SJW war on metal heats up


Following the banning of Disma from the Netherlands Deathfest by SJWs, those cuddly political fanatics have attacked again by setting fire to a black metal club in Germany.

As reported in local news, the entrance to the club — originally a tiki-themed club now repurposed to be one of the most important black metal venues in Germany — was set ablaze in the night by SJWs who identified with “Antifa,” originally an anti-fascist organization that now works alongside other SJW groups. These groups publicly claimed responsibility for the attack and issued the ominous statement, “This fall we have some catching up what was missed in the last few years!”

Interestingly, Blackland Club was not a Nazi club. It allowed black metal bands to play there and by all accounts, most of the bands who performed at the club were not political in any way. SJWs attacked under the excuse that it provided a platform for Nazi bands, ignoring the fact that most black metal bands have extremist philosophies that make the Nazis look like Williamsburg Democrats. The club became a target because it did not adopt the SJW line that those who do not expressly reject certain beliefs must be destroyed. Some of the “evidence” compiled by SJWs includes that people there wear Burzum tshirts.

This type of phenomenon — a witch hunt organized by an internet hate mob motivated by SJW ideals — was last seen in the Disma debacle where SJWs pushed Disma to apologize for possible pro-Nazi statements by one member. The point of the apology is that it humiliates the person, and shows everyone else a broken and contrite citizen who acknowledges that he has been disciplined, which instills fear in the rest of us of the same happening to us. That is the point of all this SJW scene policing: to create fear and through that, compliance and control. SJWs have made their demands clear: support our ideology or we will destroy your career. This is the power of having an internet lynch mob to deploy against non-conformists.

As political instability in the US and Europe accelerates, we are likely to see more of these clashes as SJWs attempt to unify their ranks. This reveals SJWs are involved in metal only incidentally because their actual purpose is to be involved in politics, and they want to use heavy metal as a propaganda weapon in that fight. This is why their increasingly shrill, intolerant and dogmatic voices are infesting metal, punk and rock as happened when record label Run For Cover Records cut ties with band Whirr over “transphobic” — meaning not fully approving of transsexualism — messages on Twitter:

Last night, the Bay Area band Whirr posted a series of negative tweets about G.L.O.S.S., a punk band whose lead singer is a transgender woman. (The tweets have since been deleted, but an archive can be found at Stereogum.) Among other things, they tweeted, “g.l.o.s.s. Is just a bunch of boys running around in panties making shitty music,” and compared G.L.O.S.S. to the Buffalo Bill character from The Silence of The Lambs.

While this is clearly vitriolic, it is not any more vitriolic than what is regularly posted on metal bulletin boards on the internet. But it does provide an opportunity for SJWs to create a “teachable moment” in which they destroy someone’s life to remind the rest of us to toe the line or we, too, will be on the chopping block. One label created a religion out of this division, and said, “We have zero interest in working w/ hateful people.” That they have in turn created a hateful echo chamber seems like too much thinking for them, but the result is that the metal/punk scenes are polarizing: there are those who are SJW, and there are those who SJWs consider their enemies for not being SJW.

This behavior is not specific to SJWs in metal. Everywhere they go, the commandment is the same: Destroy the unbelievers. If you deny their ideology in public, they will seek you out not to disagree with you, but to try to get you fired and otherwise socially ostracized. It is their one weapon, the threat that they will declare you something the media thinks is bad (“Nazi,” “racist,” “sexist,” “transphobic”) whether or not there is any truth to it, and you will be unable to participate in our liberal-leaning society as a result.

In the meantime, refuting a recent SJW attack which claimed that folk metal was plagued by “sexism” and “racism” but never quite showed how that was true, some sources have begun posting an extended list of folk metal bands that are not white, male and pointed toward European mythos:

Amocualli – Aztec folk metal from Mexico
Arkan – Islamic folk/death metal from France
Kartykeia – Hindu/Vedic folk/death metal from Russia
Melechesh – Mesopotamian folk/black metal from Israel (ethnically Assyrian and Armenian) now based in the Netherlands
Myrath – Oriental folk/progressive metal from Tunisia
Rudra – Hindu/Vedic death metal
Skinflint – folk metal from Botswana
Tengger Cavalry – Mongolian folk metal from China

As usual, the SJW story does not add up because SJWs are ideological fanatics and not realistic members of society. Western Civilization continues crashing into the abyss and no one will do anything about that, so they focus on nice low-hanging fruit like convincing all of us to support the right of transsexuals to listen to black metal too, even though no one had ever attempted to deny them that ability. The best way to combat this is to end the perception that SJWs speak in any way about whether someone is “good” or not, and see them for what they are: lonely fanatics in their lonely apartments, raging at the world for not granting them more power.

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17 thoughts on “SJW war on metal heats up”

  1. vOddy says:

    “SJWs attacked under the excuse that it provided a platform for Nazi bands, ignoring the fact that most black metal bands have extremist philosophies that make the Nazis look like Williamsburg Democrats.”

    That’s just more motivation for them to burn the place down.

    Reasonable people want to fight bad ideas by shining light on them, and destroying them in public with truth and logic.

    SJW’s want to fight (what they consider to be) bad ideas by hiding them and censoring them.

    I don’t want to censor muslims, christians, or SJW’s. The solution is not less speech, it is more speech; Speech that disarms their nonsense. Let the SJW whine about how only white people are allowed in folk metal – and let us point out the lack of any discriminatory force, and the non white people who enjoy or create folk metal.

    Let the christian say that our world is 6000 years old, and let us point out the evidence that shows why that’s bullshit.

    Let the muslim say that islam is a religion of peace, and let us show through actions taken by muslims, and passages in the koran, why it is not.
    Unless they indoctrinate helpless children who can not yet think for themselves, and then censor the opposing view. That’s different.

    When an ideology needs to censor, it probably stands on a shaky foundation.
    If it was solid, then it would able to win in the open light of public discourse. That is why religions censored and silenced when they were powerful.

  2. vOddy says:

    Let’s be real: sentiments, values, or ideologies expressed through black metal are never compatible with the ways of SJWs. It’s true for metal in general, but especially black metal.
    This place was not a propaganda center for an opposing ideology. It was an open forum in which any one could perform art (which may or may not be inspired by said sentiments, values, or ideologies).

    That is enough to warrant its destruction, according to SJWs. Dissonant voices must be silenced – not challenged. This place allowed those voices to speak.

  3. pat redux says:

    Blackland is just up the road from me. Over the past few years I saw Pentagram Chile play there, Mystifier, Antediluvian, Dead Congregation and several others. This is fucked up.

    1. Phil says:

      Fuck those scumbags. I lived in Berlin for years, a stone’s throw away from this place. Spent a few good nights there too. The staff and people there are gorgeous people. I’m fed up with this fascist nonsense perpetrated by idiotic virtue signallers. Brashly having the “right” opinions first; being a decent, interpersonal human being second. Even Antifa’s name betrays this hypocrisy.

      People need to be taught tolerance. Real tolerance. As Brett deep down knows, we’ve inherited a miracle society but the people keep fucking it up.

      Tired of people behaving like having a difference of opinion with someone, or being offended by someone, is like being given a broken leg.

      1. As Brett deep down knows, we’ve inherited a miracle society but the people keep fucking it up.

        We’ve inherited a miracle world and a history of great things, and miraculous technology, perhaps, but we’re living in a dying civilization. Rome 2.0 is collapsing. That doesn’t mean we can’t turn it around or do better with relatively few actions.

      2. Ruby, The King of Gemstones and a Hierophant says:

        In order to be tolerant, you need to have POWER and you need to be STRONG.

        SJW’s are WEAK, so they only have FORCE.

        POWER comes from the embrace of REALITY.


        Force is fallible because you are denying reality, the fact that you play a role in it and that YOU HAVE TO PLAY YOUR ROLE.

        Anything other than REALITY is FANTASY.

        There is no such thing as FREE WILL in any shape or form WHATSOEVER. SJW’s think free will is real.

        YOU ARE NOT FREE, YOU ARE A SLAVE…to reality. Embrace your slavery!

        Embrace SLAVERY to become a MASTER?! Yes, life is nothing but a PARADOX! :)

        The only thing for you to do is…..LIVE!


        …and ENSLAVE yourself to REALITY!

        HAIL SATAN


  4. Free Craig Pillard says:

    Vox Day’s recent e-book on SJWs is definitely worth a read.

  5. Ruby, The King of Gemstones says:

    Where are all the people who were saying that the SJW’s don’t matter and wanted Brett to stop talking about them?

    Don’t you see what is happening?

    This is WAR. This is METAL. This is what you were made for.

    Are you going to sit on the sidelines and complain about SJW’s, or are you going to get involved and try to stop things before it gets too far, like what BRETT has been doing here?

    Ignore the SJW’s as long as you want, until one day you have your Incantation shirt on and some Antifa try and jump you in the street…They WILL jump you because they are too weak to fight one on one…Or maybe a cop will arrest you because of your Burzum shirt…

    I remember I said that it could get so bad that they will scan your computers to see if you have METAL on them or they may look for people wearing bandshirts and lock them up, and some said I was out of my mind. The infastructure is ALREADY HERE for these things…

    SJW’s were CREATED by the government, they are no accident. Did you see how Anita Sarkeassan and the other girl were talking to the fucking UNITED NATIONS to CENSOR the internet? Once again, BRETT was WARNING YOU.

    People really don’t understand what and how important METAL really is, and why the “establishment” hate it so much…

    When the rubber hits the road, the wheat WILL be separated from the chaff.

    Are you FALSE?



    1. LostInTheANUS says:

      “until one day you have your Incantation shirt on and some Antifa try and jump you in the street”
      Actually I’ve heard that Antifa(ggots) have been attacking kids going home from folk metal shows for wearing Mjolnirs and Celtic crosses around their necks.
      Antifa(ggots) are only “strong” because a pack of them jump on you when you aren’t looking, they’re cowards. The only way to retaliate against this is to find out their HQ and blow it up, preferably with them still inside.

    2. morbideathscream says:

      Your post is spot on. I don’t think sjw’s are created by the government, but they are products of our liberal media and educational system and serve as useful idiots for our governments agenda. Certain ones like Anita obviously have some political power.

      They most definitely can outlaw metal. Look what’s going on with the confederate flag, they’re trying to make that illegal. You practically need an assault rifle to fly the rebel flag. And there’s alot more rednecks flying rebel flags than there are black or death metallers. You just might be fighting for your right to wear a metal shirt.

  6. matters says:

    To rub sand in the vaginas of SWJ’s, those who support Metalgate should have a “national wear your Burzum shirt to work day.” Whether you like Burzum or not.

  7. Flying Kites says:

    “Death to the Undermen” – Vijay Prozak

  8. Flying Kites says:


    “Most people must die” – Vijay Prozak

    1. “Most people must die” – Vijay Prozak

      If the lowest 90% of humanity croaked, think how far we’d get in the next round of evolution.

  9. discodjango says:

    A few weeks back I saw an Antifa sticker which said: “Saufen gegen Deutschland”. This means “drinking against Germany”. Yes, they are THAT stupid. I loathe them.

  10. Dualist says:

    Oh, the irony of a meeting-place being burnt to the ground because it represents BURZUM….

    This is the natural consequence of people being told they are virtuous simply because they hold the right opinions. Racism is the new sin against the Holy Ghost. But being raised in modernity’s spiritual vacuum has stunted their moral development so they genuinely believe they are the virtuous JUST because they don’t hold any wicked views. These people will often be heard talking about rights, seldom about responsibilities (unless it’s an excuse to show they have the right views by buying free-trade artisanal coffee etc.)

    The problem here isn’t their methods, this time. Didn’t these people simply ignore the democratic process and take direct action against what was, in their opinions, a direct threat to society’s health? Just like Varg did? Though this is being far too generous as none of them actually care about immigrants’ safety etc. and they only committed the arson so they could TELL people they had, to look cool ie. virtuous (in their world these words are now almost interchangeable). Either way, the real problem is the zeitgeist that led to them having such WRONG opinions.

    1. vOddy says:

      There is certainly a time for burning, if the situation is dire enough, and a burning would fix it. But never for what is spoken alone. Certainly not for artistic expression. And by the gods, definitely not for allowing a variety of values to be expressed, including disliked ones.

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