Satyricon Announce Deep Calleth Upon Deep

Satyricon announced a new record, Deep Calleth Upon Deep, which is coming out September 22nd on Napalm Records.

From Napalm Record’s Facebook page:

Satyricon – Unveil Track List For Brand New Album! Pre-Order “Deep Calleth Upon Deep” now!

Nearly three years in the making, black metal legends SATYRICON have revealed their highly anticipated ninth studio album, ‘Deep calleth upon Deep’ is set for release on 22nd September via Napalm Records. The opus will be available in digital format, CD digipak and gatefold vinyl options and is now available for pre-order here:

The band recently unveiled initial album details and the album’s artwork, an obscure drawing from 1898 by perhaps the greatest Norwegian artist of all time, Edvard Munch.

‘Deep calleth upon Deep’s tracklisting reads as follows:

1. Midnight Serpent
2. Blood cracks open the ground
3. To your brethren in the dark
4. Deep calleth upon Deep
5. The Ghost Of Rome
6. Dissonant
7. Black wings and withering gloom
8. Burial Rite

Recorded in Oslo, Norway and Vancouver, Canada, during early 2017 and mixed together with revered studio guru Mike Fraser (who previously worked on SATYRICON’s 2006 album, ‘Now, Diabolical’), ‘Deep calleth upon Deep’ is not just a new collection of songs from one of extreme music’s most enduring and reliable bands: this is a wholesale reinvention and a brand new era in SATYRICON history.

Says frontman and visionary Satyr: “Approaching this release, what I always kept in mind is that either this is the beginning of something new or it’s gonna be my last record. If this is going to be the last, then it needs to be something special. If there are more records, then I’d better make sure that this is so different from the last one that it feels like a new beginning. I think it’s really, really dark, very spiritual and filled with confidence and energy.”

‘Deep calleth upon Deep’ is a profound statement about the essence of SATYRICON’s music and the eternal value of art itself. Satyr continues, “The way that I see it is that for any art, be it SATYRICON or any other form of art with substance, in order for you to be able to inhale and completely understand it, it will take a little bit of you as well. If you get it all after a couple of listens, you know that it probably won’t stay with you. So the title is saying, ‘From the depth of the people making this record to the depth of the listener…’ If you want to take part in this journey, you should be prepared to dig deep down in the darkest corner of your soul with us.”

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18 thoughts on “Satyricon Announce Deep Calleth Upon Deep

  1. Marc Defranco says:

    I have never liked this band even the early albums are mediocre

  2. Yuzerneigm says:

    Total aping posers. All ’bout sum money yo!! We know this.

  3. Donald trump says:

    Why has Ankou and the death fire by Black Funeral not been reviewed?

    1. I listen to it on a regular basis but have not gotten around to reviewing it yet. It is the best so far of the “art rock” black metal, which includes stuff like Yamatu, and tends to be based around verbal, visual or philosophical conceptual theme more than musical themes. This is more musical than the rest, but ultimately a bit circular and uneven, which keeps it out of the top tier of black metal but provides a lot of interesting ideas. I thoroughly enjoy it but am not sure it will be one of those albums people can reach for in order to get the entire black metal experience. Still, I think this will be influential, especially when interpreted in the context of relatively recent Demoncy and Sammath work.

      1. Sedsu says:

        Better than Vampyr?

  4. Psychic Psych Toad says:

    Not a single disparaging remark out of Daniel? Is DMU trying to sell this album to us? Oh wait, there’s a “crap” hashtag…
    Thanks for the Nemesis Divina link! Let’s give Satyricon as many click-likes as possible!

    1. kek says:

      It’s a tag, not a “hashtag”, kys twitard

      1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

        I appreciate your valuable educational clarification!

  5. you're gay says:

    doo doo

  6. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Is there some sort of hidden message in the album title like “the deep anus calls upon the long dildo, hails”.

    1. Erekt says:

      Stretched From Within

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      “Full Metal All Bums”?

      At least describes the sound somewhat accurately.

    3. you're gay says:

      ‘Dark Medieval Shafts’

    4. you're gay says:

      here’s a real one:

      “Place on the pee puddle.”

  7. Donald Trump says:

    True Norwegian Fudge Packing Fagcore

  8. flow says:

    “Nearly three years and only a little more than 24 hours after its conception, it’s an immense pleasure to proudly announce our creation. It’s a humble offering, an act of penance, an expiation.”

  9. flow says:

    Crap now leaked, did you hear it?

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