SJWs Attack Pestilence For Mistranslated Comment

As part of their continuing assault on metal and all other things masculine in order to humble them and make them into ideological servants of the Left, SJWs have been slinging verbal feces at Pestilence guitarist Patrick Mameli for using a common Dutch word in response to a jab online.

For some reason, Mameli has adopted Miami dreadlocks as his new style and, when a friend compared him to Milli Vanilli, the 1980s cheese-pop duo who were eventually busted for lip syncing their live concerts. Mameli responded with a simple statement: “Are you saying I’m black?”

Unfortunately, Facebook translated one word incorrectly. In Dutch, as in many European languages, “neger” means black person, just as “schwarze” means a dark person in German. Since Europe did not have the long history of civil rights warfare that the USA did, the connotation of certain similar words is not present, nor the stigma.

That did not stop the SJWs from rushing to arms and beginning to bleat for the removal of yet another quality band from the canon. However, in the end, SJWs have collectively never done anything one percent as impressive as Consuming Impulse, so it’s time for metal to shut them down.

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16 thoughts on “SJWs Attack Pestilence For Mistranslated Comment”

  1. Kekkonen says:


    This could easily be a sitcom plotline.

  2. Satan akbar says:

    but what if he is a nigger and just doenst know it?

  3. Shemale says:

    Lol I heard of this through some band called “Acephalix” posting about how they were no longer touring with pestilence due to “racist remarks, Jewish stereotypes, and trump support”. What a bunch of shemales. I’m sure 99% of their songs are about brutal murder or some other cookie cutter death metal trope, not to mention playing PC police to what amounts to an all white, niche fan base who wouldn’t care either way. Metal needs more over the top stuff like this to ween these people from the genre

    1. Butts McGee says:

      Acephalix are a generic as fuck bay area “death metal” that sprung out of the “powerviolence” trend. Boring and unoriginal garbage.

  4. ballsack melanoma says:

    I have a hard time sympathizing with the liberal gen Xers and boomers who immediately start genuflecting and grovelling about how non-racist they are when they get targeted. That sort of behavior enables these witch hunts.

    It’s like Papa John. He immediately resigned after his nigger controversy because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do in this situation. Then when the dust settled, he realized “hey wait, I didn’t do anything wrong, what the fuck?” and now he’s suing his own former company. Too late, dipshit. you accepted ritual punishment without even thinking about it.

  5. bombastus says:

    Mameli should get his foot out his mouth and sue facebook and metalsucks. For a cool mil or something. And then pen the follow up to Stigmatized: Ostracized. Cos this ain’t racism, its Ostracism!

  6. Phil says:

    Most of Metalcucks appears to be SJW witch hunting. I guess its easier than detailed musical analysis, and probably releases more dopamine too.

    It seems any SJW that preaches tolerance is lying. They mostly want a comfortable existence and to fling shit.

    1. Flying Kites says:

      It’s a never ending Roman Circus. For Christ’s sake…

    2. Matt says:

      It’s all about ad revenue. If you look at the comments on this or on other virtue signalling MetalSucks articles you’ll see the vast majority of readers are calling out the author for being full of shit. Still, views are views from an ad revenue standpoint. It’s just clickbait; don’t fall for it.

  7. CJ says:

    Black say nigga all the time in rap songs. So who cares? If blacks hate the word so much they shouldn’t even say it themselves.

    1. bloody pulp says:

      that cosby-style thinking sounds a little rapey to me bro

  8. wanderer says:

    i dont know wher you got your info, neger is a stigmatizef word since almost 20 years in all german speaking countries. first the politicsl correct went flr farbig=coloured, schwarze=blacks is the standard for 10 years at least. neger has become the offending word for them. cant imagine that the dutch who are among the spearfront of the euro-multicilturalism still use neger officially, without the offender stigma…

    1. bombastus says:

      the legal truth, at least in the Neue Welt Ordnung, is that ANYTHING one sez to or about another party -a socalled state approved minority- can be construed as being …raycist. the legal criterion being whether the other party feels itself being offended. heck, you can make somebody an honest compliment and go to jail! check fyi ‘microaggressions’.
      and it’s one way traffic.
      for instance: if whitey wears a mexican hat, it’s ‘cultural appropriation’, but if a indian wears a suit and tie it’s…normal yo. hey, you don’t even have to SAY anything to be rracist, a microaggression can be ‘non verbal’ or ‘environmental’. it’s a sliding scale too. today this, tomorrow it’ll be loud guitars.

      1. wanderer says:

        that all might be like you say, but in this case it doesnt matter. a public person used a stigmatized word in a public channel, lpen go anybodys eyes. usually this is the way you go when youre going for provocation, whatever you whish to achieve with that. in this case i dont see a provocation of mameli, rather an emotional reaction, but that also does not matter for this issue as the reactions to it are the same, as if it was a purposed provocation… thats so fucking lame of mameli, having such a legacy, to fall down to this premature www bashing because of what? fucking blonde rastas, can it be more ridiculous? listen to consumin impulse instead, as smr wokld recommend

        1. Honkbal Knuppel says:

          cheer up dude mameli was reefering to dis

          1. wanderer says:

            great video, but where’s the connection to the mameli topic other than the word itself?

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