music. It is about aesthetic and not much else so like pop it tends to be here for awhile and then fade away forgotten.

    3. Kind of similar to Satyricon, more like movie music than music for listening.

  7. The GNAA Intergalactic Police says:

    You’re all under arrest for consorting with lesser beings (shemales), and not promoting/engaging in proper sodomy!

    Sargeant Shaveballs and Arminass will arrive from planet Anus shortly to inspect your colons to see if the girth/size is within FDA approved guidelines, and if not, prepare yourselves to get fisted in the name of male-only utopia or death!

    “Once you go black you’re going to need a wheelchair!” – Latrell Spencer

    1. I support transsexualism because it’s funny.

    2. Gayniggers 4 Trump says:

      Rolling for anal circumference.

      1. Superior sphinctral stretching

  8. Cynical says:

    Brief comments on the two shows from the perspective of a fan at both:

    Austin show was an interesting look at the band from a musical perspective — the less intense of the two, but *really* dark, like a blend of the Kaeck and Sammath styles. “Drakenbloed” from the first album being in the set really highlighted how the “core” of all of Jan’s projects is really the same in terms of songwriting; when newer Sammath is played in a Kaeck-like style, or when older Sammath has the keyboards removed, they really centralize on one songwriting/riffing style, something which isn’t immediately apparent when listening to the albums.

    Houston was the more intense, and overall better, of the two shows. Pure ferocity, with that effect unique to underground metal where the attack overwhelms the senses to the point that the entire thing becomes hypnotic in a way. Notably, “Across the Rhine is Only Death” seems to make a lot more sense in this context than it did on album, IMO — it feels like this album was specifically designed to be played live, with the places where there would normally be interplay between a lead and rhythm guitar being compressed down to just the riff, to avoid having to make compromises in a single-guitar setting.

    1. Hearing songs from just about all of the albums played together showed how much consistency has existed in this band since the beginning. I really hope they get the Asphyx treatment with a well-mastered live LP and DVD (blu-ray!).

      1. Lurking the ANUS says:


        What would you say is the essential output from Asphyx? I’m asking from a minimalist perspective meaning absolutely no fluff, only the must-have essentials. Pardon the redundancy.

        1. Healing frequency says:

          The rack u knob

          1. Lurking the ANUS says:

            One album? Really? As much as Brett extols the virtues of this band, I figured two, possibly three albums would be essential.

            1. california reaming says:

              i mean thats just my opinion. they’ve put out other good stuff but nothing that hits like that first one

      2. Faust van der Heide says:

        What do you think the best Asphyx albums are Brett? This Dutchman would like to know. Would also like to hear your thoughts on Gorefest and Pestilence.

        1. Brett's Midget says:

          Asphyx and Gorefest first albums and everything through Spheres

  9. Funster says:

    Brett, do you know why Manowar started sounding so monotone in the 90s? It turns out their guitarist liked a minor.

    1. No, but mainly because I have never consistently listened to Manowar. I can appreciate it when it comes on the radio, but rarely seek it out, for reasons unknown to me.

  10. Brett’s sister says:

    Sammath has 450 monthly plays on Spotify. Thats not much Brett, you are championing a dead horse.

    1. Underground metal fans are the least likely to use streaming. The old school metal tracks on streaming services are listened to ironically by hipsters and carnies.

    2. are you bringer of good news says:

      Good to know normies are staying away from this band.

    3. Blisfully ignorant says:


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    1. Wait just one second here… Where are the Irish?

      1. Exterminate the Potato People says:

        If the answer ain`t “on a boat to North Africa” i am much disappoint

      2. ZebraCrossing says:

        Why do you hate the Irish so much? Seems like you’ve inherited Christian theological schisms and antagonisms despite your stated dislike for Abrahamic religions.

  12. Wallpaper Aficionado says:

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Condor lately. The first two albums strike me as the best, but Sangrea is pleasant wallpaper music for autistic coding sessions. Their most recent album functions in a similar vein but is more pastoral. I might have to buy CD copies.

    1. Wallpaper Aficionado says:

      I should add that I wish Condor would drop the sporadic spoken word vocals. Wagner knew better than to incorporate such Italian faggotry into his operas, and Condor should follow his lead.

      1. Spoken word vocals are very hard to do. Remember that brief trend in spoken word CDs (yes back then) when Henry Rollins was touring with his half-comedy half-commentary show that was basically like The Phil Donahue Show running into a RE/Search book? I never saw the appeal. Write it down, organize it, edit it, and I am interested, but none of his raps could stand up to that test.

    2. I like Condor but they have only gone 92% of the way on their journey. The goal is to make transcendent music.

      1. Wallpaper Aficionado says:

        I don’t know, after repeated listens I think they might have gone the distance with Nadia.

  13. CapnCrunch says:

    Is that a real artillery piece on the flier? I had a GIJOE flak cannon just like it. Such manly toys when we was wee.


    1. Cynical says:

      It’s a German Flak 36.

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