Academics create witch hunt against metal


Academics, always in a position to justify their jobs and knowing they can make headlines by finding “racism” and “sexism” under every rock like 21st century witchfinders general, have recently released a study claiming associations with racism and sexism in folk metal.

As Leeds Beckett University states:

“Through the study, I found that although women fans of heavy metal enjoy folk metal with the same kind of passion and intensity as male fans, and there is no doubt they find identity and belonging through the music, the heart of folk metal is predominantly masculine. The warrior myth that folk metal is focused on is normalising this masculine predominance in our modern day world- men still have enormous social, cultural and political power.

“Folk metal’s obsession with warriors and cultural purity, displayed through tales of Vikings and dressing up as Vikings on stage, reduces belonging and identity in a muti-cultural, cosmopolitan society to a few exclusive myths. It is showing white men how to be white men and showing women and ethnic minorities their place in European society.”

Talk about jumping the shark: the definition of “racism” used by these academics is pride in your heritage and masculinity, in the context of music enjoyed by women (and, from my observation, people from minority groups as well). What is this, then? It’s another attempt to browbeat metal into going along with the SJW agenda by calling us bad names and hoping we’ll apologize, purge the dissenters and start repeating the correct message as these academics see it.

Karl Spracklen, previously interviewed here, became part of Metalgate when he “unfriended” me on Facebook and presumably helped block me from the Metpol mailing list after SJWs attacked me for allegedly having opinions that were not politically corrected. It is interesting that he, as a white male, caught the fear and now has joined the SJW side.

As always, metal remains a desired commodity. Metal symbolizes rebellion and freedom. That is why many groups — Christians, Nazis, SJWs, corporations — would love to be able to control it and have it parrot their party line, thus controlling more minds. But as Metalgate pointed out, the resistance in metal to such control is strong and we enjoy telling society where it can stick its pretentious and manipulative “moral” standards.

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23 thoughts on “Academics create witch hunt against metal”

  1. vOddy says:

    I knew this day would come. The day when social “justice” “warriors” poke at metal.
    I’ve been looking forward to it, to be honest. Metalheads are used to being poked at by mainstream society, so the reactions when the demands are not given in to will probably be hilarious.

    I await eagerly, with pop corn in hand.

  2. fenrir says:

    Thanks for reporting this.
    I understand your fight against the SJWs. Just dont make it the headlines most of the time here!

  3. Boris the Cupcake says:

    Mr. Stevens, are Swedish band Unleashed still playing death metal? Have they released any post 2000 album that you would recommend?

    1. I haven’t encountered any that spring to mind. Late 1990s they went sort of Pantera, then went back to a death metal/heavy metal mix, and now are more melodic metal with grooved edges (?).

  4. Frank says:

    Typical money grabbing junk scientist. Why was this clown interviewed on this site before? Pretty much all “science” that is something about “things social” or “things cultural” is bullshit fabricated by parasites that use a bunch of fancy words to dress up what is plainly there for everyone to see. Reading that interview it’s mostly him going “metal is important because blablabla” like metalheads need someone to tell them that? In this case the guy has merely realized it will be more useful for him to appeal to the SJW cult by identifying the usual boogeymen (= giving the SJWs what they want, further validation). Remember when a bunch of homosexuals were hanged from cranes at a Bathory concert? Yeah.

  5. BreadGod says:

    Karl Spracklen does realize that there are different forms of folk metal, right? Folk metal simply means you incorporate your country’s culture into the music. Mexican folk metal band incorporate Aztec instruments and sounds. Chinese folk metal bands incorporate traditional Chinese instruments into their music. Middle eastern folk metal features middle eastern folk instruments. And so on and so forth. Of course, Karl Spracklen never mentions any of this because it doesn’t fit his narrative.

    1. RW says:

      Why would he need to? Only white culture is wicked.

  6. Viranesir says:

    Goes to show the current state of academics as a place that still does not champion freedom of speech and the importance of subjectivity. The nonsense of so called professors building a wall of absolutism around their personal likings without the slightest intention of pushing the boundaries of art. Oh how they get erections from regression… Their sort of absolutism is the basis of elitism and the reason that people overrate their limited cognition into truths that make them give themselves authority to censor or name (bad, racist, sexist bla bla) works of art. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder because works of art tingle particular minds which all have particular ways of working and different, utterly complex reactions to what they see. I do not need to see the use of “nigger” as a racist statement, and ironically, this is what postmodernity preaches. The same postmodernity which this loser says the viking bands lack. The objective observations can lead to further art when they are honestly observed as to why they tingle the enjoyment of the observer, which is mostly due to subjective experience. Otherising “bad, sexist, racist, offensive, incompetent art” is failing to see that one’s own liking is shit for someone else and rejecting the only truth of cosmos, which is disparity. Elitism is finding comfort in the weakness of others, which is a concept found in many of the professors in higher education institutions. They are extremely elitist, and unfortunately without really being elite at all. They are trying to justify their positions as professors by trying desperately to prove their points as the points of the “intellectual”. If they accept that the views of everybody is as valid as theirs, they fear that they may lose credibility, so they try to present their views as absolute truths. Even democracy is their tool to manipulate people this way… The usual way they do it is to justify why there is no worth in others’ works, the desperate way to do it is trying to censor others’ works. The true elite is one who is not afraid to think for themselves, and make up their own mids about things without trying to implement it as true for everybody else. The elect “extreme” art(ists) who end up “enjoy{ing} telling society where it can stick its pretentious and manipulative ‘moral’ standards.”

    1. fenrir says:

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is true but is misleading.
      It is not all “subjective” in the sense that there is no center.
      That’s part of the blank-slate, communist bullshit.

      1. Viranesir says:

        “It is not all “subjective” in the sense that there is no center.” First of all what do you mean by center?

        The statement is not misleading, it is what it is, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is no two ways about it… Just like there is no two ways about freedom of speech. Saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what is good is good regardless of the beholder” is same as saying “freedom of speech is good until it offends someone.”

        Whatever you might believe to be of any value is depending on your subjectivity to justify that value. If shared value is what you meant by center, than I could argue about the strength or relevance of the so called center (in relation to the individual). What is good for someone is shit for someone else… simple as that. It is all subjective in that the so called “center”s influence depends on the subject. Way more than what most believe is possible. One can learn to enjoy torture, which renders the so-called “objective” value of torture irrelevant. One can choose to focus on the differences or similarities between subjects whilst analyzing, but the dosage or reach of the analysis do not garner a so called “center” which in itself, as a theory is the very source of subjectivity in relation to the universe.

        1. Here’s my statement of the day:

          Nothing is subjective.

          1. Viranesir says:

            How? What is two people(subjects) with different effects to the same cause then?

  7. Daniel Maarat says:

    Of course that “Me lady” motherfucker is wearing an Enslaved shirt.

  8. Meek Metalhead says:

    “…and showing women and ethnic minorities their place in European society.”

    And where is that?

  9. Erik The Red says:

    Anytime I hear/read smack about (folk) metal as racist, sexist expression of ‘privilege’, I keep thinking about those ‘privileged’ warriors in the Frisian forest enforcing their cultural hegenomy upon the oppressed Roman Empire or Saint Boniface, not to mention the idealized submissiveness of (the goddess) Baduhenna:

  10. Dualist says:

    Everything you say in this article is spot on. It’s not ‘moral’ standards in general that are the problem, I’m sure you’d agree? The problem is the ‘pretentious and manipulative’ modern liberal’s degenerated, selective morals that you mentioned.

    Like I’ve said before, maybe the reason they pay so much lip-service to women/minorities is because they are such caring, moral people that they are (rightly) angered by any (true) injustice they see. However, the fact that the same people are happy to hound Nobel laureates out of their jobs for things they never actually said or fire IT guys who make jokes about ‘dongles’ lends the lie to this.

    The problem is they have NO real morals. Having no rich interior and spiritual lives the ONLY thing they care about is social status. SAYING the right things is what confers virtue in the postmodern West, the Academy in particular. So manipulation becomes the order of the day. However, unlike the old religions this new system of dogma, with all its articles of faith and excommunications of (traditionalist) heretics, does not ultimately compel its followers to lives their lives in harmony with Natural Law and Justice. And so its destruction is inevitable.

    1. hypocrite says:

      But with its destruction, what else is destroyed?

      1. Dualist says:

        Yes, that’s the problem.

  11. medium kek says:

    i believe i met those two at a dead horse show

    i locked my keys in the truck and had no money left to get locksmith

    i walked up to that dude to get him to help smash my window

    he looks at my shirt and says derogatory things about the guys in To Scale the Throne

    mfw i dont even know those guys

    what a faggot

  12. Doug Killjoy says:

    How did our lungs get all tangled up with hipsters? A trip to almost any establishment which provides smoke supplies (e-liquid in my case) will require an encounter with one of these bearded fascists, or once in awhile his black fingernails and eyeliner I’m-up-for-anything cousin. Just happy about the acquisition, I usually leave thinking “nice enough guy,” oblivious to the fact that had he known how “ass backward” and unhip I am, the encounter would have been much less amicable. Hateful intolerance disguised as benevolence, every single last one of them.

  13. into the void says:

    most metal academics are people that got into metal quite LATE, then because they were BEHIND from the start felt like they have something to PROVE in the scene, so used there academic credentials as a QUICK route to PROPEL themselves to the top of what we should think, they can be good at what they do but most don’t seem to get it, maybe cause they have STUDIED it and not LIVED it.

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